There wasn’t enough crap this week so here’s a look back at the first year of Raw instead.


Stage 1-1 by Chris Hülsbeck (Mega Turrican)


I’d planned on doing something on Bob Bartlett who is easily one of the worst commentators of all time but I couldn’t do it without wanting to jump off a bridge. All he did was add pop culture references so we’d be reminded of how cool and hip Raw was. Virgil shows up, he shouts ”HEY LOOK MIKE TYSON HAHAHA.” Awful, awful, awful.

Other than that, it’s weird having Raw on the Network when it wasn’t the main show back then so stuff like Tatanka’s first loss is shown in clips. Maybe one day we’ll get Superstars and All American Wrestling and the rest. Or not. At least we get great moments like 1-2-3 Kid’s fluke win and The Quebecers being great every week.

  • Fernando Silva

    03:23 Mr. Perfect Corpsing?

    • Cronie

      Send for the man!

  • Steve Cunningham Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle discuss The Fink

  • K7

    I cringed so hard with the Kid Slip…

  • Sergey McSanchez

    You all saw Tom Lawlor’s weigh-in for UFC 154 back in 2012, right?

  • The Whole F’n Preshow Neville

    That was awesome!

    By 2.40 I was yelling WHY IS THE MOUNTIE NOT IN THE HALL OF FAME??

    Not for the first time.

    One of the greatest Intercontinental champions of the 90s, no doubt.

  • Catherine Bouey

    This was a funny special.

  • ColeYote

    Apparently 1993 was before they figured out how to do a proper leapfrog.

  • ONITA100

    Christ that garbage can shot by Michael’s to Perfect was brutal

    • MisterForth

      Do you mean Grover.

  • bossk

    “Let’s go sailing!”

  • Jose

    1993 wasn’t that much of a good year but it did have some good stuff like Heel Doink.