Botchamania 324: One If By Land, Two If By CM Punk


Why You Always Lying by Downgoes Fraser

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Sky High by Kazuo Hanzawa, Jun Irie, Hideki Matsutake (Dynamite Headdy)

Thanks To…

Jeff Cobb for the fabulous intro

Enrique The Superfan who attends PWG events for filming it

Codster9 for suggesting the mood lighting bit and Silver Sheamus

Mike Hansen for the Member Berries

Billy Wicker for HONK lines


TNA Bound For Glory had three matches worth watching but the lights going out will be the thing the event will be most remembered for.

I waited before using that Smackdown Orton thing fucking up to see if they used it or weaved it into their storyline or whatever. They didn’t so fuck ’em. Given that they used live video effects at No Mercy with Orton’s face morphing in the mirror, I’m guessing their Videomatic 2000 crashed when they tried to morph/transition/whatever the two. Convenient it happened to crash during Orton and Wyatt though, the only two they could get away with this fucking up!

Botchamania 325: Pink Floyd’s The Walls of Jericho


Megalovania Mario Sunshine by toonlink

Hot Top Volcano by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks To…

Johnny Knockout for the fabulous intro

Colby Corino for the superkick and dive

Selvmord for the La Cryx vs. Il Cappellaio Matto Five Star match

LinuxScouser for The Rock Element ending


I can’t believe it took this long to use Hot Top Volcano, one of the best songs from DKR. Or maybe I have, I use an iTune playlist to keep me informed of what songs I’ve used and not used but it iTunes so it’s fucked before. Regardless, it’s a great song so I’ll live with using it twice.

WCPW Refuse To Lose was fun live, shame about the issues on the stream that made it unwatchable.

Sorry for the delay in the near-regular Botchamania schedule but autumn flu sucks.

Endingmania 5

With the combined endings/submissions of:



Kingdom of Kayfabe


Harriett Greene



  • Bob

    Was the Michael Cole tweet real?

    • ballz

      i think so. honestly outside of wwe he swears alot.

      • Oxycodone

        He’s also one of the biggest douchebags in the history of the industry. It’s like once he became Raw’s commentator, he thought he was god himself.

        • Catherine Bouey

          Does he think that or do the fans who whine and complain about him being awful think that?

          • Oxycodone

            No, he truly believes he’s at the top of his field. Like how Joe Buck has that aura of smug bullshit to him? Cole is the exact same way, all while *still* not knowing countless wrestling moves; and does nothing but ramble on about storylines and playing favorites, whether they’re a face or a heel.

            It’ll probably never happen, but if Mauro could replace Cole, Graves stays put, and if JBL replaces Saxton, you’d have a truly entertaining commentary team.

          • Catherine Bouey

            If Cole does think that it’s only because there are no other notable wrestling commentators around.

          • Oxycodone

            Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, Renee Young, JR, Joey Styles, Steve Corino (as long as he stays on topic, like when he does English commentary for NJPW,) Josh Barnett, JBL (purely for comic relief,) the entire NJPW commentary team even though they don’t speak English, and Funaki. Lollll

          • Catherine Bouey

            JR isn’t in WWE anymore
            Styles isn’t in WWE anymore
            Corino is working for a non-major wrestling promotion
            Renee Young is shaky
            Josh Barnett the MMA fighter?
            Mauro Ranallo is the lead commentator on the B show.
            Tom Phillips…works better at interviews
            Corey Graves tries too hard at times.

          • Oxycodone

            I was just naming people in the industry that are all better than Cole, lol.

            But for those in WWE:
            – Renee Young was shaky in NXT on commentary because she was still relatively new.
            – Mauro Ranallo deserves the lead commentator on the “A” show. Which, ironically, is what he’s doing now since Smackdown has been mostly amazing since the draft.
            – I believe Tom Phillips splits NXT duty with Graves, and actually does great because he calls moves and keeps the stories relevant to people currently in the match; whereas Cole will talk about Cena during the entire duration of a women’s match even when Cena is filming a reality show.
            – How could I forget Booker T!!!
            – Fuck, I’d even take Jerry Lawler over Cole.
            – Along with that Scott guy who only does the most fringe of shows on the Network.

            Either way, everyone is an improvement over Cole… Except for David Otunga, who should’ve been fired years ago.

          • Catherine Bouey

            …..Eh Otunga’s no worse than JBL or……Adamle, just bland.

  • ballz

    never going to say this again but i like big sweaty men lol sorry love botchamania. keep it up don’t care if i have to pay for the content i would do so.

    • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

      I think being grown up enough to be able to say, “I LIKE BIG SWEATY MEN, AT LEAST TWO OR THREE NIGHTS A WEEK”, is fine. Whether you pay for it or not.

      • ballz

        well then let me be the second person to say it loud and say it proud i like big sweaty men. but i prefer a wet women lol

  • Lord Beerus

    the member berries ending was pure genius

  • Heenan

    You didn’t even notice Michael Cole said the RR was going to San DIEGO??!!!!

  • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville


    I would watch the hell out of NICHIREIGNS.

  • Placid_Snake

    Not sure what’s worse about the “Vote for Trump!” guy. The fact that he apparently thought it was genuinely clever or his shit-eating grin right afterwards.

    • Oxycodone

      It’s Florida, they’re an abortion of a state. Fuck that guy/conservatives in general, and fuck Trump.

  • Derek

    The two back-to-back endings of Tenacious D and VITAS almost made me physically applaud.

  • what was that song at the end of Botchamania 325?

    • Brian

      An x-pac theme? I’m not sure, but i heard X-Factor so i figured it had something to do with him

    • DeathMental

      It was X-Factor’s theme music. It was an Uncle Kracker song that may have been called “That Bastard” or something like that.

    • ballz

      uncle kracker feat kid rock what’cha looking at.

  • OK, that Andre the Giant/David Bowie ending is awesome…. I still miss David Bowie

    • Kaptain Cirk

      What was the name of the song?

      • The Man Who Sold the World which was later famously covered by Nirvana.

        • Kaptain Cirk

          Thank you!

          • You’re welcome. When it comes to someone as great as David Bowie. You have to know these things as a fan.

  • Thanks, Maffew! You make every week better with these. I’m still curious about the 2-episode at a time thing though, but it is nice to have all that botch at once.

  • Oxycodone

    The Dean Ambrose/Terminator II Nuclear Bomb ending was actually great. The way he ponders over that question before the bomb blast, and then his expression afterwards… totally fits his character.

  • Placid_Snake

    That Ambrose/Terminator ending was a thing of beauty.

  • Alec Norton

    Can I suggest a Rock toot-ending to go along with the Vengaboys’ “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom”?

    • Adrián Minister de Dios


  • markula

    Might be time to retire the Rock’s Diesel taunt. Neither of those 2 were funny.

    • Hunter

      It’s how I felt about back and to the left

  • motorheadbanger

    We need to see the Rock honk put to the 1960s Batman theme. Then it can right off into the sunset.

  • Misa

    Nichireigns. Anime of the year

  • Charles Aranguiz Heel

    that roman ending

  • Adrián Minister de Dios

    What is the animation series of the unicorn?
    I don´t know how to feel about it.

    • Codster9

      Star vs. The Forces Of Evil

  • I’m not surprised Hogan’s in Fist of the North Star. I am surprised he’s not in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, given that this image from the Piledriver video predates the Stand concept by two years.

  • Zanon23

    Wow the last 4 minutes are shit.
    The Star Wars one is too long and boring, the anime one is… very weak. Dean Ambrose’s one is kind of ok but still … eh.
    6 minutes worth of video pretty much for the endingmania.

    • Lee Dellbridge

      I agree on the star wars but the roman stuff was really fun, in that ridiculous anime openings way – i think it was the vince faces that did it for me, oh and the fist pump doucheface stuff.

  • Ted

    I’d love to see a revamped Rock Horn used with Inspector Gadget.

  • th

    What’s the name of the song in the Rock ending of 325?

  • Lee Dellbridge

    Im glad that “och! doon toon” was made because ive been singing it whenever the ad came on.

    And that final ending with roman…that was hilarious and i have no idea why!

  • MisterForth

    I liked the Endingmania more that some of the recent endings.