Botchamania 322: XBox Oney Lorcan


Whale Bay by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Stage 3-4 by Chris Hülsbeck (Mega Turrican)

Tiny Dancer by Elton John


Thanks To…

James Ellsworth and Sonny Boy for the fabulous intro

Steven Diaz for recording and sending the fabulous intro

Definitely Not Martin Kirby for the unfortunate Van Terminator

Definitely Not Joey Hayes for the Definitely Joey Hayes clip

SoCalUncensored for the XWW clips

Adam Nedeff for the Bunkhouse Stampede discussion

Hakan Benli for the Reigns Booo ending

Heelwalrus for GloriHouse

thesixthchild for Kenny

Standthedrybear or Stan The Dry Bear or Bear The Enemy Stand or whatever his name is for HONK HONK


I’m trying to hit Friday as a main day to upload stuff to Patreon then have Sunday be non-Patreon day. As soon as I tried this it ended up on Saturday but that’s life.

The anime during The Ascension is One Punch Man.

The ECW clips are from the Unreleased 3 DVD. Subtitles were required due to the music they decided to play over it.

I enjoyed Backlash and I also enjoyed it not being four hours long.

Endingmania 3

I found a bunch of endings that I’d made from ages ago that I decided not to use for whatever reason (mostly time) so this one’s a dumping ground for me. And er the nice ones others sent in, obviously.

Thanks To…



Barry Coffey

Paul Carruthers

Tim Abad




Orion Ake






I already know the reaction to the long ending is going to be either ”hey it’s the best bit of Metal Gear Solid 4, I get that reference” or ”what the fuck is this”

If your ending hasn’t been used it’s probably because a video consisting of just GLORIOUS endings isn’t a great idea.



  • MPT

    Another good idea for HONK HONK is Turn Down for What

    • jbFromNYC

      Or Dr. Feelgood. He’s the one they call Dr. HONK-HONK…. lol

  • UncleJoey

    Where the hell did you get that YWW footage? Probably the most garbage non-yarder shit I’ve ever seen.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    So nice to be here in the Silverdome for Endingamania 2. I mean 3.

  • ballz

    you still got it hell u never lost it. sorry for saying that big fan watched since u put up number 1 to number 322 keep it up never stop. hope you never stop.

    • Matthew

      The funny thing is that he hasn’t put the first three Botchamanias. The correct way to put it would be from number 4 to number 322.

      • ballz

        sorry go to stagevu 1 2 3 in order not proving you wrong but just letting you know. have a great day.

        • ballz

          stagevu dot com free site has all the shoot interviews and has the botchamania’s on there.


    The Sin-Kenny ending… thing of beauty

  • The Braun Strowman-Sin Cara (Kenny) ending is fucking hilarious.

  • tony

    oh how I LOLed at those classic ECW fuckups

    and Chuck Taylor sippin’ a Natty Light telling old war stories is pretty much solid gold every time

  • BloodOnlySpills

    Maffew= last real nigga

    • spicollidriver

      tell me he didn’t just say that!

  • Strongo

    That Stenier “Suplex repeat” ending got me. It just makes me want a new Steinermania that much more.

  • akash banerjee

    Buswankers haha Jay was so good.

  • richard meredith

    where was the scene with the arrow thru the eye from?

    • Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight. Featuring a grizzled as hell William Sadler AND a hard pipe hittin’ punk rock Jada Pinkett Smith.

      • Placid_Snake

        And more importantly, Billy Zane

  • jollytheoldsaint

    Kenny ending made me laugh, snake ending made me cry. An emotional roller-coaster, these ones. Well done! And someone please put up different clips of Roman saying his catchphrase. We lazy people can’t be assed to find such clips ourselves.

    • jollytheoldsaint

      His guy-based catchphrase, I mean, not the one about bellys or something.

  • OutaTime

    We need Sympathy For The Devil starring the Rock and nWo.

  • The MGS 4 ending got so much funnier the longer it went on.

  • Aizen The “GG God”

    The metal gear ending. Was beautiful lol

  • SolidSonicTH

    Aw man, I was at the CWC and I was really hoping you’d put in that botched 3-count from the tag match.

  • Placid_Snake

    8:03 Foley has an expression that says “Oh, here we go again”. Also, handsome, not fat Mick Foley just looks wrong. Nice to see the behind-the-scenes ECW camaraderie though.

    9:24 The fuck is wrong witth JBL’s mouth? Is that herpes?

  • ReinEngel

    That Kenny/Sin Cara ending killed.