Botchamania 319: No Steve BlackMan’s Sky


Mark Henry (Somebody’s Gonna Get It) by WWE

Masahiro Chono Team 2000 Crash by NJPW

Title Theme Wobble by Kazumi Totaka (Mario Paint)

Thanks To…

Lloyd Kaufman of Troma for the fabulous intro

Yes THE Lloyd Kaufman of THE Troma

I don’t give a fuck if you’ve never heard of Troma, this is one of the highlights of my life

laurencanrapp for filming the Seth vs. fan thing

Watch Toxic Avenger IV

some guy whose name I lost for the Windham Bros. clip

Donovan Dijak for getting a streamer getting thrown at Donovan Dijak. Love you DD.

at least four seperate people for the Welsh wrestling clip with the guy going up and over. they all asked to be un-named but the guy in the clip can probably figure them out. HELLO WRESTLERS.

tri.moon for the Ambrose/Austin ending

Rubber Duck Films for the I’M A BAD MAN

froglantern for the Hilary/Austin ending. A bunch of people sent me variations of it but Ffroglantern was first & best, sorry guys

Mx Ciarán for the COPS ending

My housemate Jamie for suggesting Green Acres who threatened to kill me if he didn’t get a credit


You really should watch Toxic Avenger IV

I didn’t think I’d include WCPW footage but I’m recognising the benefit of it. By this I mean ”a lot of people sent me happy tweets about the last time I used footage” which is a good sign to include more.

Mind you, people used to send me messages saying PLEASE GOD NO MORE CZW and that’s still a thing.

People ask ”how do I submit ending”, the easiest way is via DM on Twitter (they’re set to open so anyone can message) or messaging me on the BM FB.

  • ballz

    wow u out did yourself in this one made me smile and laugh so hard, i almost pee’d myself and u had the star of guardians of the galaxy as your opening. 10 out of 10. please never stop making these. no matter the number if we pay for them ill pay. take my money please.

    • BattleBunny Jinx

      I wish something could make me laugh so much I’d pee myself, that sounds delightful

  • Jontrons The Bird

    was that Jontron on the 3rd clip in black?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      probably not.

  • MPT

    Where’s the OH SHIT audio from during the Rusev Spear? How about the video clip during the Cena/AJ clip? Who’s the guy in glasses at 8:41? The Cops ending was hilarious. I met Lloyd two years ago. Another idea for the Honk Honk is Bang Bang by Jessie J (Honk honk into the room, honk honk all over you…)

  • tony

    normally I’d complain about there being 5 minutes of “endings” in a 15min Botchamania vid…..but that “Samuel Beckett’s Austin & Ambrose” and the COPS thing were extremely great

    • Complaining about getting free extra content is like complaining about getting extra free content.

  • MisterForth

    Awesome that the intro had Lloyd Kaufman, Hillary 3:16 says they weren’t top secret at The time, and WWE-Cops is the best one.

  • The Green Acres one is hilarious.

  • Ted

    The Honk Honk videos never fail to make me laugh also great choice in using Chonos music.

  • Jumbo Shrimp

    Fuck Hillary, don’t ever show that cunt in one of your videos again.

    • ballz

      i agree but not calling her a cee u next tuesday she is more of a bitch trying to get her relevant again.

    • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

      Wah wah wah. Cry cry cry.

  • James Cichon

    I still love seeing Asuka in “You Talk Too Much” 😛

  • Dino The Greek Supremo

    Dude! That was the best compilation of BM “Ending” videos! Keep up the good work! Congrats to you and the people that send them in. The Honky Tonk and the Hilary ones were too funny!

  • sumthin_witty

    So, when’s that camerawoman gonna release the sex tape of Maffew and Lloyd?

  • Timothy Andrews

    Botchamania is the place to be……..

  • Sosa Chamberlin(evie pssyfart)

    i hate to be a sheep but that olld man at the beginning made me cringe

    • ballz

      that is the star of guardians of the galaxy no lie he made the movie good almost great.

  • “Yep Mode” Abeyance Brown ©

    The Gravity Falls and Cops endings were great.

  • Dave Barton

    Thumbs up if you watched the “Honk Honk” segment more than once.

  • Heel Dark Razzle

    Rikishi’s theme actually suits reigns

  • Uncle Slick

    The Hillary part made me lose it, and I hate her.

  • FatKraker

    Ambrose confirmed reader of /asp/

  • Placid_Snake

    Why why why are there still fans who think getting into the ring and/or attacking the wrestlers is a good idea? Do they not know how it’s ALWAYS ended?

  • Brian

    What song was used during the sasha banks segment?

  • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

    Damn, Tajiri’s a legend. Sucks they let him go after the CWC. Said it was because he’s ‘too old’ – if only they had that same standard for Wrestlemania matches.