Botchamania 336: Stephen King’s The Shining Wizard

Thanks To…

Lou King Sharp and his mate Kieran McCall for the fabulous intro

HEELFuZ for the clip of Christopher Saynt’s assistant falling during his entrance at ICW Square Go which ICW cruelly edited out of the On Demand bit

Jedras Ortman for the Maniac Zone Wrestling table bit. Czesc!

Kungfu_Grip for the WWE 2K17 glitch

Chris Holmes for the Public Enemy bit on Raw

Virginia Xavier for Bradshaw’s ”I was looking at internet porn the other day!” which I’m sure he’s loving now

DashingSoulJay for Boondock Ziggler

Pepepepepepe420 for Shrek Trumpet

BeAwesomeOne for we are NUMBER ONE


Robotnik’s Theme (Retro Remix) by JamesmanXtreme

Scorching Dunes (Sunburn Island) by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

Un-break My Heart by Toni Braxton

Wrong Enemy !? by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Here Comes the Hero (Stage 1 ) by Seiichi Fukami, Yuji Takenouchi, Junya Nakano, A. Hashimoto (X-Men, Arcade)


I bet WWE wishes Smackdown wasn’t so live now.

  • I’m a fan of updating the theme song since it’s been so long, but just adding the Lucha Thing clip without changing anything else kind of put the music out of sync and it bothered me.

    Probably a nitpick, but it is what it is!

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      I get you. I had to remove Adamle because of the news of his condition, but maybe it is time for a new one.

      • Ahh ok. I was trying to think if it was replacing something. Makes more sense now.

      • BrockRockCock

        NOOOO – that intro is f*cking awesome! it is like the hallmark of botchamania

      • Joey

        If I could make a suggestion for a new version, perhaps you could do something based off the 2007 Friday Night Smackdown intro? I always loved that one.

      • ViewtfulHero

        You’ve had the Forever intro, the old school Raw classic, the first Smackdown intro.

        …..Why not do a Nitro inspired intro?

  • ballz

    more shocking then the twitter messages from tom phillips it botchamania 337 caslevania symphony of the broken matt. love it keep making these and once again ill pay for it if i have to.

  • tony

    The Brood > Wyatt Family

    you all were THINKING it, I just had the guts to SAY it

    • TheLX

      honestly, the way the Wyatt Family was handled for all these years; a pack of dog treats > Wyatt Family

  • TokenCommenter

    i just got the closed umbrella joke. He’s saying he’s really skinny. Its still not funny.

    • Igor Popien

      Yeah but Jericho saved it right away with the ”DRINK IT IN MAAAAAAAAN”

  • Fernando Silva

    Your Spanish is on point Maffew!

  • Senor Pene

    omg the endings lol

  • MindlessGonzo

    “Shit, we came too short! Let’s call the thing a draw and hope nobody notices, and if they did, we’ll play dumb!”

  • Quarter Past Ten

    No Rock “Honk Honk” ending? T_T
    Great episode though.

  • Stephen Crane

    Because of this video I googled Katka Kyptova naked. I’m now typing with a braille keyboard.

    • ViewtfulHero

      Was it that bad?

      • Stephen Crane

        Yes. Fair warning, what has been seen cannot be unseen

  • JBL has shown more character growth in a month than he has since becoming the Florida Agricultural Group’s Man of the Year.

  • BillyBitchcakes

    That ending was fantastic

  • Glendalen Jacobs

    The Patriots lost? Really? I just hope Carmella wasn’t around during that Talking Smack…

  • Chronologo

    What? No Rock honk honk ending? I feel robbed… just kidding.

  • bossk

    That game looks shite compared to No Mercy.