Botchamania 354: Pokemon Aleister Black Version

Thanks To…

Jordan Devlin (and Session Moth Martina) for the fabulous intro

Sammy Guevara (yeah that one!) for the lucha di(v)e

John Dudley for the Road to Breaking Point Chaotic Wrestling clips

Avalanche for letting me film him hating on Botchamania

Richard Gallen for noticing the Swann/Alexander botch

IVP Videos for hooking me up with some delicious puro

Heelitup & Nicoles Brianna for Lana’s extensions

RUSHNERD for the TMNT ending which a bunch of people suggested when they saw poor Braun die

pellegrini post for the Balor Chicken ending

zruins for the Miz door ending which is still making me laugh

Laura Crowford for the Better Off Dead ending

AsianA3AN for the Spongebob Neville ending

Steven Till for the first Rock HONK HONK ending in a while

TurningHeel for the TWIN PEAKS ending


The Truth Reigns by Jim Johnston

Murine Corps by Kris Maddigan (Cuphead)

Outside 1 by Rick Fox (Aero the Acro-Bat)

What’s My Name by China Anne McClain, Thomas Doherty and Dylan Playfair (Descendants 2)

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds


TLC was better than expected thanks to meningitis but yet in the modern world of a million hours of wrestling a week, was still forgotten a few days later even with Angle and Styles. But that’s always going to happen when you make the PPVs DREAM MATCH FACTORIES with nothing affecting the weekly shows.

No idea what the point of Kalisto’s CWC title reign was. Ditto Tozawa, but at least Kalisto gives better promos.

Cuphead was a great game but fuck playing it again for A+ ranks.

Avalanche is a nice guy so he did his best to play a dick. Bad Bones was more convincing as a dick because he did his video the day of the table not-breaking, whereas Avalanche had to be interupted playing Gears of War.

Christi Jaynes’ dive off the top is being discussed on Twitter because people can’t believe she was trying to go corner-to-corner off the top rope, which is something not even King Ricochet could pull off. But it also doesn’t make sense for Saraya Knight to walk towards her and even less sense for Jaynes to see Saraya hasn’t walked out the corner and not come down off the top rope or…ah whatever. Get Jesse Ventura on it.

NJPW was weird in 2002, Kendo Kashin took on Daijiro Matsui (?!) and Great Khali was in a main event tag match.

The cameras don’t show (as the editing team did their job) but Julian Nero missed the knee-drop on Da Mack, which is why he was trying to kick out. Ref must not have noticed it which is why he counted the pin despite Mack kicking out so Nero could presumably do it again and hit. When he’s shrugging at 6:14 he’s looking right at me in the crowd, unsure if it was deliberate but we had a moment. I shrugged back, couldn’t think what else to do.

If you don’t watch Raw every week, Corey & Cole have been prodding Booker T during every Jason Jordan match mostly because there’s not much to talk about him other than his deadbeat dad Kurt Angle. So they get bored and turn on Booker who has been doing his best to fill in the blanks. The clip in this video is the best bit by far, with Booker’s exasperated YOU’VE NEVER BEEN IN THE RING.

The Mr. Perfect clip is from the WWE Unreleased DVD set so I don’t know who the announcer is.

Couldn’t think of a good enough intro lever pull for the CZW section, so I skipped it. Sorry folks.

First time a Rock HONK HONK video has been in the endings for a while, mostly because the ones I was getting sent were either BAD or EAR-RAPE BAD. This one is slightly better than most but it’s definitely not returning to be a regular thing, some of these recurring jokes/memes have shelf-lives. Botchamania expired years ago but no-one noticed.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

WWE Network is still there and you can watch Story Time because it’s great

AAW, CZW can be found on the HighSpots Network

NJPW World has a big-ass archive of shows, including the weird 2002 Jan show

wXw has an English-friendly On Demand service so you can enjoy some of the best wrestling in Europe, including the just uploaded World Tag League 2017

PROGRESS’ On Demand Pivotshare is a lot more secure than their ropes, which break easier than dry spaghetti. Chapter 55 had that one bad moment plus Riddle vs. Thatcher vs. WALTER in my current favourite PROG match of the year

PCW has an On Demand too because that’s what real companies have in 2017. The Jaynes phantom dive is from ‘PCW vs IPW The Confrontation – Blackpool Tower Circus 2017’

Stevie Ray’s talking and wearing a hat can be found on Title Match Wrestling

And here’s your Botchamania Facebook and Twitter links

  • tony

    wow, Enzo was chattier than Cena!

  • motorheadbanger

    The ring announcer for the awesome Hennig clip was Mike McGuirk. She did some commentary from time to time and Heenan loved to break her balls.

    Another excellent edition, mate! Keep up the great work!

    • Leo Grant

      Has a name like a dude but sounds like a chick.

      • motorheadbanger

        Michael Kathleen McGuirk, daughter of wrestler/promoter Leroy McGuirk. From what I remember she was first used by WWF for rings or buildings, I can’t remember which. I’ve never read/heard a bad word about her. The boys protected her like a sister.

    • spicollidriver

      TIL McGuirk also did commentary.

  • Leo Grant

    No idea what the point of Kalisto’s CWC title reign was. Ditto Tozawa, but at least Kalisto gives better promos.

    To fuck with him while cheapening the belt.

  • Man, the Shockmaster still makes me laugh. Never gets old. Those French WWE commentators are awesome. I bet they don’t do have to answer to Meekmahan since I’m sure he doesn’t even understand French nor has a clue of what Botchamania is.

    The Spongebob and Twin Peaks ending are gold.

  • john

    I can’t believe anybody, remembers that Soulja Boy song…

    • I didn’t know he had other songs, to be fair.

    • Leo Grant

      As annoying as it is how could anyone forget?

  • raVen ™

    Kalisto vs Sin Cara for the botchiest botcher title

  • JoPo

    In TLC 2: Secret of the Bruise, Strowman will come back as Super Strowman, sadly played by Kevin Nash -_-

  • Jesse Mateja

    None of the links work except for the YouTube one.

    • Butchwhacker

      Yeah, it’s not really possible to watch this one unless you’re Ant Man.

  • lklklklk

    mr. botchamania you are being stalked by wwe

  • Brian

    Only getting around to watching this now. Compeltely surprised to find that the vimeo and dailymotion vids have been removed. Why this one in particular? Any chance of a re-upload?

    • stephen mccord

      Half way through i feeling like enzo after the airplane spin.