Botchamania 335: The Red Baron Corbin


Streamworks (Saliva Island) by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

Mamma Mia by Abba

Codename: RoboCod (SID Stereo) by Dale Johnstone (James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod, C64)

Keepin’ on the Path by Hironao Yamamoto, Shohei Bando, Kazuhiko Sawaguchi (Mario Party 2)

Thanks To…

Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith for the fabulous intro

Jimmy Smith for the Cole 2014 clip. Great recall mate.


every puro fan on Twitter for RPG Vice vs. TAKA

the socal person on FB for the XCW clip

stuffy macinnis for noticing Mauro react during Smackdown. Good eye mate.

Brandon Woolhouse for metal Charlotte

robert lucas for Homer watching Rumble

Stan The Dry Bear for more Honk Honk

El PlayVakero for the only Owens Jericho ending that wasn’t Titanic or depressing music


The Taz bit is from his podcast. Sorry, radio show.

Well I waited two weeks to see if the Nia Jax/Sasha bell ring was a storyline or something but WWE decided it wasn’t.

There’s been lots of spot-calling on WWE TV this past week but I try and make Botchamania variety so I only used the good ones.

There was a lot of Simpsons bits in this video. I’m bragging, not complaining.

  • Gian Maria Adamo

    At 6:46 is clearly Corey Graves talking, not Aries. [BOTCHAMANIA CHANT INTENSIFY]

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      eh, tomato tomato.

  • Fernando Silva

    Why is Kalisto in the intro??

    • /a/non

      because it’s not cool to use Adamle anymore… dude’s got legit dementia, it’s in poor taste to use him now

      • Especially as I heard he was in the early stages of it when he arrived in WWE and they used him as a joke when he was getting really sick. If they knew about it and took advantage of that. That was not cool. I used to laugh and cringe whenever Adamle was on WWE but now I feel bad. That shit wasn’t right.

        • John P. Hasson

          CTE is no joke. I agree with you. If WWE had any knowledge of his condition; their actions were deplorable. I honestly think that they thought he was just having a hard time and wanted to run with it (like they do with EVERYTHING).

          • It wouldn’t surprise me. This is Meekmahan-land. Be a Star my ass…..

      • Fernando Silva

        Now i get it, Thanks.

  • Lord Beerus

    The Jericho/Kevin Owens ending was more sad than funny. 🙁

    Plus, I can SO relate to the Homer Simpson ending. Right down to hitting my TV in anger.

  • MPT

    My Nelly idea got used 🙂

  • Mancomb Seepgood

    Really loving the shantae ost stuff.

  • MindlessGonzo

    I was waiting on a clip with Sam Roberts in it.

  • tony

    nothing makes me lol quite like watching a CZW guy dive onto a group of wrestlers, get caught by no one, and hit the floor HARD

  • Man, that Botchamania ending over the JBL trips made me laugh my ass off. Plus, those Rock toot-toots never get old.

  • André Snyde Lopes

    “Faaawwwwx…ing bullshit!”


  • AtaphiS

    Did you already forget the Facebook video where that ref explains that he doesn’t say “kick out” but “down”? I even think you recognized it on Twitter some time ago.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      No actually, would be worth watching.

      • AtaphiS

        Sorry mate, I’ve been looking for it for hours but couldn’t find it. I remember watching it from a Facebook Live video someone sent you via Twitter, and he explained that he shouts “down” to indicate he’s starting the count, I bet someone will find it if you ask it on Twitter.

  • Raymond Terry

    I just watached TNA this morning and was wondering what the reason was for the blurring. Contract stuff makes sense.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Excellent as always.

  • motorheadbanger

    I was hoping to see the “Festival of D-Bags” sign from Raw during the Festival of Friendship. Either way this was a classic edition. Keep up the great work!

  • Michael Remi Lew

    Never thought I’d see Jim Vance (D.C. news anchor) on botchamania.

  • Amit

    I’m dying, why did she sell it? Why?

    • Placid_Snake

      Seriously, if she didn’t, they could have played it off like it was a counter, but nope, not only did she just have to sell it, she did several seconds after the fact.

  • Tuan Kacang

    Umm, the german commentators said the ppv as elimination chamber…

    • It was the awkward delay that was the botch.

  • This was my favorite in a while. The Mauro stuff was gold.

  • ColeYote

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen something trigger a Botchamania chant *and* a holy shit chant before.

  • CelticsNextGeneration

    The runway model news clip with JBL was probably the best ending ever done, lmao

  • That was actually Tom who said “Wake up Mauro!”