Botchamania 337: Bam Bam Bigelow, Male Gigolo


Super Baz (In-Game) by Barry Leitch (Super Cars II)

Title Screen by Alberto Gonzalez (The Smurfs, Game Boy)

Thanks To…

The Rotation (and ACH) for the fabulous intro

LOST YOUR NAME for Kalisto. Sorry boss, send me a message

BulletClubItal for Briscoes in NJPW

Steve Bishop for the Ziggle suggestion

Ben Boone for LPW

Gabo Suarez for the weird 619

Dedy Silveria for the ending celeberation

Johnman McDunn for the table match

Jollytheoldsaint for Seth Freakin Rollins

WR1NetWork for the guy shouting FUCK YOU GOLDBERG

Jonclaw for Faith No More

DtotheOUG for the real-time Raw event


I’ve been hyped for Highspots releasing Masked Mania 2014 since it happened. Thanks Highspots, Christmas came early.

So yeah, Paige’s phone got hacked and a bunch of videos got released. I didn’t feel like making too many jokes about it because it’s a hell of a thing to happen to someone, plus I’m barely qualified to critique wrestling never mind personal lives. But at the same time this is a video series taking the piss out of wrestling moments so I had to do something. I showed a few people (some of them even women) the ending to see if it’s OK and they thought ”yeah could have been worse” so if you want worse, make your own joke.

Apologies for the huge delay, between going to Ohio and Germany for wXw and not a lot of botches happening on TV sometimes it’s better to wait rather than force it. Thanks for being patient.

I’ll be going to Wrestlemania and attending a bunch of stuff beforehand, including The Internet Darlings panel with some other people who shouldn’t be known.

Details are here:

  • Cam H Lynch

    Those JJBA endings made my week! Great stuff!

  • Jack Bibby

    pfft pfft I look just like hardcore holly


    Chris No More… loved it… oh, sorry, I mean… loved IT!!! :v

  • JoPo

    Completely forgot Fastlane happened until this video reminded me. All that progress and now I have to start over again! -_-

  • Tobaaarr

    The Seth Freakin’ Rollins ending had me friggin’ rolling on the floor… Hahahaha, get it? Because… My apologies.

    Props to you, Maffew, for the very minimum dig at the Paige incident.

    • jollytheoldsaint

      Maffew cut the Seth ending down a bit and popped in the “impact wrestling” dig (out of impact digging habit, I assume). Here’s my cut, for a couple extra frickins –

  • Ted

    The Buddy Holly ending and the wasted ending were great.

  • BrockRockCock

    Gold – always gold… love Botchamania

  • ViewtfulHero

    Sin Cara kicking Barrett in the balls, Ted DiBase being screwed over by the ref, Ezekiel Jackson being ignored.

    That last segment was hilarious

  • Edgar Velasco

    Alberto Jose Gonzalez did some amazing music for the gameboy

    • K-Krush’s Cake Rush

      BOMB JACK~!

  • markula

    I thought Big Show had abs now. Didn’t see them in that match with Rusev.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      he’s got abs immediately after a work-out in the gym, the same way everyone looks good after working out.

      Never trust gym selfies.

    • K-Krush’s Cake Rush

      Hey, where was Rusev at Wrestlemania anyway? Is he injured?

  • Wow, the endings were on point this episode. Shout outs to japanese text.

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube
  • tony

    Uncle Hunter’s Family Feedbag

  • Stephen Crane

    Nobody puts Patrick Swayze in a bad Pay Per View.

  • The quicktime event stuff at the end was amazing! LMAO!

  • Oh man, the Weezer “Hardcore Holly” part popped me huge! Wasn’t expecting that one bit!

  • AndrĂ© Snyde Lopes

    The first game soundtrack you used was fucking awesome.

  • Mancomb Seepgood

    Man this was one of the best batches of endings I can remember. Every one of them just made me bust a gut. Great work as always, Maffew.

  • TheCrankyCow

    2:45 kinda looks like KISS vs Skeletor

  • FancyJesse

    That ending segment with Cody was already in another video I believe.

    • ViewtfulHero

      If it you mean the match itself yes. The shoot that centers around the match? no.

  • motorheadbanger

    The celebration gone “awry”, we’ll say, made my week. Gravity turned heel on that fool. Great video and well worth the wait! Keep up the great work!

  • I.R.Shnow

    A proper burial for the “Honk Honk”…
    What was the Goldberg ending about? Language barrier makes hard to get all the jokes…

    • Placid_Snake

      “being salty” is a saying meaning “being angry about something”.

  • Tony Stark


  • Pearl Sheltie

    Kono Corbin da!

  • Max H

    Stunned you didn’t include the Mr Plow reference from SouthPaw Regional. They both used the KL5-3226 phone number.

  • G. Mad Spectre

    Not sure if this is the right way to go about it, but just whipped up a Botchamania ending proposal featuring everyone’s favorite trademarked team.

  • AwelCruiz

    This is the song written for SmackDown Live
    This is the feud, Baron and Dean.

  • stephen mccord

    I feel like the wasted ending should have been roman falling off the ramp.

  • Eternumblaze

    Besides that Creation of Kevin picture in golden frame. I’d pay top dollar to see a shirt with Baron Corbin on top of a steam roller making the Wryyy noise from Jojo!

  • Bushwhacker Puuuke

    I miss Hardcore Holly.

  • john

    Where was that happy days music video from? what song was it?

    • Rando

      Weezer – Buddy Holly

      • john

        Big thanks! đŸ˜€

  • K-Krush’s Cake Rush

    Oo-ee-oo, I look just like Hardcore Holly
    Oo-ee-oo, and you’re Mary Tyler Breeze.

    That can be his next cos-play once he’s finished being Brie-zy Bella, maybe.