Hey again, let’s catch up with what’s happened on TV since last time. On my TV anyway. One thing I love watching on my TV is the Debbie Debbie We Network.


TNA Impact Wrestling

This was the first TNA I have seen since Total Non-Stop Deletion. It was better than I expected, I have to admit. At this point I was kind of expecting to tune in and just see something like:


We’re with you, Dixie! Carry that old rope!

What? It’s a new era for TNA? Again? Already? Dixie is out and Jeff Jarrett’s back? Huh…

This week, it was the first-ever Race For The Case match!

What’s that you’re asking? Well, it’s a lot like Feast Or Fired, except that there is no more pink slip. It’s now just All Feast. So of course Tyrus, was master of ceremonies.

It’s the Fact Of Life, with Eli Drake!


I had some buddies over just before I started watching. One of them fell asleep, and then woke up again whilst Tyrus was yelling at three mimes (the DCC) for failing to sensibly open a briefcase. Then Jeff Hardy started to sing.

My pal just stared, cracked open a beer and shook his head and said, “This MUST be TNA”.

When you’ve got an unmistakable product, that’s one step forward, toward total success for TNA Impact!

Unfortunately, other than the main event, I am truly struggling to remember anything that happened in the ring. Other than for Race For The Case, and this glass of scotch is doing its best to help me forget that.

So, two steps back. But, hey, one step forward, guys!

And that main event between TNA Grand Champion Moose and Drew Galloway, it was pretty good, worth a watch. Actually, the whole show was an easy watch. Because I wasn’t really sure what I was watching or if I was enjoying it. That’s still better than Raw’s weekly Lord Of The Rings extended cut.

The last time I saw Impact, Aron Rex was the Grand Champion. But, not any more! I guess he was a … transitional champion.


At one point during a video package of some older match, my wife didn’t recognize some guy and asked who this good looking fella was.

“… Al Snow.” I told her.

We’re both still kind of in shock, tell the truth.


The captions are bad on most WWE Network shows. But probly the absolute worst, on NXT.

But don’t ask me, ask, Shisuke Knock A Mora or Shins’K Nakamura! He is the NXT champion and soon, he will be defending that title at Takeover San Antonio.

Yes, we’re only a week away from another NXT Takeover! It’s sure to be exciting, though it has a tall order on its hands trying to beat the previous Texas-based NXT Takeover. Who can forget that amazing match between old Shins’K… sorry, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayne?

One sure thing is that with a new Takeover comes a new Takeover theme.

Who have WWE proudly chosen for this honour?


NF? Umm. Really? Like,  actually “WWE IS SPONSORED BY NF”? Wow.

Elsewhere, not sure about Roderick Strong just going by Rod Strong. He’s great at what he does, but that name… At least give hin the Val Venis gimmick if you’re going to go in that direction.

Hey, Damo from ICW has joined Sanity! Nikki Cross is cute and I’m finally liking Eric Young. I don’t know the other gentleman of the group but I’m sure he’s just grand too.


205 Live

The love triangle between Alicia Fox, Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander continues! Alicia Fox is all like, “How dare you, I destroy boys”, and Cedric’s all like, “Not even!”

That pretty much covers it. Noam Dar got slapped in the face though, which raised a few smiles here.

Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali was especially fun to watch. I mean, it was all good, but this actually stuok in my memory.

The main event was the (first ever?) “I Forfeit” match, where the only way to win was for your opponent utter the words, “I forfeit”.  A better name might have been the “I Forget” match, as poor Ariya Daivari kept demanding Jack Gallagher, “Say you quit!


I wasn’t too sure about Jack at first. He’s just so… British. But if he’s going to keep pulling out umbrellas from unexpected places, I’m with him. Where will it be from next?

Alicia Fox would be my guess.


Overall, worth a watch, especially for that main event.

Final thought

On 205 Live last week, Neville told WWE Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann, that he Begs To Differ.

Right and we can all remember how Chris Benoit dared his opponents to Prove Him Wrong.

And of course, Rick Rude’s finishing move was the Rude Awakening.

That’s right folks everywhere you look in wrestling, you’ll find references to the band Prong. Why? I don’t know, It’s just one of those strange natural phenomena that nobody can really explain.


K so ya still not convinced? Over in TNA you’ve got Abyss putting ’em down with the (Songs From The ) Black Hole Slam.

Other Prong albums include (2 Cold) Scorpio Rising, and Power Of The Damaja.


So now that you know, look out for more references to Prong in your favorite weekly wrestling show, new or old.


Until next time…

  • ILikeNeville

    I still have no idea what Alicia Fox is doing on 205 Live. Is it to attract female viewers who like Total Divas but don’t ordinarily watch wrestling? Weird.