Botchamania 343: Street Fighter II Tommaso Ciampaship Edition


Race Results by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing DS)

Results (Vs. Mode) by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3)

My Bad by Rayvon

We Fly High by Jim Jones

The Eliminator (Gladiators UK)

Rave in the Grave (Zombie Island) by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

Thanks To…

Da Mack for the fabulous intro

Just Syc for the John Morrison fan cam clip

KiKrusher99 for the guy flopping

Nick Mann for Mad Dog Mcrea falling

Anthony Lindsay for another crazy Aussie

Kurtomato for Leatherface

Uzigunner, Jax Jordan and ryryrizzldizzl for the three camera angles of the same table. Must have been working as a team.

Cory Kiryu for the JLA ending

covertimepete for the Family Guy ending


Well YouTube let me upload the video windowed OK, but I had to remove some of the Backlash/WWE UK clips if I did it with a black background. So take your pick. It’s full-screen on Vimeo and Dailymotion though.

As Jack Boliver pointed out, the J.R. ”the fans in Birmingham” clip is probably him talking about…the fans in Birmingham and not Norwich. A bunch of people requested it though, proof not everyone should be listened to. My bad.

There’s a few clips (like Matt Hardy vs. Miz from Raw) that I couldn’t fit in this week. Just as well this show is regular. There wasn’t enough botch for last friday’s instalment but then you wait a week and WOOSH botches everywhere.

D’OH I MISSED is Wario’s failure noise from Mario Party

NO DIVE! NO DIVE? is a parody/homage/idk of the message that appears when you put a game into Sonic & Knuckles to capitalise on the Rip Rogers/Randy Orton Twitter post. It’s been a week since he posted it so nearly everyone’s moved on now so we’ll see if it shows up again.

”Booker T turns into a NPC” a NPC is a None Playable Character, one of those guys that has one line of dialogue. So yeah now the joke makes sense.

CUT HIM OFF AT THE PASS is from Blazing Saddles. No, it wasn’t a botch by Nigel McGuinness I just love Blazing Saddles. Nigel continues to be maybe the best commentator in WWE IMO.


Dolph Ziggler said in a pre-match dialogue with AJ Styles ”I’m the only man in this MITB match who has won the match and cashed in” which is right, don’t know why they felt the need to fuck it up by adding ”only man on Smackdown Live” to it.

Miz/Finn Balor ending audio is from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged which was a cool, new series last time I checked.

There’s currently so many WWE PPVs/Network Specials that it’s turning into a blur, so I only remember the main event of NXT Takeover, Styles vs. Owens and Dunne vs. Bate. And there’s another PPV/Network Special this weekend too! Christ.

Oh and I’m sure someone will ask and make me feel old: ”why Stevie Richards instead of Chris Benoit in the ending” Richards replaced Big Show in WWF No Mercy 64 so some old friggers jokingly refer to Richards replacing Benoit in wrestling history. Others use Hardcore Holly but Richards is my boy (trademark OSW Review).

  • Collecting My Thoughts

    Thanks for another great one. That Rick and Morty ending had me dying! 😀

  • Jack Boliver

    The Dan Moloney thing wasn’t a botch. JR was saying that people from B’Ham watching the show would be happy to see Dan wrestle since that is where he is from.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      eh, you’re probably right. a bunch of people asked for it to be included which proves democracy sucks.

      luckily, I have to cut it out of the YT version for it to be uploaded.

  • SomeInternetGuy


    Also, that women’s cage match botch was hilarious.

    • Epilef

      The four stooges, maybe?

  • MPT

    About time we have a Baby Sinclair ending

  • tony

    wow, we’re at #343 and there are STILL Sabu botches yet to be uncovered!

    • Epilef

      Sabotchamania is runnig wild

  • ballz

    american males on botchamania again can’t get enough of them well at least there themesong.

  • MindlessGonzo

    I thought I noticed sawdust from the ladders on NXT. Missed that match but I caught the replays where they showed sawdust coming out of the ladders.

  • DrLetzShake

    7:20 – kane marks out like an over-caffeinated 8 year old

  • Deibu Arekusanda

    can someone help me figure out what is the original song to the remix we heard right a the begining even before the botchamania roll out?

    *the mystery box song* (what song they used as inspiration or they had remix) because i swear that i know this song (in is orignal state but can’t figure it out 😛 )

    the guitar and overall intro song ,i sweard it is a remix of a song that i know but can’t figure out where i’ve heard the original 😛

    Maffew!, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for all these year of entertaining ,i swear that it is almost 15 year i’m following you (i’m now 29 and pretty sure i i was arround 16to19 years old when i first came across one of your botchamania on youtube 🙂 i’ve lost track sadly over year in my mind i was not aware that your account as been closed so i was so happy when a day i’ve seen one of my friend watching botcha mania 133 when i’ve enter his home, i was like where the fuck have you find these?

    he tell me that you had a new account on youtube 😛 (my years could be wrong i remember i was in my teenage ages, *i said 15 years probably i’m wrong , but i will say more realisticly 10 years 😛

    you are easier to follow since facebook exist 😛 ,but anyway just to let you know that i really love your stuff and will never thank you enought 🙂 all the great evening i had with my friend watching stuff and your botchamania among other thing

    since the day my friend told me about the new account (i’ve rewatch every damn episode, and never miss one since if i miss one, trust me that i will watch it as soon as i’m aware of it 😉

    (english is not my main language please excuse my writting if some of my sentence don’t make any sense or is hard to read 😉 )

    but among other thng get to my initial question, can some one help me with these damn song 😉 😛

    have a nice day/evening everyone 🙂

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      Thank you pal, much love and all that

  • James BC

    Particularly good Botchamania, this one.

  • Armando Payne

    I loved the Vince Russo-esque swerve of having a Canadian’s theme start only to get undercut by AMERICAN MALES AMERICAN MALES AMERICAN MALES.

  • LuisBarrage .

    But did you know you looking real jacked?

  • Clint Williams

    I could swear I heard that Eliminator song used for some NWA events in the 80s but maybe I’m thinking of a different song

  • TheoKrause

    Don’t you forget to add JBL. I am surprised that the man omit Botchamania.

  • Leo Grant

    Funny the smarks can get over Rip Roger’s comments but yet still can’t get over Punk taking his ball and going home.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      …are you arguing with yourself or was there a load of comments here

      • Leo Grant

        Nah just snarking on the babies still holding a torch for Punk while marking out for the shit Rogers cited in his comments.

        • MaffewOfBotchamania

          what’s Punk got to do with Rogers. I’m confused.

          • Leo Grant

            No I was just pointing out how everyone moved on from Roger’s comments but yet we still have to hear them annoying ass chants which we’ve had to hear for about 4 years now?

            And people aimlessly trying to justify people doing it with the lamest of reasons.

  • Misa

    That Justice League ending had me weak

  • JoPo

    I can’t listen to Bruce Pritchard without hearing instances of Brother Love still

    • TH Ska

      don’t put a t in his name, man.
      Also, best Botchamania of the last 20 years, easily.
      Keep it upwards, Mad Maffew.

  • Robert Render

    Is there a way we can submit, or recommend endings?

    If so … how?

  • George-Daniel

    littlekuriboh at the end xD

  • raVen ™

    The Stevie Richards pics after Crispens music…. Well done! That shit is hilarious

  • Wise & Wicked

    The first time I saw those four women stumbling around and no selling forearms, I didn’t even see the other one on top of the cage. 😐