Botchamania 330: Red Hot Chilli Pepper Parks


Rap God by Eminem

We’re Alright by Supergrass

Walrus Cove by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks To…

Juicy Ramons and Sammy Guevara for the fabulous intro

Eddie Kingston for the fabulous cameo

vanvu223 for the joshi clip

Repo Man for the WSU clip

HighSpots Network for the Crists and Co dive

Pistol PE73, Vaping Vegan and Kevin Chiat for the NXT Cage Melbourne footage

Sronpop for the HONK HONK

Codster9 for BEST FRIIIIIENDS ending

Yas Pena for Drink ending


I’m glad the Booeyman debut is finally on YouTube. Been meaning to cover that for ages.

Er apart from that, I don’t have much else to type here. The AJ Styles’ ass bit is from weebls’ Look At My Horse video.

Endingmania 7

Endingmania continues, again due to the amount of endings people send in.

If you have an ending you want featured, DM me on Twitter or message the Botchamania FaceBook.

Here’s a hint though: stop sending random anime/video game clips with GLORIOUS over it. They don’t work.

And if you’re going to send a HONK HONK ending, please only submit them if the HONK HONKs are synced up or else it’s ear-rape.

I appreciate people sending things in and (usually) being polite, but I’m not going to use stuff if I think they’re crap, it ain’t fair on anyone.







guy wright


thy master

Nate Cancilla

Chris Newman

James Casson

Sad News Shawn


  • Bloody good job 🙂

  • Peter Smith

    I laughed so hard at the Nia Jax clip, Best. Endingmania. Ever

  • ballz

    all i got to say is get me a DRANK love botchamania. love jim cornette for slapping santino for not selling to boogeyman. thanks for the clips and keep them coming.

  • Chinmay

    Best Endingmania ever. The Rock mash-up was amazing. xD

  • Alfred

    Is it in anyway possible to get that “What the Rock says” one seperately?

  • LuisBarrage .

    Another Endingmania that almost gave me HIV in the brain. Almost.

  • tony

    I’d always wanted to see clips of WCW guys getting hit by fan drinks/garbage all gathered into one place….THANK YOU MAFFEW

  • That Jim Cornette story was fucking great.

    • Bob

      Every Jim Cornette story is fucking great.
      This one, was fucking incredible

      • I love Jim Cornette. I don’t agree with him all the time but man, he is so fucking smacked on about the world of professional wrestling.

  • Brian

    Am I the only one who noticed the audience member shouting out YOU HAVE NO SOUL BECKY LYNCH ?

  • Zanon23

    After that tiny clip with the guys being hit by drinks, shouldn’t we have a Drinkamania sometime in the future?

    • tony

      oh man, i’d kill for this…..isn’t there a great famous clip of someone being hit with a near-full red slurpee and being covered in red while walking back from the ring?

  • Ted

    That Cornette story is a classic up there with the scaffold match story,the “what does The Rock say” and the Gogglebotch ending were great

  • Gogglebotch was fucking killer!

  • stephen mccord

    Just gave you the best soundbite to play before luger

    Where the F is my phone


  • stephen mccord

    Brian mcknight clip was really weak.

  • fpshooterful

    man.. the whole thing with Fans throwing drinks at wrestlers back in the Monday Night war days in WCW.. If that ever happened today, the fans would serve jail time.

    • Leo Grant

      Would make sense considering how you could legit injure someone doing that.

  • Bob

    The Californication ending was amazing.

    • Bob

      *can’t stop
      No idea what went wrong with me

  • Христо Георгиев
  • DarthEnderX

    I wish I could see Matt Hardy’s DELETE synced up to the “retreats” in this song from the old animated version of Return of the King.

    Sadly, I can’t do it myself…

  • MisterForth

    Trump won’t be THAT bad. I mean, yeah things won’t be necessarily great, but he had the good sense to pick Lashley.

    • Catherine Bouey


  • leeslegends

    That was one of the best “You Talk Too Much” segments for a long time. Really funny

  • bossk

    Lynn, these are sex people!

  • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

    lmao at the intro. Rule of thumb with Trump – your name ends in a vowel, you get the scowl.