Had the idea after seeing The Cat clip so here’s a selection of the finest awkward/angry/mad moments with wrestlers and shoot interviewers.

Ernest Miller vs. HighSpots

Nick Gage vs. Smart Mark Video

Terri Runnels vs. HighSpots

Ken Patera vs. Ring of Honor

Chris Chetti vs. a fan at ECW Cyberslam 2000

Spike Dudley vs. HighSpots

Ric Flair vs. RF Video

Ron Simmons vs. HighSpots

Necro Butcher vs. RF Video

Ole Anderson vs. RF

SMV are usually great with their interviews as they’re usually hosted by people who are friends/fans with the wrestler, no idea who the guy who was interviewing Nick Gage and being abrasive. ”Lower your tone man.”

Gabe posted about the Ken Patera thing being staged to avoid talking about it but it was on Myspace so it’s lost to the ages now. More people have seen the clip then read the explanation so eh. Kayfabe during shoot interviews.

Brett Lauderdale getting torn out by Necro is even funnier knowing Rob Feinstein is in the room with him as he says ”ah we’ll just do another one with HighSpots!”

Think there’s enough footage to do a wrestlers getting mad with reporters bit, with the likes of Dave Schultz and Louis Theroux etc.

  • ballz

    im stunned ron simmons has words beside DAMN lol

    • dkinpa

      Its so good because you can tell Ron Simmons is just like “pfft shit, what the fuck is this guy even asking me?” like just from that little bit you can already tell he’s exasperated with the interviewer.

      • ballz

        well for how watered down ron simmons was and is in wwe im surprised he has any lines or words at all.

    • Pres.Clint Dempsey

      Shame his career as a WCW champion, the APA and leader of the NoD is overshadowed by a simple mild swear word and comical appearances.

  • Dbrewer9783

    It’s kinda funny because all of these guys would be some of the last people on earth you’d want to piss off.

  • MPT

    Which Cat clip?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      er, the first one mate.

  • Leo Grant

    So this counts as Shoot A Mania 2: When Shooters Attack?

  • Senor Pene

    i’m sorry necro bullshit, but really… what good does it makes to being sensitive if you can’t empathize with shit? go ask yourself.

  • Ted

    Ron Simmons looked like he wanted to knock out the interviewer. In the words of Jim Cornette about Ole Anderson “Ole can really blister your ass and make you feel really small” and he did just that.

  • tony

    holy fuck, Spike Dudley looked PISSED

  • stephen mccord

    When you do shoot interviews you better know your stuff. Wrestlers hate smarks who think they know it all, and bs around questions. Loved how ole turned it around and started interviewing the guy.

    • Raizumichin

      I thought he came of as kind of a dick. Most of what he pestered the interviewer about didn’t really have much to do with the original question.

      • Richard Manning

        Yeah, my reply to “Champion of what?” would have been, “Well, Ted Turner’s promotion, for one goddamn thing.”

  • Sosa Chamberlin(evie pssyfart)

    Im guessing necro pissing was better than the first 2 hours

  • Hitokiri Battousai

    Vince vs Bob costas would have been good to see in the vid

  • Zanon23

    Am I correct to assume these Smarks do it on purpose to get those reactions? Cuz they do sound like idiots lol

  • Pres.Clint Dempsey

    RF Videos is the shits


  • Luke

    “You don’t text when you’re talking to me”

    Best line of the video