As well as ranting and raving about WWE Monday Night Raw each week, Danny Damage enjoys to take a closer look at the Pay-Per-View events of the WWE too!



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  • motorheadbanger

    I agree with you in respect to the women’s title match but I don’t think it was Charlotte so much as Bliss just being exposed. Charlotte did her best with what she had to work with but I think the match was shite because of Bliss. But, to each their own. Another great vid! Keep up the great work!

    • Cheers very much.

      Maybe you’re right, but I’ve never seen any problems with Bliss in the past. She’s generally been one of those that makes the other person work better; she gets it and she really wants to be there.

      Either way, it wasn’t so much a case of Queen meets Goddess, but rather Bambi vs. Thumper. I would have personally preferred to see Bliss vs. Natty, but never mind.

      • motorheadbanger

        Good call, Brain!