Any true fan of this great sport – call it sports entertainment, call it wrestling – knows that its ties to politics go back far.

Vote Labour
“Honest Abe” once teamed with a young Dutch Mantell, fact fans!

Why, Abraham Lincoln used to wrestle! He was known to be a great grappling fan. If he had gone to more house shows and less theaters, history would have been very different.

Tomorrow is the UK General Election. All across Britain, voters will be going to the polls to determine who will be the new General Manager of the Britain brand.

Both of these guys talked about running for President. They’d have been a much better reality, don’t ya think?

The WWE and politics have an obvious connection. We all know how Donald Trump has worked with WWE going back at least as far as Wrestlemania IV! Clearly, the world’s biggest sports entertainment company know a thing about spotting a potential winner.

Case in point, Baron Corbin.

a.k.a. Leo from Twin Peaks and Kevin from F Is For Family.

It is probably too early to say whether or not Jeremy Corbyn will, one day, become a baron. But the WWE have clearly made their prediction. Much as Corbyn is considered an outsider in politics, just as Corbin is the “Lone Wolf”. They each provide a threat to the establishment, in their own ways. And both are clearly destined for greatness.

Don’t think it’s possible? Hey, anything is possible in the WWE! Just ask Triple H!

Helmsley’s work as one of the British Blue Bloods in WCW was 90% stolen off THIS GUY.

Of course, Corbin and Corbyn are spelled differently. This is to avoid another copyright infringement case like that whole Hulk Hogan headache with Marvel. WWE have frequently made very minor adjustments to the names of their WWE superstars to avoid these kinds of trademark problems. Case in point, Road Dogg. He was named Jesse Jammes, because y’know, Jesse James. And look at him now! Helping make WWE Smackdown Live! probably the best gosh darn sports entertainment show on the planet, every week!

So, if you are able to vote tomorrow, please stop and spare a thought for every British wrestler who has ever had to go to hospital to receive care, after injuring themselves in the ring, entertaining you. That wrestler will have received care from the NHS or National Health Service. A service which is under grave threat from the Conservative government currently in power. If you have ever been entertained by British wrestling or British wrestlers, please vote Labour to help keep your favourite British wrestling superstars healthy.

— Tony Benn, pictured here cos-playing as Aiden English.


  • Nice piece!

    I don’t usually support the red brand (or the blue brand for that matter), but I’m happy to have backed Corbyn today.

    I try and avoid the big parties generally as I’d rather not make a choice in picking the lesser of two evils, but I don’t think he’ll shit on everything as much as other potential leaders from Labour would do and I believe that if given the chance, he’ll produce some good results.

    It won’t be an insta-fix by any means, but let’s just see what happens.

    Positive thinking and fingers crossed!

    • Bushwhacker Puuuke

      “It won’t be an insta-fix by any means, but let’s just see what happens.

      Positive thinking and fingers crossed!”

      Quoted for truth! That’s nicely put my good dude.

  • Oppressed Kekistani

    quit shilling. Corbyn is a Marxist. needs to be buried.