It’s Botchamania 315: Roman Reigns Of Fire!


Kong the King by Anonymous DoD Contestant

Hailfire Peaks Lava Side by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Tooie)

She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals

Thanks To…

Biff Busick/ONEY Lorcan for the fabulous Botchamania intro

unknown for the Lesnar/Reigns drugs pic

The actual real Gabe Sapolsky for letting me use the EVOLVE footage

RavenCyarm for StoCo’s Bizarre Adventure

Thomas Sindel for inspiring the Titus ending

Ramsay El-Homossani for the Eric Young Cannibals


Big, big thanks to Gabe/EVOLVE for letting me use the Wrestlemania weekend footage. I wouldn’t have asked but it was one of the most seen EVOLVE shows and it was SUCH a dog’s dinner. If any other company wants me to leave them alone, all they need to do is send me a DM on Twitter. ROH politely asked years ago too, in case you were wondering.

Picking the ‘terrible song’ for the Harry Potter ending’s is awkward in a fun way as there’s a bunch of songs that could have been used. American Males, Yoshi Tatsu, Bastion Booger etc. but picking X-Factor’s Uncle Kracker theme won because it was so bad Edge used it in a promo. ”Did you actually pay someone to make that?”

It’s Botchamania 316: Singin’ in the Roman Reigns!


E1M9 – Hiding the Secrets by Bobby Prince (Doom)

Head-to-head by Yugo Kanno (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

The Wanderer by Dion

Diamonds & Guns by The Transplants

Thanks To…

Trevor Lee for the fabulous intro.

TOMMY HAM for the Dusty Rhodes promo. No, it didn’t air.

Adam Scraga for the Terry Funk vs. Virgil vs. Fan match

Eric Schomburg for the Heenan IC mistake for the Big E interview

RavenCyarm for the Darren Young/Simpsons

ShermMcNasty for the Double Dragon ending

Kdog96 for the Wagon ending


I only used the good Game Night bloopers, so it may look lazy, it’s only half-lazy.

I don’t usually use anime music but the JoJo OST is so good.

  • ballz

    amazing never laughed so hard after you talk to much and sorry but match of the year is baron corbin vs zack ryder, not ricochet vs ospreay all it was, was just flippy shit in a wrestling ring. mario paint was perfect to identify with how bad that match was. misawa and rikidozan are turning over in there graves. never liked flippy matches not sure if there was one single arm bar or drop toe hold in the match.

    • Craig

      Well I’m very sorry that you’re incapable of recognizing a good match when you see one. I hope that one day with the proper therapy, you might eventually be able to recognize a quality match when you see one.

      • Charles

        personally i believe a match should be a mixture of both the “flippy shit” and actual mat wrestling. Ricochet/Ospreay was a good match to watch but its definitely not in my top 10. Loads of different things may change what people consider to be a good match in wrestling. Its all opinions..

    • Hitokiri Battousai

      Just the fact that you think ryder vs corbin is match of the year makes me question your idea of match of year.

      • ballz

        it was a joke, zack ryder is better then flippy shit. flippy shit belongs only in cmll or AAA lucha libre, not a wrestling show like njpw, have you ever seen keiji mutoh vs masa chono when they threw pillows after the match , that is a match not flippy shit and vader is right for what he said

    • Peter Davies

      wrestling evolves just cause it not your thing does not make it a bad match lol

      • ballz

        yeah it does cause u piss on the legends who wrestled before like tenryu vs kawada, and you piss on tiger mask 4 can’t believe im talking about tiger mask 4 he is horrible in the ring, but i digest. even vader who has had matches in toyko for njpw said i would rather watch a murder then watch that match. true words and he is even gonna wrestle osprey somewhere i forget. so yeah as someone who has watched the best wrestlers in the world and seen some of the worst i know talent and all this was, was nothing more then flippy shit.

  • john

    The “not the father” thing was hilarious! XD I fits so perfectly.

    • MisterForth

      Shane sold that perfectly.

  • Conor Dubstep Bolger

    “a few years go” i see it maffew…

    • MaffewOfBotchamania


      • Catherine Bouey

        Gods make mistakes.

  • Snake


  • Catherine Bouey

    I’ve gotten so use to seeing CZW in Botchamania that it’s weird not seeing it….or the butthurt over it being included.

    The Roundabout and Maury endings were funny. One thing though what happened to One Night Stand A Mania?

  • The sheer mileage that he’s gotten out of the Rock’s “TOOT TOOT” is astounding to me.

  • ColeYote

    Man, move over Hope Solo, Stephanie McMahon is turning into the queen of nice saves.

  • These Ricochet/Osprey and Iclenad Finn outros…. :’D

  • leeslegends

    Was anybody else expecting Brie Mode during the Harry Potter clip?

    • Laurel Crown

      Me… but the X-Factor theme is also bad so it’s a nice choice

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

    Victim of the New Set!
    #13 Stephanie McMahon

  • Marsden

    The Rock. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • Nope

    I really hope at some point, once there’s enough, that we get a lengthy compilation of Rock musical segments.

  • Ivo Marston

    I’m still surprised no one has done taken the Ricochet/Osprey sequence and used the scene from Deadpool where he waits in excitement for the superhero landing and remarks how it’s rough on the knee’s

  • Timothy Andrews

    Fine Young Cannibals on Botchamania. Never thought I’d live to see this day. I am in tears…..

  • Pearl Evangelist Sheltie

    AJ’s a fuckin’ T-1000.

    • MisterForth

      I now imagine Big E. shooting her, she spits out the bullet, and tell him don’t do that.

  • workedchute

    Quick suggestion since I’m too lazy to do it myself: the pie man episode of The Simpsons, Krusty says something along the lines of, “The break-away wine bottle *donk* has not arrived,” made me think of replacing wine bottle with THE TABLE.

  • Justin

    What was the deal with the Orndorff / Williams match thing? Was it an angle the ref didn’t know about?

    • Laurel Crown

      Yes. Nobody told the ref Williams was supposed to use the chair on Orndorff so he kept obstructing Dr Death and no sell the chair shots.

  • Fullname J Warrington

    6:43 of 315 confused the hell out of me. Thought I was watching some 60s Italian-job style movie. Did they manage to get that film effect by accident or on purpose?

  • MisterForth

    315: The Draft, Galloway, and Austin/Pillman stuff was hilarious.
    3:16: The Dion, Grandpa Simpson, and Ambrose endings are perfect.

  • Placid_Snake

    Fuck me, Galloway can lift a crowd no matter how down it is.

  • Yeah, Maffew, you’re right : that EVOLVE segment was very worth it. xD

  • Pres.Clint Dempsey

    Damn you Maffew for not giving BM CCCXVI a Stone Cold name.

  • JaitsuStudios .

    Man, WWE missed out so damn hard with Galloway.

  • Van Hammerstein Ballroom

    That entire evolve segment was gold. I nearly soiled myself upon the crowd chanting “what the fuck”

  • The Vaudevillains

    Wheres the video when Paul Heyman sing???