Botchamania 323: Authors of Max Payne


Have You Ever by The Offspring

All American Boys by Jim Johnston

The Song That Never Ends by ABC for Kids

Best Friend by Harry Nilsson

Thanks To…

Matt Riddle for the fabulous intro

Enrique The Super Fan for filming the Matt Riddle intro

Adam Nedeff for the Mr. D

KDOG96 for the Best Friend ending

Codster9 for the Kurt HONK HONK Angle ending

Happy Birthday To…

Jordan Clark


I wasn’t going to add Cesaro’s botch but he tweeted he was fine and posted a Simpsons Meme so that’s a relief. Hey, I’m a profiting voyeur but I’m a profiting voyeur with a heart.

Pretty sure I’ve used Have You Ever before but it worked better than TMNT NES music this time.

”With respect, you are wrong” is from Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

I don’t expect the happy birthday thing to be a regular thing but his family member donated to the Kris Travis Cav Cancer Care so ”eh”.

Clash of Champions was forgettable, despite the in-ring action. WWE more and more resembles an indie company than itself in 2016. Why are these guys fighting WHO CARES, THEY FLIP.

Endingmania 4

Not a dumping ground, no. Definitely not, no sir.

Endings Lovingly Crafted By…





Jordan Davidson

Larry Davis


Barry Coffey

  • MPT

    I’m guessing the audio from The Paige/Lawler bit is from 2 Broke Girls

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      it’s from the Roast of Rob Lowe.

      • Catherine Bouey

        I knew what it was from and I didn’t even watch that roast.

        • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

          How did you know?

          • Catherine Bouey

            I’ve seen some of the previous ones so I more or less know how the jokes work.

            That and Maffew used a clip from the Donald Trump roast in 164.

    • Is Paige ever coming back? She’s off suspension.

      • Deathmaster780

        She’s probably on Main Event wrestling Summer Rae or something.

      • MPT

        She’s having neck surgery 🙁

        • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

          Sure. I’m sure it’s absolutely nothing to do with the situation with Alberto Del Rio. I’m sure it’s an entirely legit injury…………….

  • ballz

    wow made me laugh and a little wet myself, been watching ever since 1 and haven’t missed any yet. keep it up once again will pay for them if i have to.

    • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

      You’ve been watching Botchamania since you were 1? Wow! Also, that’s kind of messed up of your parents.

  • BloodOnlySpills

    Maffew my nigga making wrestling watchable every 2 weeks fr fr

  • Thanks for all you do Maffew, you spoil us with all these episodes lately.
    I hope the Cruiserweight division adds some life into wwe. This brand split with the ppvs isn’t a great idea.

  • LuisBarrage .

    “WWE more and more resembles an indie company than itself in 2016. Why are these guys fighting WHO CARES, THEY FLIP.”

    I thought that was the point. Smarks hijacking shows years back so we could get to what WWE is now. I guess the 1 ratings speak for themselves. Thanks for ruining wrestling, smarks.

    • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

      I’m trying to remember what shows, years back, were hijacked by smarks. And then how this led to wrestling being ruined.

      I mean, I hate a self-entitled crowd that wants to just cheer their usual, “WE GET ME-MES”, “U-S TO-O”, “UNINSPIRED”* chants as much as anyone. But if you mean that, I don’t see what it has to do with the current fighting style in the WWE?


      • LuisBarrage .

        The loud minority became the loud majority since WWE lost most of his casual and now only smarks watch the product. No wonder the company is going in a complete indy direction with only in-ring product with midgets with little to no charisma.

        The same people that still boo Reigns for absolute no reason just for the fact he didn’t wrestle all over the world or some shit and cheer guys like Festus just because of the indy background. There’s no more heels or faces, there’s just crowds that think they are awesome by cheering indy darlings and crapping on everything that isn’t indy related by hijacking with retarded chants.

        • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

          Just based on people whom I know who watch wrestling, I’d disagree. The majority of people I know who actually go to shows are going because their friends are going, and they wanna go too. Cheap night out.

          We’ve got a lot of Monkey See Monkey Do going on.

          I disagree that fans will only cheer ‘indy guys’. I’ve seen Braun Strowman get increasing reactions and interest from fans, when I’m watching TV.

          There are heels and faces. There are “the guys who we think suck” and “the guys who we like because they’re entertaining to watch”.

          I’ll agree with you that there are too many guys wrestling that ‘indy style’ now. It’s samey. But I’ll still take that over watching Ken Patera vs Dino Bravo any day, heh. I don’t think the current style is the issue.

          What is the issue? Self-entitled fans hijacking shit with things that aren’t as funny as they think they are.

          How to fix that? Get better fans. Get a better show. How to do that? I dunno, dude. Rehire Ryback and give him all the belts!

    • Quarter Past Ten

      This is a debate worth having, but I have to say, a guy on the internet commenting on a Botchamania video shouldn’t be calling other people smarks.

      • LuisBarrage .

        I didn’t know you had to be a smark to watch Botchamania.

        • Quarter Past Ten

          Well, this opens up a large can of worms on the actual definition of the word “smark.” I’ll try keep it brief.
          The word smark is a combination of the words smart and mark. It means a fan of wrestling who roots for the success or failure of wrestlers based on shoot reason, rather than kayfabe reasons.
          The word is often used as a derogatory term to describe wrestling fans who like non WWE wrestlers or promotions for the sole reason that they are not WWE. This is incorrect.
          Most wrestling fans are smarks nowadays because it’s so widely know that wrestling is predetermined. They no that good people in wrestling aren’t necessarily good people in real life, and the reverse goes for bad guys. This changes what people cheer for from squeaky clean babyfaces to whoever is the best wrestler.
          I bet there are guys you like in wrestling because they are good wrestlers, and I bet you want to see them succeed. That makes you a smark. Just like I like Kevin Owens because he’s hilarious on the mic and a workhorse in the ring, while his character is a total dick. Because I like him for reasons wrestling fans are, in a perfect world, not suppose to think about, I’m a smark.
          Back to the original point, you’re watching a series exposing the “fakeness” of wrestling. I assume this means you understand wrestling is fake and you root for the guys who entertain you rather than the people you’re told to like, ipso facto, smark.

          • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

            You’re as good as keeping it brief as I am! 😀

          • LuisBarrage .

            Nah, I don’t root for anyone since I don’t watch wrestling aside from Botchamania or some highlights from youtube when something happens. Besides, botches have nothing to do with rooting for heels because they are good. It’s just men in their underwear fucking up.

  • YoungsterJoey

    I love that I finally got to watch Evangelion recently, which helps big time with that Brock ending.

  • Wise & Wicked

    What drugs was the guy at the beginning of 323 on? Actually, the better question is what drugs WASN’T he on?

  • FatKraker

    who was the guy von erich was about to face?

    • Jason R.

      Looked like the Godfather to me.

  • Mark Ruzicka

    As soon as I saw Kurt Angle’s entrance video I knew where it was going and it was glorious.

    • Placid_Snake


  • Ok 2 things.

    1st, thank you for the S-H-I-T ending, now I have remembered to watch this weeks Jojo.

    2nd, can we all agree to replace the “you suck” chant for Angle to the honk honk because I think that’s it, we’ve hit the pinnacle for that joke.

  • Butch

    Not to be a stickler or anything, but I’m fairly confident I’ve seen the Zelda ending on a previous Botchamania.

    • Codster9

      Are you sure? Which episode?

  • Heenan

    Holy crap what was the match on Endingmania with the guy on fire?!

    • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

      That was hilarious! The definition of “Well, that escalated quickly”. Would also love to know this.

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    Lawler’s facial expressions in the Paige bit made me lose it.

  • Brian

    I never knew paul bearer was an interviewer at one point!

  • The Pope flubbing Benny Hill’s name is one thing. The Pope flubbing Benny Hinn’s name is quite another.

    Also, Suicide wrestled for TNA in 2013, unmasking as TJ Perkins. Suicide then became Manik through the arcane art of…removing all mentions of “Suicide” from the costume, such is the TNA way.

  • Pearl Evangelist Sheltie

    What was that space anime?

    • 1heroeanónimo

      Mobile Suit Gundam the original from 79

      It was the most glorious ending ever !!!!

      • PearlsVoting4Hill Sheltie


  • CSSA

    why was the Miz/Ziggler ending missing too many cooks?

  • MisterForth

    323: Basically, Tim Curry makes everything better, and that announcer at the end seems drunk.
    Endings: Batman respects Roode, and Invader Zim gets 5/5.

  • Crab_Botherer

    How on earth did I miss this Endingmania?

    Also – top top marks for Only fools and Hosses. I loled.