Vader is tasked with helping Ken Shamrock with his transition from the UFC in this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ where we take a look at “In Your House: A Cold Day In Hell”. Unfortunately for Vader, Ken is a less than apt pupil, so he has to go to some extreme lengths to get ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ to settle down…

Featuring; your suggestions for wrestlers appearing in animated series, the Scrivens family get a buggy board, we discuss the death of Chyna and the WWE politics surrounding it, Mankind cuts a creepy promo to a little girl, Vader cuts a scary promo to everyone in the arena, Ahmed cuts an incomprehensible promo to everyone on the planet, Earl Hebner loses it, a couple of new additions to The Hart Foundation, Rockabilly and Jesse James have another classic and Paul offers his own personal audience suggestion.

Plus the answers to the questions; How loud do you have to call spots to get us to notice? What’s the greatest kids theme song of all time? What’s happened to The Funkettes? What the fuck is D’Lo Brown wearing? Who’s shooting on who? How many kneepads does one man need? What’s changed about the “In Your House” set? Which of us has never seen “The Thing”? What’s a Wheelchair Match? And what is a more apt name for Ahmed Johnson’s gauntlet match against The Nation?

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