Botchamania 357: Ricky & Morton


Orient Express & Midnight Run by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy)

Stage 5-1 by Chris Hülsbeck (Mega Turrican)

Thanks To…

Muscle Cat Saxon Huxley for the fabulous intro

The Good People Of Squared Circle for letting me know even Southern Americans had no clue what Sarah Logan was saying

Rovert for Zack Ryder’s bald cream

albergc98 for the NJPW Double Neckbreaker

BohsJohnny for watching IWA-MS try-out shows

Allan_Cheapshot and that GIF of ADR that went everywhere

Jason Hauth for the MCW botch with Okada and some dead guy

DeanRasslin for Axl Rotten vs. Joey Maggs

HeavyMetalAlan for Bestia 666 vs. crappy table

Kelvin Stevenson for Tenzan forgetting how to tag wrestle

Ian Hamilton for Attack Pro!

Noah Vasseur for Avalon vs. Panda from Bar Wrestling 3

Jorge CRR for bad lucha dive

Filip Šedivý for the Cody Hall botch (that he loved so much he sent a tweet which he then deleted)

TheRealElbow for watching Impact for me

Pete Molski for translating the DDT press conference

chowder908 for the Kevin & Sami ending

themasething for the Canadian ending

DerekLedZep for the Simpsons Diva Revolution ending


To quote Jim Cornette, ”I don’t know what they got for putting a live mic in front of Sarah Logan but I hope it was at least 5-10 years.” Thanks for increasing the life-span of this series Sarah.

The IWA-MS tryout kid going splat (a lot of that happening in IWA-MS recently) was OK. Nothing a hotdog couldn’t fix.

I debated on including Booker T’s Simoleon comments, it’s close enough to sound like something nerdy to be acceptable on here where good wrestling is ruined with geek stuff but not that bad in the overall scheme of Booker T things.

The Impact triple-incorrect-name wrong isn’t fake as some have asked.

Hey a perfectly acceptable BACK AND TO THE LEFT. It’s been a while. Love that Impact is pre-recorded and they still left that in.

DDT are mostly silly so the press conference is hardly being ruined, but it made me laugh and I have friends who can translate Japanese so eh.

I’ve no idea who what Drake & Josh is, hopefully you do.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Neo Knights can be found right here on Deviantart

Here’s where you go for all your Saxon Huxley related queries

WWE Network is still there and you can watch NXT War Games and stuff

The Crash have a Twitter to follow when they’re not removing Konnan

NJPW World has a big-ass archive of shows with plenty of new Chris Jericho uploads

Attack Pro, the craziest company to emerge from Cardiff can be found here

Pro Wrestling NOAH don’t have any English speaking site so here’s their wikipedia

Okada wrestling in Austrailia be found here in MCW

BAR WRESTLING can be found on the HighSpots Network and it’s better than it sounds

Impact Wrestling still has a website and it’s not on Geocities

IWA-MS and SSPs on concrete can be found on the always-reliable SMV

wXw has a gut (German for good) On Demand service

DDT don’t have much in the way of English but here’s a fine fan-account to follow

OTT Wrestling have Angel Cruz and Session Moth so are fine by me

And here’s your Botchamania Facebook and Twitter.


  • peter fletcher

    That Drake and Josh ending is absolutely brilliant.

    • Brian

      holy shit YES! zayne and owens are like drake and josh, except the straight man is fat and the wild one is skinny.

  • That DDT promotion press conference killed me. Honestly, Google translator is a terrible invention unless you want to say some funny shit.

  • tony

    That Sarah Logan promo made Scott Steiner’s “I’m hungry!” diatribe seem coherent and eloquent

  • Straight Dave

    I’m looking for a certain episode of Botchamania. It’s a fairly recent one, there was a shoot fight in the ring with Murder Was the Case playing

  • arkhangelsk44

    WTF! Is that the Pencil Pusher in your intro?

  • FiveTwoZer0

    When did Owens and Zayn super kick Jericho together??? :/

    • Angel

      When they were on The Highlight Reel together and made the the match for Payback

  • OMG that Kev and Sami ending is a 10. But now that it’s framed it that way I can’t not want to see that be a thing.
    Also, Sarah Logan makes me laugh

  • JoPo

    I always thought Mike Barry was overrated as a high-rider!

  • Fabio Dewitt

    The best press conference of all time.

    • Epilef

      I’d disagree with you, but you’re a dog in a suit, how could I?

      • Fabio Dewitt

        Exactly, plus i am a businessman, so i know one thing or two about conferences.

  • motorheadbanger

    Jesus, this one had me in stitches!! When “back and to the left” works, it works, so fuck the haters! Del Rio busted his ASS on those stairs too, Je-sus! But the best was the goddamn DDT press conference. By far the best clip of the year. I also like the look Nick Patrick gave Rotten when he ping-ponging all over the ring. Hell, the endings were bloody brilliant and the clips were fucking amazing. THIS is why Botchamania exists! Bravo, mate! Keep up the great work!!

  • ♬ Giant Pianist ♬

    The DDT press conference was fucking magical. I nearly had an aneurysm laughing at that

  • Brian

    So basically in case anyone wanted to know sara logan was just spouting stereotypical nonsense about the south. Claiming Daniel Bryan is prejudice against the south. Something about kentucky. and then asking “have you ever hunted live game? have you ever tasted game meat?”

  • Andrew Benestante

    I like how abyss said that was the finish but the video shows he kicked out

  • Andrew Benestante

    go to my new2