Botchamania 358: A Charlie BRAAAAAAUN Christmas


Monstrous Machines for “Metallic Madness Zone: Act 1” by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Angel Of Death by Slayer

Fuck This Shit I’m Out by Youngblaze

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds theme song

Black Mage Village by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy IX)

I’d Like To Fuck The Shit Outta You by David Allen Coe

Thanks To…

Hoodslam for the money

LuchaDS and Jonathan Richards for the fabulous intro

BeybladeParm for Ethan HD’s standard def moonsault

TALV1821 for the DogTU clip

XThreeee for the BCW clip

mellow_carl for the The Room/Kalisto ending

_TakaMichinoku for the animu weeb ending


Kalisto getting blasted in the face fucking sucks and I’m not advocating people throwing shit at wrestlers, at least do it outside so they have a chance to hit you back. I know it’s all well and good me saying this while also featuring the video in Botchamania so I’m having my cake and eating it and you’re right. But still, don’t do that shit.

I think it’s sad that Ziggler had that entrance fuck up on Smackdown and no-one messaged me about it, meaning no-one noticed or cared. I get messaged every time someone so much as stutters yet this one went un-noticed.

Clash Of Champions was skippable. Whether or not being dull is worse than being bad is debatable but it’s on-par with Battleground this year as Worst Network Special/Most Skippable Show.

Pretty sure Nick Jackson meant to ”fall” at PWG but I’m sure he didn’t intend on landing on his head in the process…which meant I could finally use that ”retired Nick Jackson” clip from months ago. Thanks Nick!

I was there live at ICW Fear & Loathing when Rey no-showed his own entrance. Apparently allegedly maybe there wasn’t any monitor backstage so he didn’t know he was up. I don’t know if that’s true but I know ICW are a lovely bunch of lads and everyone else made their way to the ring on time so who knows?

The Southside Tables Match is my favourite thing of the year, well done Joseph Conners.

The David Allen Coe ending is one of the easiest crap jokes to make but that didn’t stop me.

I usually try and avoid anime endings because the majority of the ones submitted expect you to know what the anime is and that’s the joke. This one works even if you don’t like that weeb pillow-wife filth that isn’t JoJo.

List of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Hoodslam and their services can be found here

WWE Network is still there and you can skip Clash Of Champions 2017 and go straight to the last NXT of the year instead

PROGRESS rarely have botches so when they do happen they’re special

3-2-1 Battle have a YouTube channel right here

DTU (the one with the dog) don’t have a site or YT so here’s their Twitter

PWG show up when they want to on the HighSpotsNetwork

Southside Wrestling has a fine site you can look at and click on

ICW have a damn fine On Demand that shows up on time UNLIKE SOME

Border City Wrestling has a tight, non-slack site

And here’s your Botchamania Facebook and Twitter.

  • greg quiles

    best movie ever and best ending ever great xmas present may all you wishes come true love the room. i didn’t hit her i didn’t not it bull chit. 10 out of 10

  • Lord Beerus

    As a huge fan of My Hero Academia, I popped big time for the last ending.

    • Same here. That subbing was Crunchyroll level of excellent.

      • KoMoDo64

        God tier ending.

  • Blizza

    The Room ending was easy top 10 endings of the year

  • That anime ending was awesome.

  • SomeInternetGuy

    I marked out at the Final Fantasy IX music. Thanks dude!

  • ReinEngel

    ICW sure does know how to build a good entrance stage. Not necessarily a fan of “just put a giant screen there” but their lighting game is strong as fuck,

  • Devin Sun

    I don’t know that anime but that made me laugh out loud… almost as much as last weeks gay meat. Well played, Maffew.

    • KoMoDo64

      It’s called My Hero Acadamia and it’s balls to the wall good.

  • ViewtfulHero

    Does ICW have a working relationship with WWE for them to be able to use footage of Rey from when he was in WWE?

  • Hope Zand

    I didn’t get the joke with knees, somebody might explain?

    • Leo Grant

      Kane likely fell over because of having problems with his knees, tall people are typically more susceptible to having problems with their legs.

      • Hope Zand

        I thought Strowman’s leg caused the fall? To me ot appeared that Braun’s left leg stopped Kane’s right leg’s movement halfway on the air and caused him to lose ballance without either parties anticipation.

        • Leo Grant

          Hmmm could be might have to check the video again just to make sure.

  • KoMoDo64

    That My Hero ending. *chefs kiss*
    Makes me want a Roman “You Say Run” video!

  • _TakaMichinoku tha real mvp

  • yco

    I want to send some of my videos to you. How can i do that?

    • Epilef

      upload them on youtube, with a few seconds of blackness at the ending (for cutting reasons) and send the link to Meffew via Twitter

  • Lee Dellbridge

    I think the Charlotte thing is just bad wording, at least she didn’t say her dad bret but i did notice it.
    As for dolph nobody cares plus it could have been the end of his non entrance, nobody would really know, like how Seth had his pre burn it down theme play a few weeks back, it wasn’t until the next week we knew it was a mistake.

  • Tommy

    “I’m not advocating this”
    Yeah well you’re still joking about it. So in a way, you’re still promoting it. Not very smart of you.

  • Brian

    This guy that fought rey mysterio during the no entrance segment…. what, he’s also got a back to the future gimmick like kushida? Or was that just for the particular event?

  • Nick Dufrene

    “Some accurate cunt”.

    Someone’s been brushing up on their OSW Review. ^_^

  • Tommy

    “Some accurate cunt blasts Kalisto, it fucking sucks, I’m not advocating this shit”
    You obviously make fun of Kalisto getting hit by making it a parody of JFK’s assassination, and then make fun of it even more with the bottle throw
    from The Room. Saying something like “I know I’m being a hypocrite for using this footage for my video, but still don’t do that, it’s bad”, that still doesn’t justify including it in Botchamania with music, footage or audio so that people can find this “unacceptable shit” funny.
    If you truly do NOT advocate this, then don’t play it for laughs. Or at least play the original footage (with your on-screen notes which were perfect) without reusing it later with humorous intent.