Botchamania 347: BRAUUUUUUUN In The USA


Attack on Titan Opening 1

Ripper Roo Boss by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy)

VS Championship by Eike Steffen (Dyna Blaster, Amiga)

This Is Gospel by Panic! At The Disco

Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder

Don’t You Just Know It by Huey P. Smith

Thanks To…

Keith Lee for the fabulous intro

megedangerously for suggesting The Thick Of It’s I Am Bent scene to be mixed with (GR)EAT BALLS

Mark Redhead for noticing Reigns telling Braun to not pin him

Gabo’s Podcast for Johnny Mundo

Jazzercide for the MGS5 ending

OG_Whiz for Kevin’s belt/title ending

Eric Z. Harris Spongebob

Codster9 for a returning Pokemon ending


My puro-loving mate offered to watch NJPW G1 USA for me then avoided me for a week, presumably because he gave up. I don’t blame him. I know there’s going to be HEY JIM ROSS IS A LEGEND FUCK YOU comments but it’s as much NJPW (and WCPW and WOS)’s fault for thinking Jim Ross is going to be as good as he was in 1999 for a company he’s unfamiliar with first time around. Josh was a bit better but he couldn’t hide his utter boredom during The Young Bucks’ matches

The Artie Lange suck bit is him ranting about Eric The Actor’s American Idol show. Any execuse to get Artie or Eric on this show

PWG’s bell-ringer has done that before so I assume he/she sucks

Apaprently Roman Reigns’ theme being the same as Tazz’s is well-known…but fuck ’em I just heard about it

List Of Companies Featured And Where To Find Them…

WWE have a Network which is still $9.99

NJPW World is now available on Amazon Fire devices and it luckily has optional Japanese commentary

AIW have an Archive of all their shows which should go well with their kick-ass podcast

Gabo’s Podcast (the guy who filmed the Mundo clip)

  • greg quiles

    a wild roman has appeared, lol not bad but could use more scott steiner. 1st you take him out of the intro now he is exiled to what, being a segment scott was great with his math and promos, 66 and 2 thirds chance is great odds against brock lesnar. regardless love the show.

    • Leo Grant

      He has two special episodes dedicated to him on top of all his appearances in like the first 300 episodes it’s not like he’s hurting for exposure.

      • greg quiles

        how dare you say that you can never get enough scott steiner, taken out of botchamania opening now wasn’t even mentioned after his match at slamaversary. sad day scott steiner RIP when it comes to botchamania. sad face. col crying out loud.

        • Leo Grant

          Well he’s not Sabu.

          • greg quiles

            yeah but in the mount rushmore of botchamania , shockmaster, sabu, machoman, steiner.

          • Leo Grant

            I’d have Hogan, Sabu, Jim Ross, & Sin Cara up there.

          • greg quiles

            on botchamania really.

  • tony

    there’s an alternate universe where Keith Lee stayed in ROH and his tag team with Shane Taylor became the greatest tag team in wrestling history……I want to live in that universe

  • MPT

    What movie is the scene from the Boogeyman ending from as well as the credits ending?

    • Armando Payne

      Only the greatest Action Movie ever released John Wick.

      • Leo Grant

        Well sure if you exclude Die Hard, Police Story, Demolition Man, True Lies, Speed, The Matrix and a few others.

        • Armando Payne

          Damn yeah sorry 4th greatest after Die Hard, Demolition Man and Crackerjack 2.

      • MaffewOfBotchamania

        No, that’s not The Raid

        • Armando Payne

          Christ yeah, The Raid is fucking dope, I don’t know how I can forget about that.

    • UnderbaraSverige

      John Wick and the villian died in cancer in real life 🙁 and that is sad he wasn’t that old.

  • OMG…. that Shockmaster bit w/ The Young Ones killed me. And yes, Roman is an idiot and so is the WWE for trying to make the children think he’s a babyface when he just tried to kill someone for being a sore loser.

    • Leo Grant

      I don’t really reconcile that as him being a sore loser but getting payback for what Strowman did the last time Roman was put into an ambulance before this.

      I mean hell Austin once dropped Triple H from a crane inside of car (I believe) as payback for having Rikishi run him down and nobody lost their shit over it.

      • True but but Strowman wasn’t trying to kill but really injure the pussy. What Roman did was full-on attempted murder and yet, WWE still wants to treat him like a babyface because Meekmahan is a stupid out-of-touch old cunt.

        • Leo Grant

          Even if Strowman’s intent wasn’t to kill him looking at it from a more realistic view he could’ve ended his career so of course hurt feelings….and not unlike the stuff Austin got away with while being a babyface.

          • Yeah but that was because the Man w/ 3 Hs was someone we all hated and were willing for Austin to do anything to kick that dufus’ ass. The difference was that Austin was loved no matter what he does while Roman is just someone the fans are forced to like as he acts like a little bitch all because he lost a match fair and square. Fuck that Samoan sissy. I could kick his ass.

          • Leo Grant

            Yeah but that was because the Man w/ 3 Hs was someone we all hated and were willing for Austin to do anything to kick that dufus’ ass.

            Gee wonder what Lita & Stacy Keibler did to have Austin drop them with stunners as neither paid anyone to run Austin over or ever screwed him out of the Championship.

            The difference was that Austin was loved no matter what he does while Roman is just someone the fans are forced to like

            …If a substantial number of people hate him (which they have for like the last 3 years) they can’t be “forced” to like him.

            Fuck that Samoan sissy. I could kick his ass.

            Is that before or after you go upside his head with a replica MITB briefcase 🙂

          • I don’t need a fucking briefcase. Plus, I’m not a sheep unlike the rest you of WWE Universe cunts. BAH!!!!!

          • Leo Grant


  • markula

    Why is there always Pokemon endings? If I wanted to watch the same thing over and over again I’d watch RAW.

    • Codster9

      The last Botchamania to feature a Pokémon ending was Botchamania 312. Over a year ago.

      • markula

        So imagine how sick I am of them that it still feels like they appear all the time.

        • Codster9

          I respect your opinion. See you in a year.

    • I.R.Shnow

      Fuck the haters. Love Pokemon endings.

      • markula

        Fuck the losers who still like Pokemon. Grow the fuck up.

        • Chillum

          What a hot take

  • MJA

    To be fair to Josh I can’t blame him for being bored during the Middle-aged bucks’ matches. They’re the wrestling equivalent of polio. Anyway great video as always.

  • MindlessGonzo

    Roman Reigns: So despised, no one would compose a theme so he stole one.

    • Leo Grant

      Well he wouldn’t be first wrestler to jack another wrestler’s theme.

      • MindlessGonzo

        I’m curious now. Know any other theme jacking?

        • Kurt Angle. Hulk Hogan. Brodus Clay.

        • Leo Grant

          Goldberg’s theme was originally Pat Tanaka’s
          Laycool’s theme was originally Torrie Wilson’s
          Brodus Clay’s theme originally Ernest Miller’s
          Real American was used for Mike Rotunda & Barry Windham years before it was given to Hogan

          And Orton ahad The Fire Burns years before they gave it Punk (though he only used it one time).

          • Bushwhacker Puuuke

            Kurt Angle’s theme was originally The Patriot’s.

            I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard the first theme of Steve Blackman, and the Hardy Boyz theme used as generic background music, in fact I think I heard the Hardy Boyz theme used on Nitro around 1998.

            I’m half-convinced that if you took slowed down Seth Rollins’ theme it is Ryback’s theme, but I’ve not tested it out.

          • Leo Grant

            More you know.

        • One of Christian’s themes was previously stock music, as I remember WWE using it for one of those Promotion and Random ‘Notable’ Clip of the Week deals:

  • Loved the Bushwhacker bit!

  • No one

    NJPW looked like absolute amateurs there.
    Actually more like TN- sorry, GFW.

  • UnderbaraSverige

    Pokemon thing always make me laugh.

  • bossk

    Young Ones ending made me cum in delight.

  • Gunnar Schachtner

    To be fair, I’m pretty certain “Big Ass” is something they go for with Collin Cassidy. Remember his tights that said “Big cAss”?

  • The Man That You Fear

    The ref was right in the Hardy Boyz vs Sheamus & Cesaro, the first time he put his hand down was to check if the shoulders were on the mat so it was only a two count.