Botchamania 356: Elias Samson of Frankenstein


Press Garden Zone: Act 1 by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

A Professional Pirate by Silver and the Pirates (The Muppet Treasure Island)

Main Menu by Jack Levy (Hotel Mario)

Can’t Be Touched by Body Head Bangerz

Thanks To…

Ravie Davie for the fabulous intro

@nicolesbrianna for the clip of HHH bumping into the stage, wasn’t a botch but lots of people sent it and I aim to please

supernerdland for the Adam Cole SMB1 ending, which means three consecutive SMB endings in BM

jmaq for We Love Diesel

viciousprism for Anchor(wo)man ending

Barrylad’s Twitter handle for inspiring the Boney M ending


Survivor Series was so full of botches, what a gift. The first accidental elimination, first one since 1996? Yeesh. On the plus side, Shield vs. New Day, Usos vs. Bar and Lesnar vs. Styles were all great.

Jim Cornette’s rant on Halloween Havoc 1997 has sadly aged well. ”You are a legend but exactly how many albums did Frank Sinatra sell last year?”

There were so many Raw proposals and Kalisto entrances there wasn’t any space for a big ass indie botches bit, sorry. Oh fuck, missed the camera crew falling over Nikki Storm. NEXT VID NEXT VID promise

Me and ICW are chummy so I asked if the William Grange bit was deliberate and they insist it wasn’t, so fuck

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where You Can Find Them…

The Govan Bro Ravie Davie can be found on Twitter here.

WWE Network is still there and you can watch 365 to see Kevin Owens get sad.

ICW has an On Demand and Coach Trip bought me some Jim Beam after Fear & Loathing so you’d better subscribe.

Riptide have nice cameras and interesting match-ups.

Flash Morgan Webster’s Wrestling Friends can be found here.

Vintage PWG can be found on highspotsnetwork but I wouldn’t bother with the Germany European Vacation tbh, go watch All Star Weekend 3 instead.

And here’s your Botchamania FB and Twitter.


  • greg quiles

    love it never going to stop watching thanks for the laughs. plus if you look on to star in movies there is no number 2 there is just 2 number 3’s. so look at that. my gift to you for the laughs.

  • AndrĂ© Snyde Lopes

    Endurance Round 1 – Watching Impact


  • I thought it was accepted that Rusev is in fact the real life incarnation of Zangeif.

    • Paul F. Jenninghan

      The real fife incarnation of Zangief is an excellent soviet/russian amateur wrestler named Victor Zangiev. Pro-wrestling fans might recognize him from peforming in WCW (once at Starrcade `90), but mostly from wrestling for NJPW and UWF-I.

      • Ah, now I know but I meant it more for current day. I figured Gief is based on someone else irl, SF2 was decades before Rusev.

  • Dewi Rhys Jones

    the eastenders bit just made me burst into tears laughing!

  • F3azeD

    Mortal Kombat skit made me die.
    I laughed from the beginning until the end of the vid
    Awesome work, one of the best episodes you ever did.

  • Chad Boswell

    Ending with Rusev was a nice touch since he was born on Christmas.

  • Jalen Thomas

    That Keith Lee bit was entertaining af! Also really liked the look of how Riptide Wrestling was filming

  • Leo Grant

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy rererererereturning to the vault to watch older Botchamania’s but I’m kinda jonesing for CZW botches for some reason.

  • Wise & Wicked

    Thank Science I have a foot fetish because trying to catch a peak below the knees is the only thing that keeps me sane while Stephanie is on screen.

    • T7wog

      Must of sucked for you when Rusev Started wearing boots.

      • Wise & Wicked

        He wasn’t no Yokozuna, that’s for sure.

  • Justin Clevenger

    A little suprised you missed the “I’m Byron!” part in Survivor Series.