Botchamania 351: Neville Went Down to Georgia


Danger on the Dance Floor (Mini Boss Theme) by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Ripper Roo Boss by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy)

Frank by Matt Furniss (Street Racer)

Thanks To…

Diamond Desk Ruggs and Bonsall St Bomber for the fabulous intros

Sean Reznikk for sending the clip of himself in. Or rather on Reddit. Enjoy the gold and bad neck.

working punch for the butt fumble.

fr00ty for being a dick.

Marcus ”IWA-MS Elbow Guy” Everett for filming and sending his side of the story. I couldn’t use the clip by itself because jesus it’s brutal.

No, he isn’t related to Andrew Everett.

Harry Aaron for the Killers ending.

Power2TheSmarks for the David S. Pumpkins ending.

Luke Lennon for the Buried Corbin ending.


Fuck me dead, Triplemania. Where to begin? I can’t remember the last time an entire event dominated a Botchamania. Victory Road 2011 or Elimination Chamber 2015 probably. DJ Z, Aerostar and others were involved in fun matches but the bad bits were SO FUCKING bad that it cancelled those out. Easily the worst PPV of the year. What’s the worst PPV of the year so far, Battleground? That was like caviar compared to this dog food.

Here’s Kevin Gill’s length defence of the commentary at the event (in the interest of fairness):

”The ring announcer announced winners before matches were over in some cases.

The ring music of winner was played before matches ended in some cases.

The Spanish announce team sat out the “key to glory matches” that we were asked to jump on commentary for right before they went to the ring. We had no names for any of the around a dozen people in these two matches. And no one went through the Spanish announce table at any time which is just wrong!

The trios match features team members fighting each other for some reason.

The team battle royal had lumberjacks surrounding tjenring and TEN teams of trios aka teams of 3, except in the case of team global force who were all seperate individuals. 2 of them inexplicably fought each other and disappeared from the screen never to be seen again, while a possibly socially lubricated JJ threw tortillas and beer at the crowd. Ps the lumberjacks all disappeared as well.

There were no onscreen identifying graphics for ANYONE.

No one in the crowd recognized ray escoprion in street clothes but I’m a bad commentator because I also didn’t recognize him.

Meltzer reports backstage production people did not have a show format.

Rules were ignored so it made me

Cautious to emphasize rules or stips until I saw them actually be enforced.

And finally, maybe someone can smarten up the LuchaBlog community to the concept of announcers being given guidelines to work with. That was the one thing we were given. And the guidelines were this English commentary is for casual and first time viewers And not for purists. Purists and Lucha nerds would be watching the Spanish language feed. We were asked to not overwhelm the viewers with a barrage of facts about every person of the 70 or so Luchadors on the show. We were asked to call the show with excitement and to pepper in info about the influence of Lucha, the awesomeness of triple a, the importance of triplemania 25, how cool it is that twitch is broadcasting it, and how the characters are real life super heroes even how Sexy Star is an influential a inspirational figure to all abused women everywhere, which made for unique moments as I put her over as a hero only to have her not have any baby face psychology or mannerisms during the match and then inexplicably she attacked the one person in her match who was not shooting on/stiffing sexy star.

I included facts about who trained people and who in their families wrestled, how long they’ve been wrestling, titles they’ve held and etc

We were also asked to put over the global force thing, which we did, which also seems to be an issue for the Lucha blog community.

Also Konnan is the guy who stated on numerous occasions when we review raw that he does not pay attention to commentary.

If he did, or if He watched botchamania like I do, perhaps he would know that the announcers on nxt, raw, and etc often misspeak, mispronounce names, say one wrestlers name when thy mean another, and etc. kurt angle refers to a “Finn Baylor” and he won the gold medal with a broken fricking neck. When asked to articulate what I did wrong the primary complain that smiling charlie happy could come up with was “you said Nino hamber-GWAYSA but you should have said Nino Hamber-QUesa” to which i gladly told him what a miserable and player hating bastard he is, and that he should go FUCK himself and also suck my dick (from the back)

Plus, i invite any critic to call a almost 6 hour show with 70 people on it with 2.5 days notice and no production sheet and see if you can stay in the zone and keep the energy and enthusiasm up.

Twitch loved it. Aaa gave the double thumbs up.

I’m happy with it.

And, I legit got more positive feedback in terms of volume (amount of feedback) on this show than for any show I’ve ever done. Which says something about hitting the target market and the amount of people watching, which was incorrectly reported by meltzer. (I’m a fan and supporter of meltzer)”

Included Twin Peaks’ I AM THE F.B.I. because it’s one of the few bits that makes sense.

The STEINER MATCH ending is from Call of Duty: Black Ops. That game’s so old the main audience is possibly old enough to drink now.

I’m more or less up to date on botch stuff after that outing, mostly because Twin Peaks was such a let-down I didn’t want to start on House of Cards Season 5 until I’d watched a ton of wrestling to get the bad taste out of my head.

Anyway, hope you liked this episode. Sometimes it’s tough when nearly the whole episode is one thing, because if you don’t like that one thing you’re fucked.

List of Companies and Where To Find Them…

Triplemania XXV in it’s six hour entirity can be watched on their YouTube, may god have mercy on your souls.

WWE Network is still there and you can watch the Mae Young Classic with the Scottish lasses.

GCW can be found on the HighSpots Network (worth it for the one with Riddle vs. Gage).

Impact Wrestling still has a website (even though it’s been re-branded as GFW, the GFW site isn’t their main one).

IWA-MS and elbows on concrete can be found on the always-reliable SMV.

And here’s your Botchamania FaceBook and Twitter links which I’ll start adding to the final red screen no-one pays attention to.

  • greg quiles

    love the ending comng out of my cage. never gets old even if we have to pay for them ill buy them even on a day of remembrance i will never forget what terrorists did but i honestly have a smile on my face due to this. thanks maffew plus on this 9/11 never forget.

  • TogoSasquatch

    Sexy Star, the Bitch from Kuntsville

    • She ain’t sexy. She’s butt-ugly.

    • JoPo

      Is Kuntsville closero Dudleyville or Suplex City?

  • NorDBSM Peterson


  • Leo Grant

    Anyway, hope you liked this episode. Sometimes it’s tough when nearly the whole episode is one thing, because if you don’t like that one thing you’re fucked.

    Yeah I quite never understood this complaint you watch botchamania for the botches but get upset at all the botches being based on one promotion.

    That was like caviar compared to this dog food.

    That was a generous assessment.

  • Bushwhacker Puuuke

    Oh my god.. The commentators on TripleMania are my new heroes after that!

    • tony

      yeah, assuming that they were 100% honest about all that, I’m actually more impressed at the level of professionalism they were able to achieve despite all the insanity

  • Blizza

    Commentators on Triplemania = me working every week

  • Lee Dellbridge

    I watched triplemania live on twitch till stupid o’clock in the morning – it was so bad it was hilarious, especially after watching the wcpw world cup finals just hours prior.
    The English commentary was a shit show. Now granted KG has his excuses and thats fine but even on a feed for a more casual fan of Mexican wrestling, you have to be pretty hardcore to be watching it live and i expected professional wrestling and commentary and got neither.
    It seems to me the broadcast was terribly managed. Those stereotypes about Mexicans didn’t get any help that night.

  • THANK YOU for finally moving for, I think you will really love the fact that your content won’t be taken down. They are the Neville of video platforms (before he went heel?)

  • Rebel Coyote

    Was that Bull Bronson who tried to lawn dart his opponent on the turnbuckle only to come up short? If its him here’s another one from him. It was at Anarchy Championship Wrestling show where he dropped Stan Summers on his head/neck

  • That Alexa Bliss/David S. Pumpkin bit is hilarious. Seriously, fuck Puta Star and her wannabe-boxer husband. I’ll kick the shit out of both of them. I’m glad Rosemary is OK right now.

  • Misa

    We all know AAA’s Triplemania was dedicated to Botchamania. No REAL company would fuck up that bad.

  • HockeyFan91

    over 6 minutes on TripMania. What an abortion….

  • Sexy Star’s a pos
    AAA-mania looked like a mess of bodies
    That Steiner ending is pure gold

  • BlemFunk

    Understandable you worry about one show dominating, but personally I have to thank you for this Botchmania….I watched my first Triplemania (also, my first AAA show) in 2015, as I was high on Lucha Underground, had enjoyed WrestleKingdom for the first time earlier in the year, and wanted to get into occasionally watching graps outside of WWE. It was also my last TripleMania, it was that awful, and I have no intent of watching this one in full or any other again….but I have been keen to see a “greatest hits” of the worst bits of this, so this was perfect and I can’t wait to watch it again with a couple of my pals tomorrow! Cheers Maffew!

  • JoPo

    This was the first time people were angry at watching a Star shooting :

  • Brian

    Fucking Johnny Mundo winning three titles at once AND coming out to “born in the usa” What a legend! Shame LU might not have season 4, would’ve loved to see him on it with those belts XD

  • Guy Incognito

    In the intro, what is Eric Bischoff flipping the bird replacing Maffew?

    • Hogan who has been censored for some time now.

      Joke’s running old so I hope he comes back soon.

      • Thomas

        Hey Maffew, can you tell me which botchamania has that Dusty rhodes commentary? Been searching for that clip of yours where he calls Sonny Ono “Sonny Bono” and all that. Appreciate it in advance.

  • Crab_Botherer

    What is that FMV game at the end for the Stiener ending?

  • HockeyFan91

    Damn, Jeff Jarrett just had his Victory Road “Jeff Hardy” moment.

  • Placid_Snake

    Okay, it’s bad enough to get a commentary team that knows nothing about the company the event is for, but if you’re going to do that, how do you not at the very least give them notes to explain what the rules area and give them a run down of who the wrestlers are?

    Hell, you’d think they’d hand them some notes even if they were working for the fed hosting the show just as a refresher.