Botchamania 334: You Just Made Schindler’s List

Thanks To…

Lucas Calhoun for the fabulous intro

Jesssberkowitz for the Owens/Reigns footage

KPnDC for the Braun entrance

TheGamingPrince for the Big Show, Mark Henry

Simão Machado for the Jimy Uso screenshot that I couldn’t find anywhere

Raymond Wong for the Rumble screen

hudsonhenriques for Eddie vs. Shin

Shawn Scoville and Gabo Suarez for Paul London breaking the ring

Hakz7 for the Seinfeld ending

Dave Claxton for HONK HONK

MCMathematik for nonono yeahyeahyeah

Leon Marsters for the Cesaro ending


We Love Burning Town by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

Enter Pony by Jonah Senzel (Pony Island)

Intro (SID Stereo) by Chris Grigg, David Lawrence (Maniac Mansion, C64)


I enjoyed the Rumble, karts and all

  • RedX0

    the royal Mario Kart

    • stephen mccord

      Big E theme should have been sweet sweat plains

  • ballz

    sorry it wasn’t funny to me but maybe it was that royal rumble was that good of ppv that not many botches occurred. keep up the amazing work.

  • Armando Payne

    What was the song you played with the cars?

    • Laurel Crown

      GAS GAS GAS – Initial D 5th Stage

      • Armando Payne

        Much Obliged

        • Laurel Crown

          You’re welcome ^^

  • Lord Beerus

    God, I marked out like a motherfucker with the Beyblade ending.

  • Keith Daniel Ritchie

    Loved the Karts part. lol

  • Laurel Crown

    I don’t understand why the commentators mentions HBK’s victory in ’95 but not Vince MacMahon in ’99 and Rey Mysterio’s in 2006.
    Even if they both entered in the ring as #2, they still endured an entire one-hour rumble from start to finish.

    • Ted

      Maybe Vince’s feels that him winning it once takes the shine off the Rumble or something not sure Vince is weird like that, as for Rey WWE and Rey aren’t on good terms right now (i know Vince was annoyed with him up to when Rey left) so they just dont bring up his Rumble win until Rey gets back on good terms with them.

      • Guest

        At the very least Rey’s knees are on good terms with him.

    • Cause they were referring to №1 only – they go by the numbers. 😛

    • FacelessSoul

      What everyone else mentioned + it was in HBK’s Hometown!

  • MaffewOfBotchamania

    what botch?

    • Gruntt

      When Styles counters Cena’s top rope leg drop. It looks a bit fucked at first.

  • tony

    15min vid with 4 minutes of lousy endings?! SEND FOR THE MAN

    • MaffewOfBotchamania


      • tony

        the Hindenburg was one of the all-time great botches

  • Ted

    That Cesaro ending was great and the Corbin one, wonder how it must of felt for the guys in the ring having to see a guy like Strowman or Big Show having to be brought down to the ring on the back of a golf cart with no roof.

    • I.R.Shnow

      It took me a while to get the Cesaro ending, fak the language barrier…

  • FacelessSoul

    Not sure if it’s something for this format but i stumbled upon some weird jap matches after looking up Kota Ibushi.
    For example this one:
    The whole match has super gay moves and at the 19:20 mark they start a kissing contest!
    Maybe it’s weird enough for a funny Botcha ending since it features a (more or less) current WWE Superstar?

  • ColeYote

    So… can we add “failed springboard double-leg takedown” to Johnny Mundo’s list of signature moves?

    • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

      A broken spear?

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

    I guess the premature bell ring on Sash Banks’ tapout to Nia Jax is in the next one.
    Also, when is Kiera Hogan gonna cameo in the Hulkster’s spot on the intro?

  • Amit

    What did Owens tell the fan? Heard “royalties” but nothing else

    • Brownie_the_3rd

      He was just bragging about how much more money he makes than the fan, with the royalties refering to money from t-shirt sales.

  • IDislikeFlu

    Best “honk honk” yet. XD

  • squiremarr_

    This is one the funniest Botchamanias yet. Kudos, Maffew.

  • Paul S

    It’s no surprise that the ring collapsed in that last one, seeing how it was made out of duct tape and garbage bags.

    • My best friend used to manage a Duane Reade and one night a large Caucasian gentleman informed him that the largest size of condom that they had on the shelves was not big enough and wanted to know if they had anything bigger.

      My friend responded: “We have duct tape and garbage bags”

  • Wow, that last one scared me too.

  • Pearl Propagandist Sheltie

    lol reignsfeld

  • MPT

    Where’s the audio in the first ending from?

  • SinBotcher

    Fuck, when did Morrison turn into Sabu?

  • Placid_Snake

    So, er… was there a reason for the karts? The WWE does know that being a super-heavyweight doesn’t prevent you from walking, right?

    • Redman

      They were probably worried about them being too slow on the 5K walk to the ring and didn’t want them to be lapped by the wrestler that entered next. Some of them do move pretty slow.

      Personally, I blame the stage designers.

  • PervyFatman

    Holy crap royal Mario kart and the beyblade ending where mint!
    Also I actually expected Tugboat on that last ending.

  • King Puma

    can someone explain to me the corpsing joke? i laugh everytime but i dont know the details

  • stephen mccord

    Those endings are gold. Roman Reigns one had me in tears. To whom it may concern, thank you for the contributions.

  • Oxycodone

    +1,000,000 to whoever made the Seinfeld/Roman ending!

  • MPT

    I still don’t know the audio from the Corbin ending