Botchamania 339: Zack Sabre Wulf Jr.


“A + C” (Star Fox 64) by Tiago Rodrigues

Charlotte The Harlot by Iron Maiden

Fighting with All of Our Might (Traveller Battle) by Jake Kaufman Shovel Knight

Thanks To…

Dirty Dragan for the fabulous (and bizarre) intro

George from Macomb for Dustin Rhodes and the Hart Attacks

threeDel for the ropes and Damien Kane from the prestigious NWF

Colt Cabana for the cowboy with Beef Wellington and…that other guy

The Batiri & Keith Lee for letting me big them in Orlando

Jolly The Old Saint for Chicken Fucker

Michael Japinski for Always Sunny

Hakz7 for NERRRD ending

Godkarmachine for FORKLIFT ending

Nerdy Royalty for the Price is Right/Droz ending idea


It’s been two weeks since the last Botchamania which is usually long enough to leave a bucket out for botches to fall in but it’s been farly dry despite 9999+ hours of grappling watched. So had to dig out that copy of Women of Wrestling Unleashed 2000 I’d been saving for emergencies. The next one will be better, because it could hardly be worse.

Batiri are really cool guys. Apparently this was the first time they’ve been recorded without facepaint, so BOTCHAMANIA EXCLUSIVE. Also Keith Lee is really nice. ”I used to be an ultra-jock but then I discovered Final Fantasy.”

Also props to wXw’s Dirty Dragan who decided to wear his Kira from JoJo Part 4 outfit to the 16 Carat Gold tournament despite not being booked.

Akira Tozawa’s ”AHHHH” may replace Rock’s HONK HONK. Just kidding.

Harlot’s a bad word for a woman in England not sure if it elsewhere.

That’s the King of Fighters ’98 intro in the Wrestlemania XIV bit, which I didn’t realise is topical right now as the Nintendo Switch removed the ”MOTHERFUCKING SHIT” bit.

What else shall I type here errrr oh that’s John Clarke appearing when the ring ropes fall off, in tribute to the famous ”The Front Fell Off” sketch.

@WeaverDCPA also sent me the Forklift ending suggestion. Sadly when multiple people send the same idea (lots of MST3K fans out there) some get overlooked. Sorry Weaver!

  • Amanda White

    You should look up and use that Mr Saito Interview botch where he can’t headbutt and break the board (with Jesse and Mean Gene)

  • Amanda White
    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      OH THANK YOU, I know you (or someone else) sent me that but couldn’t find it. Spent a good half hour searching for AWA Christmas and stuff. Thanks Amanda!

    • “It’s strong like the japanesisziz are! Next one! Ah fuck…!”

  • CS 22

    It’s so weird seeing a Bret botch (two of them in the same move!). I know it’s basically Neidhart’s fault, but it’s still weird.

  • chero666
    • MaffewOfBotchamania


  • tony

    that half second of a CZW dude falling out of the ceiling through flaming tables absolutely made my day

  • That ending at King of the Ring where Ahmed opened the door and hit those 2 guys was hilarious.

    • Sardonic Manchild

      It’s even funnier knowing that the 2 guys he flattened are the Hardyz.

      • Oh yeah. I bet they got revenge on him and he’s now DELETED!!!!!!

  • Rinse Vusso

    Been watching these on YT, didn’t even know there was a website for them. Question, are all 3 clips on this page identical, or is the YouTube one lacking in scenes due to rights management? Is it always preferable to go DailyMotion first?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      All 3 videos are the same but YT has to be framed-in-frame to get around copyright issues. I’m recommend Vimeo and Dailymotion at this point.

      • Rinse Vusso

        Why do copyright holders only care about YouTube, though? I never understood that.

        • MaffewOfBotchamania

          YouTube big, DM & Vimeo small.

  • Damn, Selina Major’s opponent was THICC.

    • I did my research. Thug did not age well.

  • MaffewOfBotchamania

    What, ten minutes isn’t enough?

    • Ronan Walsh

      Whole ep used to be like 6 mins max, I think the newer format is extremely generous! @MaffewOfBotchamania:disqus you keep on doing good Botcha things.

  • Stephen Crane

    Dirty Dragan needs to be pushed as the heir apparent to the Iron Sheik.

  • ViewtfulHero

    Harlot’s a bad word for a woman in England not sure if it elsewhere.

    It used to be a bad term here in the states.

  • Leo Grant

    What was that weird video in one of the endings where a guy falls from the ceiling onto a flaming table?

  • Garthantash

    I love it when you do John Clarke references. RIP

  • JoPo

    Women of Wrestling? Forgot that was a thing!

    WOW! Did that suck!

  • Alex Schön König

    You should start uploading Botchamania on

  • Raymond Terry

    Hilarious use of Dean’s botch

  • Sir Pharlz

    RIP John Clarke