Botchamania 365: Ember Moon Unit Zappa


Nsanity Island by Spiralmouth (Crash Twinsanity)

The Mean Bean Machine by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

The Himalayas (DuckTales Remastered)

Stage 3-1 by Chris Hülsbeck (Mega Turrican)


Ian Hamilton for Session Moth being Scottish

Joseph David Ossevoort for the double team

Michael Taylor for the Rock Lobster idea

Rodeth Icong for Hawkins’ Big Break idea

Strike_Gently for the AJ Styles’ Shane noise ending

TheLexBot for the DBZ: Abridged ending

HowIChrgeLazer for Cena running ending

ILoveJason for the Big Lebowski ending

Lunnar Femmes for the Paige Here ending

quasirealSmiths for the Altered Beast ending

JDSadinger7 for the MAMMA MIA ending


First Wrestlemania I can recall not being able to stay up for (fell asleep before Nakamura vs. Styles) so I’m officially old now, sorry

Holy shit fuck that WM main event. Nothing could entertain a crowd after seven hours but dammit they tried to entertain me.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Amir Jordan can be found on Twitter

Superbad Kip Sabian is also on Twitter

WWE Network is still there so you can watch NXT Takeover and that Wrestlemania thing

wXw Now can be enjoyed in English and they’ve included me fucking up on so you know they’re smart

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2, Pancakes & Piledrivers and many more WM Weekend indies can be found on HighSpotsNetwork

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  • greg quiles

    lol you botched maffew cause you don’t know the dog of wwe. lol matilda and pepper. may they both RIP best episode ever

  • RDMT

    They should re-nickname Roman from The Big Dog to The Beach Ball. If it doesn’t get Roman over, at least it kills beach balls with the crowd.

    • ViewtfulHero

      They still got the wave and CM Punk chants at their disposal😗

      • Placid_Snake

        They should rename Roman CM Punk (or some variation like RM Punk or something to avoid being sued). Get them REALLY mad! 😀

  • iamdark1988

    I wouldn’t mind if these endings were reused for all future instalments.

  • Grugsy

    I was lmao at the Big Lebowski bit… then the Shane grunts… I’m ded.

  • Jack

    I legit laughed outloud to the Braun/Hawkins/Shockmaster bit. Nice.

  • tony

    Maffew, I am always impressed with how you are great at balancing three different kinds of clips:
    – botches with original audio
    – botches with video game music
    – botches with commentary from podcasts/shoot videos
    Leaning too far in any one direction would make the videos suffer, but you usually seem to find the sweet spot….kudos

  • Erik Chabek

    Whoever did the Clifford/Roman the Big Red Dog ending, my nine year old daughter (Clifford/ WWE fan) thanks you !!

  • TheLegendofQ

    The DBZ: Abridged and the Clifford one had me rolling

  • That was so very, very sweet.

  • Ouch.
    Poor Veda.

    • bossk

      She’s the absolute shits.

      • Not really. She probably lost a step due to an injury here or there. She’ll be fine. Charismatic as all fvck though.

  • I fucking lost it during the Shockmaster bit. That shit never gets old. The Scorpion King bit was also hilarious.

  • Scott

    The ending that got me was Mauro. So unexpected.

  • Slack

    In TEARS over Rock Lobster.

  • Amit

    “Louisville, Kentucky, I’d recognize it anywhere”

    I f’ing love Cornette

  • Fullname J Warrington

    Surprised Cena only had one of his botches shown. Imagine phoning it in like that for a four-minute match at Wrestlemania, whooow.

    Also, why haven’t they turned Reigns heel yet? They’ve been trying to push him as face for so long and it just seems so utterly pointless.