NXT August 16th 2017

Special NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III weekend news preview edition!

G’day! Thanks for reading, you’re a peach.

There’s a point in time, it’s usually around June / July, when a kind of post-Wrestlemania fatigue can set in.

With the WWE alone producing around a day of sports entertainment every week, it can get a little difficult at times to keep up with it all.

But this weekend is the hottest 48 hours of the summer! Not only is tomorrow WWE Summerslam, but as I write, it is the 19th of August and tonight is NXT TakeOver Brookyn III!

So let us help get you ready for NXT to take over your T.V., with a quick rundown of this week’s NXT on the WWE Network.

It’s still so great to see Mauro Ranallo is back on play-by-play, here in NXT. He’s joined by Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness.

In the ring is William Regal, who is becoming quite the silver fox!

Ember Moon comes out, joined by NXT Women’s Champion Asuka.

Ember Moon tells it to Asuka straight. Asuka has had to use shortcuts every timme she’s faced Moon. She is the one woman who Asuka does not intimidate and cannot beat in a fair fight, she reckkons.

Asuka gets on the mic and throws some straight Japanese fire down on Ember.

“Fighting words from champion”, reckons McGuinness. Probably. Or maybe Asuka just really wants her Loverboy album back.

The contract is signed – the match is on for this Satuday (tonight)!

Why this match is going to kick ass:

Every time Asuka gets into the ring, especially to participate in a TakeOver, it has been something special. Ember Moon is nearly as exciting to watch. Some would argue maybe just as exciting or more. Either way, if the two women go out there and throw everything that they have at each other, it could be the fight of the night!

After the contract is signed, we cut back to Regal who is now back in his office. He’s in the middle of an anecdote about Robert Plant! I can’t tell if his story is a hit, or if it’s going down like a lead balloon…

Pictured: the history of the XFL.

Lars Sullivan comes in to talk, but we’re distracted – Regal has his brass knuckles, specially mounted on a little plinth there in his office. That little nugget of joy is going to keep me warm all week.

Regal warns Sullivan not to keep beating up his tag-team partners, neither in the ring nor the locker room nor anywhere else in the building! They have a match later tonight…

Among the vignettes previewing TakeOver, we see glimpses of Aleister Black and Hideo Itami.

They face off in a singles match on Saturday! I must admit, I don’t quite remember why. When last I saw Hideo Itami, he had just shocked the NXT massses by turning on Kassius Ohno when the two of them were facing off against Sanity.

Nobody delivers a GTS quite like Hideo Itami, but he gave as many as three to Ohno, including one on those cold, unforgiving, Presbytari… I mean, those cold and unforgiving steel steps. Yowch!

Why this match is the bout which Vinnie is most looking forward to:

I don’t really know what to expect of Itami now that he has decided to follow his darker impulses. Aleister Black is himself a rather morbid individual. When you have both men colliding, it could spell doom for either one.

What we are hoping to see, is both men going out there and trying to steal the show. They’ve got the potential, I think they’ve got the motivation to do it – it should be a cracker!

Then out came Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford a.k.a. the Street Profits. They fought Lars Sullivan and Chris Silvio.

The Profits make short work of Silvio, much to the dismay of Lars Sullivan. He doesn’t even tag in, he just watches unhappily as Chris Silvio falls to the combination spinebuster / frog-splash of the S.P.s.

He’s real big and he’s an asshole but he’s not even the biggest asshole named Lars.

Hey, that’s a sweet finishing move for this team! Shows off the power of Dawkins and lets Ford pick up the glory of the win. Niiice.

As an aside: have you ever seen the match between Paul Roma and Alex Wright at WCW Superbrawl V? No? Oh, that’s really something. Get on that! That’s what the WWE Network is for!

Anyway, after the match, Lars Sullivan carries his partner outside and deposits him in the trash. Rubbish? No, he really did that!

Next up, Ruby Riot fought Billie Kay.

Ruby and Billie fought an energetic if slightly awkward match. Didn’t flow so great in parts, it has to be said. But hey, what do I know.

Despite the best efforts of Peyton Royce on the outside to help her partner Billie Kay, nonetheless, Ruby Riot picked up the win after a bicycle kick.

Ruby’s okay, but we gotta say, we love to hate those mean girls Billie and Peyton.

Another match that we’re looking forward to seeing is when the NXT Tag Team Championship is defended by the Authors Of Pain!

Akam and Rezar are going to defending against two of the members of Sanity. I believe it will be Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain*, who will be representing Sanity in their bid to capture their first taste of NXT gold.

Why Joan thinks this match could be the sleeper hit of the night:

Both of us are suckers for watching a team go to work in the ring. Under the guidance of Paul Ellering, the champions have been filling the book of pain with page after page of battered, bruised opponents left along in their wake.

We’ve seen teams like #DIY fall to the Authors. Will Sanity fare any different?

Maybe. Alexander Wolfe impresses me every time I see him in the ring. Killian Dain is a monster, and could be exactly the kind of roadblock that gives Akam and Rezar writer’s block.

(They’re authors.)

Drew McIntyre‘s theme is fantastic. I can’t tell if I hate it or love it, it’s just so damn noisy and dissonant. Perfect for going into battle!

Anyway, I liked Drew the last time around. He walked really slowly, how could you not want to watch that? Glad he’s “McIntyre” again now too, Drew has a fine name.

Here, he faced Roderick Strong in a great T.V. match. Both look like superstars and Roderick in particular makes Joan very happy indeed to watch.

Mauro and McGuinness are really trying to get ‘behoove’ over, on commentary. Stop trying to make behoove happen, it’s not gonna happen.

Strong controls most of the match, not letting McIntyre ever get on a roll. But before we can find out who would win, we don’t get a clean finish, as Bobby Roode turns up to give a beat down to Doctor Dre(w). The NXT faithful boo the shit out of me, and quite rightly, that was a cheap shot.

But come Saturday (still tonight!), Roode is going to have to face McIntyre in a fair fight.

Why that match is going to be a great main event:

Drew McIntyre is the prodigal son. He still has a lot to prove, to himself and to NXT. He and Bobby Roode have both done their time together in TNA, each guy knows the other.

Bobby Roode however is the king of NXT and he has every intention to keep things that way. He’s going to be bringing his ‘A’ game to stop Drew, to show that it’s his kingdom, realm to control. So we’ve got two talented guys who have everything to fight for. That’s gonna be a great watch!

You know, some might say that in some ways it’s kind of sad to see the stars, the future of one company headlining a show for another organisation. The “What Ifs?” are easy.

But screw that! It’s hard not to think that everyone has got exactly what they deserve, from Drew and Bobby getting a chance to shine here, to all of the other talent elsewhere who are getting their time in the spotlight as a result.

And so, what we the fans ares surely going to be getting tonight, is a fantastic show. The stars of Summerslam, like any WWE PPV following a TakeOver, are gonna have their work cut out.

That was a pretty good edition of NXT. The commentary of Percy Watson was particularly entertaining to Joan tonight and the action of the main event in particular, was a treat for us both.

We hope you enjoy NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III. Thanks for reading, see some another time!