Botchamania 366: Warcraft III Roman Reigns of Chaos


Slide Away by Oasis

Oil Ocean Zone: Act 1 by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Warp Room (The Time Twister) by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy)

sans. by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Boss: Metal Sonic by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Thanks To…

Zack Gibson for the fabulous intro

Adam Gronvnew for Titus commitment

Joe Stodge for Titus Homer

Taylor Given for Titus Can’t Get Eliminated

partciBY for the Whitesnake suggestions

Kross for the missed-the-side

JaromirMoravec for RSP

Robviper for the lucha semi-shoot

We Love Pro Wrestling FB group for the I Have To Go Now ending

Ilovejason for Here’s Paige ending

naldy and the good people of reddit for the bottle throwing comp

Shane Hero for the Shockmaster Titus

abouttreefitty for the Ted Beneke ending

SUPERZOMGBBQ for Titus Wii Sport

Nick Archuleta for the Idiocracy ending

316whatupz for slip n slide ending

TheWildCatBJ for the Titus ending


It’s on a different day than usual but the Network Special was on a Friday and Titus nearly broke my phone so yeah. Decided to mix the endings with Titus so he doesn’t get run into the ground (unlike in Saudi Arabia). If you’ve sent an ending that’s similar to the ones featured, sorry it’s pretty much first-come first-served with these things.

Nice of Titus to take one for the team on a seven hour show absolutely loaded with mistakes, maybe because of the time or the heat or the WHY WOULD YOU HAVE THAT FINISH FOR REIGNS VS. LESNAR, WHO BOOKED THAT WITHOUT TRYING IT OUT FIRST, FIRE HIM/HER

Unsure why that one turnbuckle caused so much issue for Impact, which was a shame as the show was pretty good outside of that and the work experience lad they’re still allowing to do the video production

I love the idea that an entire generation is going to see Titus O’Neil’s flop the same way as old fuckers like me see Shockmaster. It’s very heart-warming in a weird way. Thanks for saving what was going to be an unimpressive episode with Graves saying ”bullet club” as the highlight

Genuinely amazed wXw put that match on their Now service when it was filmed weeks ago previously. I don’t think Veda Scott is as bad as others say, she’s solid and non-botchy but that match was rougher than a badger’s arse

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Zack is on Twitter here and his shop is here

WWE Network is still there so you can watch Greatest Royal Rumble, all seven fucking hours of it

Impact Wrestling has a site

wXw Now can be enjoyed in English and they’ve included me fucking up on there so you know they’re smart

North Wrestling have a YouTube

I asked Joe Coffey if I could use that clip so here’s his cartel cos he’s nice

Edge & Christian have a podcast

We Love Pro Wrestling are on FB

Team New Scott has a FB

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  • Craig

    Another way that finish was awful: they explicitly said the match could only be won by going over the top of the cage or through the door. Despite clarifying that, they have the match end with neither man doing either of those things.

  • greg quiles

    great botches but the best has to be owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my balls.
    6 out of 5 stars.

  • Chad Boswell

    Roman’s right foot rolls over onto the apron skirt, thus not hitting the floor. He only had one foot touch before Brock rolled off the fencing and had both feet touch. 🙂

    • CS 22

      Yeah, it wasn’t actually a botch after all. Lolz.

    • Internet Tough Guy

      Which means good job by the ref

      • Chad Boswell

        Exactly, nothing to apologize for, thus no controversy. 🙂

  • CS 22

    Everytime Arsenal lose, we usually say that Robbie of Arsenal Fan Tv just became a wealthier man. The Greatest RR must have made Maffew a millionaire!

    Don’t remember if in the past he ever devoted 9 Botchamania minutes just to one show!

  • Pierre NyGaard

    “Lucha Thing” still doesn’t quite mesh for me with the intro.

  • I.R.Shnow

    Why videomotion link is “georestricted”?

  • Blizza

    Good points by Gibson on the ending, star rating matches is/was/will forever be stupid

  • JoPo

    Here’s to Titus/GRR related endings for the next 10 Botchamanias

  • I actually like Veda Scott as I think she’s good but man, that match was shit. I’ll never stop laughing over Titus Worldslide.

    That botch by the Maharajah-bum is exactly why I never took him seriously and why I will always think he’s a bum. He can’t wrestle for shit.

    That Cena/Nikki ending is great as is the ow, my balls. Yet, all of those Titus endings are gold. The gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Titus. Until someone makes an ass of himself in front of everyone. Make sure you pass the torch to that person like the Shockmaster passed the torch to you.

  • Arturo Rodriguez

    High expectations for the greatest Botchamania

  • Captain Jelly

    When did Veda put all that weight on? Man..I remember her being in WAY better shape in ROH.

    • G-Walla

      I was thinking the exact same thing. She ain’t the skinny little ring girl she once was.

  • The voice of wisdom, the one Zack Gibson.

  • PJ_Almighty42

    “Titus O’Neil…I’D KNEW YOU’D COME!” – WWE Ring

  • Andy Revell

    “Stop rating matches out of 5 stars” huh? WELL YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT THE HECK TO DO!

  • Sakari Pelkonen

    One more GRR “botch”. Check out Cedric Alexanders over the top rope somersault dive. He clears the top rope, nearly. Only a “small” part on the front of his tights catches the top rope. I hope to see it on the next Botchamania.

  • ColeYote

    I would not have blamed you at all if you made the Titus O’Neil botch the entire episode.

  • Fullname J Warrington

    Welp, get ready for the WWE to turn Titus’ botch into a spot we’ll see fifty times a year for the next ten years