Here’s the cream of the crop of unused endings that have been submitted in 2017. Some them good, some bad, but all made with love. Er I think. Anyway, I wanted to start fresh in 2018 with a cleared-up ENDINGS folder so I can make more Simpsons jokes.

List of Credits…

Douglas Scarpa for the Monty Python ending

CoverTimePete for the Pokemon Go ending

Nathan Brittles for the NEW WHO IS BAD ending

Bradley James for the Reigns ambulance ending

Charles Chase for I’m A Loser ending

Phillip Broadnax Jr. for the Orton/Rusev ending

Shroommeister for the Strider ending

BeAwesomeOne for WHO LET THE DOG’S OUT ending

BigDaddyWarbuxx for the Goldberg ending

Kimijb17 for the TIME TO STOP ending

Jenn Dil for the Beetlejuice ending

Boolet 80D for the Sheamus is bright ending

NotRealFake1 for the Sootie ending

Whatisalorde for the Barney ending

Adam Coville for The WestWorld ending that I didn’t want to use to risk spoiling the show for anyone (like I did when I used that GOT ending)

Ben Spanton for the Cesaro ending

EvilAsMoDean for the JoJo ending

Cyprian Bowlding for the Jaws II ending

StandTheDryBear for the PUT IT IN HHH ending

PichuAndFreud for the other JoJo ending

Youssif Khalid for that meme ending

SteveSlaughter for TLCats ending

Dion Gleeson for the Scott Steiner SmashMouth ending

Maffew for the Firefly, Lion King, Fleetwood Mac, Lio Rush No-Selling, TRASH, Kool-Aid, Fashion Files, Countdown, Mae Young Classic, Machine Head, P.O.D. and other bad endings


Some of these weren’t used as they were too similar to other endings (I’d already done a Monty Python running joke for Baron’s entrance in Rumble 2017), puns that had ran their course (HONK HONK, Brie Mode, GLORIOUS etc.), too niche (Countdown, Filthy Frank) or too long (Steiner Smashmouth). It’s weird that there’s now so many botches in wrestling, fifteen minutes is sometimes a restriction so I have to be picky with endings.

If one of your endings is here and think ”shit, it wasn’t good enough for Botchamania”, don’t feel bad. The endings that DIDN’T make it were the ones that weren’t good enough.

So thanks for sending them in, if people enjoy them then people will be happy they at least appeared in this video, if people don’t like them then people will think I’m smart for not including them in Botchamania. HA HA I WIN.

  • But was the little monkey send home happy?

  • Doctor Gallows

    Brie Mode,hahahahha

  • Angel Camacho

    I liked that Enzo/Beetlejuice ending. 😀

    God bless Petey Williams for not busting out laughing during Steiner’s ramblings throughout the time he teamed with him. You could tell he was about to lose it at some point. XD

  • Adrian George Nicolae

    That Jojo ending with Snitski was awesome.

  • I.R.Shnow

    Most of it was “so bad is good”… Highlights were Sheamus and the Glorious ending.
    The Honk honk killed the mood though, that thing must go away. Forever…
    Can someone explain the jokes behind Bret/Lesnar/Madusa and Rusev/Orton ending?

    • Leo Grant

      I know the jokes with Bret,Lesnar, & Madusa is an in joke about the fact that they left to go work someone else.

      The Rusev-Orton ending is apart of the “RKO Outta Nowher” Meme

    • Bret/Lesnar/Madusa were all unscripted I believe. Of the 3 I saw the Madusa one live on Nitro and had no idea but yea, WCW had a near non-existent women’s division.

      • Paul F. Jenninghan

        @Krassnoff_Pinochet:disqus @redcycloneinc:disqus Lesnar maybe was unscripted, but who cares? Bret was usncripted really and it was caused by Bret wanting to leave WWF and go to WCW with the WWF Championship. which happened after Madusa threw the title on Nitro, and Vince didn`t want something like that happened again, so he did the right thing from the piont of “best for business”. and Madusa`s throwing belt into the trash was “scripted” by Bischoff like “Hey, Dus, I heard you have Vince`s title, come work with us and bring it with you”. But Vince, obviously, had no idea it was going to happen, and so had Madusa, because it only came to mind of Bischoff when she came to the tapings or smth and he said “how `bout you throwing that title into the trash on national tv?” and she agreed, because needed money, and she was going to give the title back to Vince right away after this, but one thing after another – and the title stayed with her untill her HoF induction. You can hear the full story from the recent documentary, WWE did about her or from the episode of Table for 3.

        • Thanks, that was an interesting thing that I didn’t know. I’ll check that Table for 3 out

  • Leo Grant

    Orton-Rusev ending was a bit too on the nose.

    But I loved the Wrestlemania X7 Edge-Jeff Hardy bit.

  • Trbl

    Whats the music 10:08-10:58 in the piece by EvilAsMoDean?

  • Wow, some of these are legit gold. That Strider/Neville one is so spot on.

  • Mike Thieman Jr

    Just when I got that damned song from Persona 5 out of my head….

    And more Doctor Who endings, plz!

  • Paul F. Jenninghan

    Of course he has a one-hundred-and-fourty-something percent chance of winning, because I would (and I think anyone else should) walk away from the match the second I hear his music, because I want no part of him in any way.