Botchamania 341: Hacksaw Jim Dum Dum Dugan

Thanks To…

Thumbtack Jack for the fabulous intro

Crimsondevices for the live crowd at Payback

TheWrestlingTimeMachine for Booker T angry

Joshua Miller for the bad match

CL Volino for the Hogtown clip

Michele Lupo for the bad dive

Henrik BΓΌchmann for the push

Wayne Kavanagh for William Eaver bringing the house down

Raymond Wong for the Three’s Company match

TheWCWFeed for the Mean Gene clip

Dave Barton and many others for suggesting Lou Albano vs. donut

Smarkmouth for the Benny Hill ending

Hakz7 for the HONK HONK

Justin Hullinger for the Star Wars thing


Ghost Fight by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Trip through Sequin Land by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

Stage 3-3 by Chris HΓΌlsbeck (Mega Turrican)


Payback 2017 had a good first half then fell off a cliff from the House of Horrors match onwards. I don’t mind Wyatt having spooooky powers, I mind it being boring to watch (for the live crowd and TV audience). Also Orton being the one with the ability to teleport to the arena is stupid, but I would have accepted Wyatt doing it because he’s the spoooooky one. At least stick to the correct bullshit.

Oh and we’re supposed to be cheering Roman again apparently. So what was the whole Undertaker feud and post-feud for then? I don’t want to be a ”rebel” booing the goodies and cheering the baddies but it’s hard to when WWE can’t get their shit together and decide what they want.

Apparently the same crowd who sang the Saved By The Bell and Three’s Company also sang The Brady Bunch, but I’ve watched it twice and it must have been quiet as I can’t hear it.

The Muraco/Albano donut clip is another beauty of a clip I’m pretty sure I haven’t used but it’s a classic.

”Buuut!” is from SNK’s Neo Geo Cup ’98: The Road to the Victory and thought it’d be better than a long BACK AND TO THE LEFT bit. It’s french for ”goal” apparently.

Thumbtack Jack is a very nice man, happy to finally meet him while I was in wXw for 16 Carat, still dressed bartender-smart.

Thanks for watching as always, feel free to comment what you’d like fixing. As long as it’s not ”less video game music” or ”less Shantae music” as that will do nothing.

  • tony

    when that dude in the ladder match yanked out part of the ceiling…..that’s like Buster Keaton slapstick right there….hilarious

  • MPT

    Where’s the Invader Zim music from?

  • LuisBarrage .

    What is the context about that instagram thing?

    • Tom Phillips sent some texts that were made public as he’s engaged as it’s revealed that he’s got a mistress and got caught.

      • LuisBarrage .

        Fucking hell, this WWE locker room has more activity than Brazzers

        • Yeah, it’s a very fucked-up place although it shouldn’t be surprising considering that it’s run by a man with a hard-on for big-buff dudes.

  • Otunga is a movie star? What has he been in? Crap straight-to-DVD films from WWE? Come on!!!!!! I don’t blame Booker for getting pissed and wanting to slap the shit out of Michael Cole. That ladder spot is hilarious.

    • Catherine Bouey

      I didn’t really get the context of the comment or Booker’s supposed anger towards it.

      Otunga’s also not much a movie star dude’s a former reality TV star that somehow married a famous singer.

      • I think it had to do with Cole comparing Booker to someone as untalented and as unproven like Otunga who was shit in the ring and certainly couldn’t commentate for shit.

        • Catherine Bouey

          To be pretty fair Booker was so-so in the ring and…..not very good at commentary himself.

          • How can you be so-so when you were a multi-time WCW TV/World Champ as well as being King of the Ring in one of the greatest gimmicks ever? What did Otunga accomplished in the ring other than being a tag champ with Cena where Cena did all of the work?

          • Catherine Bouey

            How can you be so-so when you were a multi-time WCW TV/World Champ

            Becoming a multi-time champion doesn’t exactly mean you’re the best wrestler much less one of the best wrestlers in the sport I could throw up numerous examples of guys who were multi time champions in spite of being sub-par or downright awful in the ring.

            as well as being King of the Ring

            You know who else was King Of The Ring?….Mabel

            in one of the greatest gimmicks ever?

            More like one of the most divisive gimmicks ever but I digress.

            What did Otunga accomplished in the ring other than being a tag champ with Cena where Cena did all of the work?

            Ummmm I didn’t imply in anyway Otunga was somehow better than Booker. What I did say is that Booker wasn’t much better himself at some of the same things as Otunga.

            So I don’t know what’s the purpose of the question.

          • You called Booker a so-so wrestler. That is so wrong. The man is good at what he does in the ring. He’s an OK commentator but he shouldn’t be compared to someone who botched a fucking pinfall. Who the fuck does that aside from Allbotcheverything and a Funkadactyl?

          • ViewtfulHero

            but he shouldn’t be compared to someone who botched a fucking pinfall. Who the fuck does that aside from Allbotcheverything and a Funkadactyl?

            How do you get comparing him to Otunga from “to be fair Booker’s not that better”

          • Epilef

            You may not like Booker T, but that man’a talent can be ignored.
            His technique was nothing glorious, but was spot on, and he also had great charisma

          • ViewtfulHero

            Oh he has Charisma (eventhough WWE didn’t care about that initially at the start of his 1st run in WWE.) though that charisma doesn’t make his commentary any more coherent or fun to listen to at times.

          • Epilef

            Yeah, you’re right

          • IWC=Jindered_Triggered

            I suggest you watch his matches against Benoit, and rick Martel. That tells you how good he was.

          • Catherine Bouey

            I sure hope the ones with Rick Martel don’t include the one where he injured Martel throwing him into the ropes.

          • ReinEngel

            Booker was not “so-so” in the ring… he’s one of the better workers of his generation.

  • Kerry Fuller

    That’s the way, we all became the BRADY Bunch!

  • Jagvinder Sian

    Seeing Graves lose it after giving Phillips shit is amazing.

  • Adrian George Nicolae

    Well, you know, El Generico did a similar thing to William Eaver at a PWG event.

  • Stephen Crane

    Me-sa So Honry Miss Portman. Me-Sa want to do you Kosher style.

  • Abadede in the intro made me lose my shit! SoR2 GOAT

  • Who would ever comment “less Shantae music” or “less Undertale music”? Both games are prime for the picking and fucking awesome.

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m glad Felipe had a sense a humor bout “the flight risk” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  • Daniel Gibbons

    “like a ton of pricks”, haha

  • Pearl Sheltie

    The more JJBA endings, the better, I say.

  • Dave Barton

    Alright, I’ve got my 15 seconds of fame for the Albano/Muraco clip!

    And in other news, who was the blonde chick who announced Razor as the International champion?

  • bossk

    Anime was a mistake.

  • Mr. Postman

    It made me sad to see Rey Mysterio screw up a 619.