R.I.P. The Brain

I did a video called BOBBY HEENAN IS GOD years ago showcasing Heenan’s one-man roast of The Hart Family during his last WWF PPV commentary appearance alongside Ray Combs of Family Feud so here it is in tribute to one of the greatest of all time.


  • greg quiles

    RIP im crying with laughter and pain Bobby Heenan is timeless. RIP GORILLA AND HEENAN ARE REUNITED. thanks Maffew

  • How can anyone not love that commentary? We will miss you Brain.

  • MindlessGonzo

    Dying over the roast. This was hotter than the oven that held the real roast on Thanksgiving!

  • motorheadbanger

    “I have boys?!” I love it… I was sad to hear the Bobby passed; I had grown up a fan of his and loved his work in WCW pre-nWo and it was heartbreaking to see him sick with cancer. The truth is Bobby isn’t hurting anymore, and that makes me feel better about his passing, especially in respect to his wife and daughter. He was a good man who didn’t deserve to suffer as he and his family did. In my house “The Brain” will never truly be gone.

  • Bob

    Her face could hold a 8 day rain with all those wrinkles.