In (dis)honour of the last TNA PPV, here’s ten times the lights cut off/someone needed to stick a fiver in the meter.

  • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

    The best of Craig Charles?

  • tony

    did JR say that the arena was the home of the “Oklahoma City Hornets”?

    • C.M. Troll

      JR living the madela effect live every week.

      • TheLX

        *mandela effect

    • sonik

      After Katrina hurricane, Hornets moved from New Orleans to OKC for two years. Then came back to NO, changed the name to Pelicans in 2013, and it allowed Charlotte Bobcats to change their name back to Hornets. And Oklahoma got Supersonics and change the name to Thunder.

    • Matthew Johnson

      Yeah, like Sonik said, the New Orleans Hornets had to play there for 2 seasons after Hurricane Katrina; it was their off-court success in OKC that led to the Seattle SuperSonics (controversially) moving there in 2009. So at the time JR was completely right.

    • ONITA100

      The Hornets played in OKC after Hurricane Katrina for a bit

  • Chris Hansen

    I wonder how familiar people are going to be with that Trump clip.

    Also the slow light fade of BFG is hilarious. It’s not just a quick cut like everywhere else.

  • Rebel Coyote

    Cage of Death 2 was really unwatchable especially last two matches

  • chris paul

    at least candice got a pretty hefty pop

  • Aaron Binkley

    The lights went out on (Stunning/Stone Cold) Steve Austin 3 times? So… did he piss off a lot of lighting guys in his career?

  • ColeYote

    Ooh, good thinking by whoever decided to use spotlights in a couple of these. Actually made for a pretty cool look, too.

  • Brian

    😮 rare footage of the Kuwait show?