Botchamania 331: Westworld Texas Rednecks

Thanks to…

Tempo Terrale for the fabulous intro

@CrustyChalupa and @OffTheBarricade for getting I AM THE TABLE onto WWE TV

Eric B. Taylor for the Sasha ”wrong leg”

zpaulypaul for Killer Khan

STRIGGA and others on Twitter for wXw table

Harry for the I DIDN’T EVEN HIT YOU

Boolet 80D for HONK HONK


Title by Matt Furniss (Street Racer)


Trip Through Your Wire by U2

Competition by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3)

Ultimate by Denzel Curry


Maya Inca Boy and the other AKI characters don’t get enough love.

Roadblock was very skippable but had a great New Day/Sheamus & Cesaro match. I liked Charlotte/Sasha even if the end was off. Also NEVILLE.

The Hero/Kingston bit is a long time coming, I thought it was too long to use but then I thought ”ah fuck it”.

  • ballz

    good episode just in time for xmas merry xmas maffew. continue to make these.

    • ReinEngel

      Will he keep making them? Who knows? He’ll most likely answer that question soon, though.


      • ballz

        i hope he gets dvd’s or dailymotion stops taking them down. so i could get a site to put them on my flashdrive.

      • bossk

        I DUNNO!

  • The only X-Mas present I got : Thanks, mate.

    • Crab_Botherer

      Fuck I hear that mate!

  • Erm, shouldn’t the Competition Menu music from Sonic 3 be credited as well?

  • tony

    A+ for effective use of the Spinal Tap cameo on the Simpsons

    did Hero ever explain what the fuck Kingston was thinking there?

    • Epilef

      Yeah, I know, right?

  • Zanon23

    What the f…? I don’t remember the ropes being so loose in any wrestling match o.o That’s even worse than that botched spot.

    • TyCooper8

      Yeah, I think that one was on the set-up team more than anything.


      who is that guy 8:04 lol

      • teo_heel

        Killer Khan, Mongolian superstar from late 70’s and early 80’s.

  • cabspaintedyellow

    Somewhat off-topic, but one of my favorite things about Botchamania these days are the increasingly random and ridiculous things Maffew shops into the opening on the word Yappapi.

  • Jack Squat

    I would like to see Vince say, hey, why don’t you two guys have a match where you work botches all through the match… just for the hell of it.

    • TyCooper8

      Didn’t he just have a whole feud of that for the last 7 months?

      • Epilef


  • MisterForth

    Billy Mays lives.

  • Catherine Bouey

    Foley must’ve lost a good 30-40 pounds, now if only he can do something with the hair and beard.

  • Kazuhiro Retsuya

    Vimeo please…

  • Great episode and yes, fuck Botcher Nero. Could we trade him and get George Michael back in return?

  • PearlEvangelistSheltie

    That Full Metal Jacket ending was gold.

  • Kblitz

    ‘Parrently Vimeo got hit by the blocking bug 🙁

  • Swhaw

    14:06 can anyone tell me the source of the audio used in EC3 and Matt Hardy Promo…I am looking for it

  • Pres.Clint Dempsey

    I swear if there’s no “We are #1” honk honk remix titled “Rocky Rotten” my New Year’s Resolution will be to #delete Maffew.

  • ColeYote

    Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are amazing.

  • Lee Dellbridge

    Any chance vimeo one goes back up? It doesn’t seem to play for me and i won’t watch the yt version.

  • Oxycodone

    Competition Theme from Sonic 3? Fucking awesome.

  • MPT

    What’s the chant at 2:42?