Since the inception of our show, the WWF’s primary programme has been aired on a Monday night, but just how much has it changed in the 4-year span of our viewing? In this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we take a look at both ends of the spectrum. Firstly, Adam and Stewart are joined by Mike Quackenbush and Bryce Remsburg from Chikara in discussing the May 17th, 1993 episode of “Monday Night Raw” before Paul, Adam and Stewart check out the May 26th 1997 “Raw Is War”. Together, they combine to form a very special episode we’ve dubbed “Monday Night Raw Is War”!

Featuring; your suggestions for who you’d like to see in the ring with a pissed off Vader, Adam finally watches Sunny’s movie, homophobia spans the entire era, Tatanka, Kamala and Yokozuna, Marty Jannetty all make a temporary return to the show, Mike & Bryce take us through their history with the WWF, more ICOPRO than you could ever need, mullets return in force, Shawn Michaels & Mr. Perfect brawl on a car, The Smoking Gunns debut with a really dangerous finisher and Lord Alfred Hayes sees something but doesn’t really say anything about it.

Plus the answers to the questions; is there Ice Cream people? What’s that F-Cup? Why hasn’t Roy Hodgson taken Premier League Winner Danny Drinkwater to the Euros? Is Donald Trump more hated than Roman Reigns? Did Ghandi win the Oscar for Best Wardrobe? Why did sit-down interviews work for Mankind but not Goldust? Should you expect flips in a tournament called ‘Best of the Super Juniors’? What way is the right way to present toilet paper? And who was Chikara’s Crazy Uncle?

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