Botchamania 355: Super Mario Dean Am-Bros.


Heartache by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Dimensional Heist by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Aquatic Acrobatics by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Pizza Theme from Spider-Man 2

Ariston And On And On advert theme

Thanks To…

Chris Toal & Chris Renfrew (unrelated) for the fabulous intro

Kelvin and the good people of Twitter for the NJPW clips

Randal Brah for the botch dive

LuchaBlog for the HEROES IMMORTALES clip

KingKobra87 for Pure Wrestling Association’s Halloween Wrestling Party table massacre

tondog for the Twitterrrrrrrrrrrrr280

eorge Arbogast Jr for suggesting the SMB2 ending

BryanFunkFeole for the Terminator ending

arabiandisco for the Bludgeon Bros/Team Rocket ending

imperial_reject for Sin Kenny ending

niokster for the Tool Time ending

BAStaracus for the Sami Zayn Moe ending


Yeah sorry for this not being on a Friday as usual, was waiting for some clips from some guys who will remain nameless. It’s usually my fault so I’m happy to be able to blame someone else. Was going to add the appropriate botches from Raw this week to this but then there was about three minutes worth of fuck to add and I hit my 15 minute time limit so the next video will be a doozy.

Impact BFG wasn’t flat-out awful but it wasn’t great either. Slammiversary destroyed this show, with LAX vs. oVe being the highlight and everything else being forgotten quickly.

Loads of Canadian fans sent the fan-cam footage of the PWA tables match so the guy who shot it proprly sent me the properly-shot footage. May use the fan-cam stuff later because lots of people have seen it but we’ll see.

Didn’t mean to use this much Sonic Mania music. Unless you enjoy it, in which case I did.

I was at Raw and Smackdown in Manchester and have nothing to report apart from DAMMIT they edited out Enzo apologising very quickly for messing his words up. They work fast, these fuckers.

I’ll be at ICW Fear & Loathing (or couldn’t you tell with the sneaky plug in the corner of the intro) so if you see worn-out looking DJ Qualls-type, make sure to say ”hi”.

List of Companies and Where To Find Them…

Chris Renfrew and Chris Toal for daft things.

WWE Network is still there so you can watch Survivor Series and NXT War Games.

Impact Wrestling still has a website so you can read about BFG and stuff.

Here’s the full version of the Jericho Spicy Wings interview.

When their tables aren’t breaking you can find PWA here.

NJPW World has a big-ass archive of shows so you can enjoy ROAD TO POWER STRUGGLE and the rest.

wXw has a gut (German for good) on Demand service complete with wrestling.

AAW Pro can be found here when the ropes aren’t breaking.

Stevie Richards’ posted that clip of him and the chair on Twitter so go follow him.

If AJPW had a network or a Youtube I’d plug it but nothing comes up so I dunno.

Fight Club Pro have their shit together and Extra Talent-ed have gone back home so everyone’s a winner.

Here’s the Québec indie where the guy dressed like Aladdin gave himself the invisible powerbomb.

Jimmy Havoc on Spud’s interview show can be found on the HighSpots Network.

And here’s your Botchamania FaceBook and Twitter.

  • JackFoleyTW

    Santino was born in Canada, so Ranallo was correct.


      • greg quiles

        if i have a kid ever i want him to be named yapai so i remember you. love the lethal weapon 2 ending. keep making them and if we have to pay for them im all for it.

      • F3azeD

        what about Nunzio? 🙁



          • Zanon23

            Nunzio, Steve Lombardi, Vito, JOY GIO-FUCKING-VANNI, Salvatore Sincere… JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS there’s a huge list of Italian wrestlers such as Muhammad Hassan that wrestled for the WWE!

          • F3azeD

            Naaah, I still love the video and your work, keep it up! <3

  • Lord Beerus

    That intro will NEVER be topped…

  • Leo Grant

    Sin Cara ending was too much.

  • Bob


  • Wise & Wicked

    Hands down the best intro.

  • motorheadbanger

    Oh Lord… that dude that took the back flip bump trying to get in the ring was spectacular. The wife and I nearly died. The intro, by the way, is the all-time greatest intro ever. Period. There will never be a better intro. Keep up the great work!

  • Holy shit, Team Rocket was the 1st thing that came to mind when I saw their 2nd promo.

  • Butchwhacker

    Yeah that oVe… v… LAX match was brutal in a good way.

  • Manuel Nava

    Hi Maffew, did you see when Alex Riley attacks Percy watson during the final episode of nxt season 2?

    All start at 5:00

  • JoPo

    Enzo spoiled the results of his Survivor Seeies match

  • I please need you to tell me from WHERE is the sound effect that happens when Johnny jumps at Alberto. Is it Mortal Kombat? PLEASE!

  • Julian C. Marquez

    Diplomatic immunity!!!

  • David Coates

    I’ve been out of the loop for quite awhile but trying to get caught up on Botchamania, however I noticed that some previous videos are unavailable. Is there a work-around for this?