Botchamania 328: Peter Jackson’s King Kong Bundy


I will Go Sailing No More by Randy Newman (Toy Story)

Haunted Woods by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Fossil Canyon by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks To…

Dan Moloney for the fabulous intro

Everybody in the Canadian Indie Wrestling business for the scaffold clip

THE HANNIBAL TV for the nice version of the clip

Ultimo Gallos for the guy falling out of the ring during his intro

The Firebird for kicking the camera

David Edge TV for the fancy clothesline landing

Jocay19 for the DNA clip

Mark Johnston for suggesting THAT CLIP’S NOT GONNA HOLD

SMASH Wrestling for Player Uno and SMASH TV.

It was a good video for Canadian Indies this week.

Sable-I and the good people of Reddit for The Balor System

Boolet80D for the Simpsons ending

Robert Peter for the Shockmaster idea

BeAwesomeOne for Sin Cara Fightin’ Round The World


The ”You could hear a pinfall!” joke is from Blobbyvision. It was too true for that match.

Missed it by THAT much is from Get Smart and could be a regular thing. Like the fake GI Joe PSA ”ah fuck” bit.

Tugboat’s HWANK HWANK may replace or join Rock’s HONK HONK. Along with One Man Gang’s OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • stephen mccord

    Why wasnt sheamus hitting cesaro by accident during the tag team promo not in this?

  • ballz

    not that funny but once again it was a slow week yesterday bobby roode talked in the match and said something i honestly don’t remember.but just letting you know in advance to watch out for that.

  • MJA

    That Sin Cara ending is the greatest thing of all time. Well done to BeAwesomeOne.

  • The stormtrooper ending killed me. That was fucking hilarious.

  • Catherine Bouey

    Damn….how long has it been since Sabu was in a video?

  • Ted

    That Sin Cara ending is brilliant, would be a good program for the WWE Network Sin Cara fighting round the world.

  • Lüke Hellwÿck

    I was close with “Botchin’ round the world”

  • Zanon23

    Wow that Honk Honk ending = priceless.
    Can’t top it up now, Maffew!

  • ColeYote


  • Joe Reitan

    Nobody gives a fuck about ICW

  • Brian

    @5:59 Rare footage of Droz in ECW before coming to WWF? What show/event is that match from? Also, I had no idea until now the guy shares my birthday. Small world LOL.

    and @6:06 EVEN RARER footage of sabu botching his triple jump attack? WOW

  • Dr Doritos de Frito Lay

    Expected the Mask “Squeeze Me Gently” was gonna play Glorious… I am disappoint

  • SmaMan

    04:46 – I think I went to school with that guy. That’s Alex Cruz, the Aztec Warrior, right?

  • MisterForth

    Balor’s next move: The Implication.