Of all the important moments we’ve covered in looking at nearly 4 years of WWF action, there is perhaps none more vital than when Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin waged war in a Submission Match in Chicago, Illinois on March 23rd, 1997. In this episodeĀ of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we break down “Wrestlemania 13”.

Featuring; your suggestions for song parodies about wrestlers, full introductions for Ken Shamrock, The New Blackjacks and Chyna, the kitchen sink, Ahmed Johnson joins The Legion Of Doom, a seminal sign makes its debut, The Iron Sheik applies a Camel Clutch, Sunny and Sable suspiciously don’t appear, Marc Mero faces everyone, Tony Atlas does nothing, PG-13 get murdered while Marlena mildly avoids it, more great kids theme tunes, matches with no logical build and some matches with nearly a year’s build.

Plus the answers to the questions; What changes were made to the card? Is Sid over? Do cats have noses? Who was supposed to be the sole female member of the nWo? Who ran over whom and why? Which performer gets the longest entrance on the show? What Radiohead albums does Adam like? How could you make Vince like Furnas & LaFon more? Who is the Captain of the team? Who was supposed to get their head shaved? And where is considered to be the “Dallas of South-West Britain”?

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