Too many people tell me they get their TNA news from me so I thought I’d seize the opportunity to do a podcast on last night’s PPV with my good friend Lawson aka the only person I could find who wanted to watch this with me.

edit: well fuck apparently Soundcloud isn’t letting me embed or link to the podcast¬†even if I¬†click the ”wordpress version” link so


If you can’t be fucked/have no interest in listening to it: DJ Z vs. Trevor Lee was a blast despite the complete lack of TV build, The Hardys vs. Decay was overlong but still wacky enough to be worth a watch and EC3 vs. Lashley was an entertaining big man match.

Did it feel like TNA’s biggest show of the year? No, but the matches were mostly not bad despite TNA’s production doing it’s best to fuck it up.

Also no idea who Jeff was supposed to be ”regressing” to, or who that random fan who showed up during Abyss/Matt Hardy was.

But highlight of highlights was Lashley attacking EC3 after Borash introduced him and acting like it’s nothing because fuck it, it’s No DQ.

  • Am I being dumb, wheres the podcast m8?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      yeah, Soundcloud refuses to embed on the site despite me selecting the fucking WordPress version.

      Added now.

      • If your wordpress is v3 and above all you need to do is put the soundcloud url you don’t need to use an embed code

        • MaffewOfBotchamania

          I did that but that doesn’t show up either. Weird.

          • yeah thats odd, If you want help looking into it let me know.

  • Percy Chuggs

    Podcast link is “knackered”, am I saying that right?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      yeah sorry about that. I’m figuring out how to embed the Soundcloud onto the site but it’s not liking it. I’ll look at other podcast hosting sites.

  • Can we agree that Last Night’s Bound for Glory was actually great?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      three good matches means it’s at least not bad.

  • Hey, Maffew, can I suggest an disqus page? It’ll be like a community page where people can visit to talk about everything wrestling?

    • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

      Isn’t that what this site is though?

  • HeyWhyNot

    The guy Jeff turned into was from some Internet only segment before Delete or Decay. Matt put him into a dream state to find out what was holding the Brother Nero personality back and found him hosting a talk show in Jeff’s brain. I think he’s supposed to be Jeff’s sense of fun or something.

    I remember it mostly for two things: Matt balancing being the sane one with his broken character pretty well and Jeff going ‘Remember when you were all ‘I will not die’ and I was all *Does an exagerated version of his ramp seizure dance*’

  • ChuckZombie84

    Jeff regressed to Itchweed.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      So, bit of an obscure reference?

      • ChuckZombie84


  • Sebastian Zumstein

    good to hear that voice

    hope you’re on osw again soonish

  • Brad Holtman

    The “fan” during the fight was the dude who’s truck Decay stole during Delete or Decay

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      ohhhhh riiiiighhht.

      Thanks boss

  • Kage

    It was a really enjoyable event (depressingly small crowd notwithstanding).

    I’m shocked at just how good TNA has been over the last year or so – and if it’s because of Billy Corgan, then I REALLY hope he buys the company from Dixie’s incompetent ass.

    Bobby Lashley is fucking brilliant as the unstoppable monster. Considering his MMA record is more impressive, AND he both fights and wrestles at the same time, he’s flat-out better than Lesnar. He’s even improved on the mic!

    The Decay are brilliant (all three of them are fantastic performers), and the Hardys have been gold, once I learned to just accept the goofiness of their whole schtick.

    Still, I’m not sold on the whole ‘Grand Championship’, and Aaron Rex has been lame so far (dude, you got over as a comedic heel, not a super-serious babyface). I also couldn’t help but cringe at Cody’s debut, and Brandi’s horrible stalling knee to Maria (who has been bloody brilliant in her own right). Titles also change hands way too often.

    All wrestling companies go through their highs and lows, but at the moment, TNA is the only show I’m invested in. WWE is absolutely unbearable, and I’m very apathetic toward ROH (sick of the non-existent psychology and smark-pandering).

  • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

    Finally got around to watching this. It was EASILY at least as good as any of the past 3 WWE PPVs. The opening match was as good as anything I *remember* seeing on NXT or CWC recently.

    My partner couldn’t understand why someone the size of Lashley isn’t in WWE. Until the camera kept zooming in on or all of his and EC3’s bacne.

    I re-watched most of Knockouts Knockdown only 2 weeks ago, so it’s fresh in my mind just how shit TNA can be.

    This was Really Good.

    • ColeYote

      Bobby Lashley actually was in WWE for a while. Wound up being one of those guys you could tell Vince really liked but could never really get over.

      • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

        Yeah I remember. He won the ECW title at December To Dismember. A PPV which was so perfect that they never held another ECW PPV for fear of tarnishing the memory