Botchamania 327: KILLER BOB backlund


Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage) by Jake Kaufman (Shovel Knight)

How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths

GEMINI MAN STAGE by Capcom Sound Team (Mega Man 3)

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

What’s My Name? by DMX

Fire Walk With Me by Kenobit

Crescent Island by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks To…

ICW for moving me TO A BIGGER HOUSE

Chuck Taylor/Stokely Hathaway for the fabulous intro

Matthew Baker for Booker and Brock vs. Brock

jovrogan for the Simpsons ending

Codster9 for the Spongebob GLORIOUS. A few people suggested this but he was the one who made it, sorry.

carloslet for HONK HONK


Hell In A Cell 2016 had two Cell matches worth watching and fuck-all else. Raw is all over the place right now, just treading water until ”the real PPVs” start. Huh.

I’m pretty sure the table wasn’t supposed to break during the last bit of Charlotte vs. Sasha but I’m also pretty sure people don’t care at this point and just wanna hear James Hetfield shout shit.

The audio during the Halloween Match is from WON, Bryan Alvarez (who is always fun when discussing hhhhhhhhhhorrible matches) and that Dave Meltzer guy you may have heard of.

You know things are bad in TNA when Brandi Rhodes wrestles in the main event of Impact and no-one tells me about how bad it was.

Lots of people fucking up names at the minute huh?

The Train Suplex is from Final Fantasy VI

  • What, no Shiek at the end?! FUCKIN’ BULLSHIT!!! 😉

    • Senor Pene

      well this man is out of ideas *honk honk*

  • ballz

    hey maffew please use this i can’t stop laughing over this i promise to watch you forever i love botchamania. wish i could buy them on dvd please take my money already.

    • Zanon23

      I fucking love Jim Cornette.
      And that pinkie-pin. Amazing.

      • ballz

        haven’t seen that since andy kaufman pinning foxy.

    • Catherine Bouey

      Just burn episodes of it on your PC.

      • ballz

        don’t want a burner cause i already got a stove lol jk. i rather watch them every weekend gives me something to look forward to on the weekend. have a great day.

  • BloodOnlySpills

    I’m going to facefuck Maffew

  • MPT

    Ludacris’ “Move Bitch” can use the proper HONK HONK treatment

  • The Rock honk never gets old. What the fuck happened at the Hell in a Cell match?

  • Travis Fudge

    Loving the episode title this week~!

  • LuisBarrage .

    Please, no more Glorious endings.

    • Randy Savage’s Fashion Sense

      The song’s amazing, but the endings aren’t surprising anymore.

      • LuisBarrage .

        After Endingmania this shit gave me cancer

    • Catherine Bouey

      Looks like you gave in because you weren’t victorious.

    • Adrián Minister de Dios

      I will love Glorious endings until the end.
      Until the end.

  • Dubi “And” Pill

    No Faken Bullshet? Are you kidding me? Unsub, Unlike, Unfollow, Unfriended, Reported.

    • Zanon23

      Not blocked tho.

      • Dubi “And” Pill

        How could I block botchamnia? my life will have no meaning.

  • Julian C. Marquez

    Seinfeld + Botchamania = Genious!

    • tony

      YES. I hope we get about 100 more of these, that combo is perfect

  • Lee Dellbridge

    TNA is so bad that nobody is left to tell you about the shit that goes on. An embarrassment that even challenge tv don’t want.

  • jimmeh

    Never stop slipping in bits from The Games. Love it.

  • BillyBitchcakes

    Anyone else notice that the guy Sasha slapped was ‘Big Magic’ Shane Matthews from 3 point 0?

  • Filip Pejic

    Maffew botched Chuck Taylor’s twitter account. He’s not Stokely Hathaway he is Chuck Taylor_TM on twitter come on Maffew.

  • Catherine Bouey

    “just wanna hear James Hetfield shout shit.”

    Oh….so people stopped complaining about St.Anger?

    • Zanon23

      St Anger wasn’t even worth the complaints tbh. It was mediocre at best 😐 Way past the band’s prime.

  • stephen mccord

    How come nobody has used kefka desending down to ” glorious”?

  • Johnny Mundo

    Another episode with no botches from THE SHAMAN OF SEXY HIMSELF

  • Jason R.

    Keep hoping you will mix in some Air Supply when the furniture doesn’t cooperate with the wrestlers. “Here I am-THE TABLE!!!!!!!”

  • Mordecai Vertecimes

    The sad thing is in the speedrun community, the FF6 train suplex moment is often refered to as “John Cena”…

  • MisterForth

    “Get a f—ing haircut hippie”! “Nike sucks”! Greatness. Also, no Silver Shamrock with that pumpkin is a damn shame.