Botchamania 352: Velveteen Dream Land


Tiny Terror …for Metallic Madness Zone: Act 2 by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Lights, Camera, Action! …for Studiopolis Zone: Act 1 by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

A Fish Full of Lead (2A03) by Choice Provisions (Shütshimi)

Thanks To…

Benjamin Boone for the fabulous intro

xfocalinx for the 3-2-1-ohshit dive

Andrew from zandigfans for Rudy Rodgers vs. Vintage Dragon

FriedOprah for the Public Enemy table bit

KrisZellner for Manny Fernandez’s baseball slide

Southern Pro Wrestling NZ for sending in the bit from their documentary. Cheers cunts!

A few people sent in the idea of Krusty the racist doing Jinder’s bits from Smackdown, I like everyone thinks about Simpsons and wrestling as much as me.

McGerk Visions for BURN IT TO THE GROUND ending

Timothy Ward for the Fatal Fury/King of Fighters ending he sent months ago

HermanOfTheYear for the majahapit ending

IAmCharlesChase for inspiring the last Simpsons ending


”I made a mistake” is from Get Carter. It was the first thing I could think of involving ”brits” and ”messing up.”

Sin Cara’s new gear match is from months ago, I gambled on them not using them for ages to make it better in hindsight. And it paid off, Cara’s still not been on TV.

In the time it took to use Cornette in a clip in GFW, he left.

There was a wrestler in the 70s called Hercules Cortez, this wasn’t him.

Alan4L assures me the reason he got Jurn Simmons and Matt Riddle mixed up was because he watched Matt Riddle vs. WALTER from PROGRESS immediately before commentating that wXw match.

When I say ”many lucha fans were angry” I’m going by that one guy on Squared Circle comparing not knowing Wagner’s catchphrase to not knowing Macho Man said ”ooooh yeah” a lot.

Pretty sure WWE only lost to WWF and Jesse Ventura in lawsuits.

List of Companies and Where To Find Them…

Wrestle Crate UK for the piles of money!

WWE Network is still there and you can watch the Mae Young Classic with the Scottish lasses.

SPW gave me the footage and one good turn deserves another, here’s the full documentary on YouTube.

Impact Wrestling still has a website (which won’t have much GFW on it soon).

NJPW World has a big-ass archive of shows, which is just as well as everyone hated Destruction in Fukushima.

PWG is on Highspots’ network and like pizza it’s great even it’s months after you ordered it.

wXw has a gut (German for good) on Demand service complete with wrestling and talking with Thumbtack Jack who is a nett (German for nice) man.

And another horrible mention that Triplemania XXV in it’s six hour entirety on AAA’s YouTube.

And here’s your Botchamania FaceBook and Twitter which I’ll start adding to the final red screen no-one pays attention to.

  • tony

    I’m so used to the “Cornette Face” that when I saw him in those TNA/GFW/Impact clips, I barely recognized him with all the gray hair and wrinkles

  • Lee Dellbridge

    It was triplemania xxv wasn’t it? I think you put XV.


      • Lee Dellbridge

        Thats all ive ever wanted, Thankyou Mr Lee!

  • That Krusty/Mahal one is spot-on. They need to get that title off of him and then put him back to jobberville for life.

  • Timothy Ward

    You used my thing! I love you!

    • Bushwhacker Puuuke

      It was a good thing, that thing that you did.

      • Epilef

        The thing that I send to you?

  • Bonzai Raccoon


  • Steve Ward


  • Tritian

    ahaha, loved the wu-tang rick flair ending. this was one of the better botchamanias in the last couple.

  • To be fair, the WWE did also have to pay out that guy that Marty crippled and settled out of court (meaning they all but admit they lost) in a few Cases like with Sable.

    • Bushwhacker Puuuke

      Was there ever any kind of lawsuit after Saturn wailed on that enhancement talent that one time, do you know?

  • Bushwhacker Puuuke

    That GFW match, OVE vs. whoever, shitting hell. “Okay time to make our big TV debt OOF ME FACE WTF OW”

  • motorheadbanger

    The APA ending is a first ballot HOFer. I nearly shit. Very well done! Also, the Benjamin Boone (I miss watching him on PWO/PRIME Wrestling; great, great talent) opening would have been better if he simply paused after being told it was Botchamania and then let rip with his best Sheik “fucking bullshit” impression. Either way, it was great to see Boone again. Another great Botchamania! Keep up the great work!!

  • Ramos

    My God those endings are on point! Good job as always.

  • ReinEngel

    Let’s play the “Times Vince McMahon Didn’t Win in Court” game! I’ll start.

    2006, vs. Brock Lesnar. Judge says that the “no compete” clause in Lesnar’s contract, along with others, is bullshit. Vince McMahon cannot dictate whether someone works or not. Vince settles with Lesnar, who is currently the IWGP heavyweight champion and will officially debut in the sport of MMA later that year with plans to fight in 2007.

  • Cam H Lynch

    To be fair, when Vince asked how many lawsuits he’d lost and the answer was “not one” – which means he could’ve lost several and that’d still be a correct answer.
    Secondly the Wagner Jr Mnyah Mnyah bit almost made be implode with laughter.
    Great work as usual! 😁😁😁

  • Benjamin J. Rivera

    The fact that Roman was up there when you homer said poochie made my day

  • Dan DePuy

    Matt Hardy is a mess. The man needs to retire. Either that or call DDP. He can barely move.

  • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

    I’d totally watch a Woo-Tang Clan nature boy montage.