and also

It’s also on Xvideos but be warned, there’s a looooot of dicks and tits in the surrounding videos.


Title Theme by +TEK (Skeleton Boomerang)

Never Return Alive by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets Of Rage 2)

Bonus Stage 2 – Ready… Go! by Tomoko Sasaki (Ristar)

Big Boss BGM by Koji Kondo (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)

Rave Rush by Doug Brandon (San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing)

Thanks To…

Sean Only, Jack Bandicoot and The Pop Punk Kid for the fabulous intro

deadmanmrb for filming triplemania side-ways rather than vertical

Richard Land for the cigar

XylotThemes for the Impact Wrestling clip (that he sent me 2 months ago and I forgot to use)

twmnewsuk for the Insurance ending

wresedit for the roman simpsons ending

__Ben_Nicol_ for the TRAMPOLINE ending

ericispbic for Billy K.O. ending

Kaufmancab51 for the Looney Tunes/Shane O Mac ending

charles chase for the NJPW overdub ending

steve williams for the WOL ring-up ending


Well I was expecting the annual Triplemania gift from the gods but it turned out to be a really fun show with only minimal botch, which is great news for lucha libre but bad news for Botchamania. I mean they had a match with Vampiro, Konnan, Pagano and one-armed La Parka and it wasn’t bad! What a turn-around.

Used a fan cam shot of Chik Tormenta missing the ladder because the twitch live version looked like she fucking died which goes against the (mostly) light-hearted feel to this show. She’d tweet out she was just shook up because luchadores are made of teflon or I wouldn’t have used it.

Yeah so there’s a film with Ronda Rousey, Paige, D-Von Dudley and others where they fight tables and it’s real.

Had Onita FMW ready for a while but was waiting for a show to underperform so thanks AAA. Onita was allowed to use FMW undercard wrestlers until their bitter break-up in late 1998 so he was forced to use whoever was around to fill up a card no-one cared about because 99% of people were there for the Onita main event. More to come!

“Why didn’t you wait for Summerslam” because these things need to be regularly uploaded (every two weeks folks) or people forget I exist. With NXT the day before, the next video won’t be far behind anyway.

With the usual Vimeo channel getting possibly scrubbed by WWE, it’s been a life-questioning week in Botchamania HQ but it’ll either get fixed or it won’t. In the mean time, there’s other sites that will be used as alternatives so joining Dailymotion will be bitchute, verystream and errrr xvideos. I thank you for your patience but every time someone asks me “what happened to the channel?” I get the urge to snap my phone in half. I know you mean well but why do you think? Aye mate, I decided to take it down myself because the Toejam & Earl song ruined the nuance I was going for.

That salty rant aside, I thank you for your patience and support.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Sean Only

Jack Bandicoot

The Pop Punk Kid

WWE Network for NXT UK which has been better than NXT USA, fight me

Triplemania and AAA’s other English language streams can be found here

Defiant/WCPW could be found here

Impact’s sweet twitch streams can be watched here (if you can’t find it, use google)

ICW’s hard-arse tables are right here

CMLL’s YouTube can subscribed here

PROGRESS Wembley can be ordered here

Jack Sexsmith and David Starr’s podcast can be listened here

Game Changer Wrestling when you want to watch CZW but you want to be cool

That’s your lot, feel free to continue following and liking this twitter and FaceBook before they’re taken down because of Article 13

  • Greg Quiles

    Wow wow woow FUCKIN WOW.


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  • Christian

    Are CMLL and AAA normally this botchy?

    • greg quiles

      honestly yes and a clip he missed is when a exotico named pimpinela gave a tope and clip

      the partner view it here 7:10 shows it.

      object is not to hurt but protect.

    • ColeYote

      CMLL’s usually a bit clearer, but AAA is actually worse most of the time.

  • Onita, what the fuck was that? That table bit was hilarious. El Fucko!!! That shit was funny. The Trampoline and Bugs Bunny/Shane McMahon bit killed me.

  • Please keep that Bugs Bunny ending in consideration for any type of end of the year special, that’s a goat if I’ve ever seen one.

    Also, shout out to you guys on the Cultaholic podcast, I’m not familiar with every inside joke because I’m a rootin’ tootin’ ‘Murican (brown sauce?) but I do make sure to check it out on YT. Grow the stache!

  • Excellent.

  • DeuS_eX_DaRe

    Cheers and thanks!

  • Leo Grant

    Botchamania 392


    Title Theme by +TEK (Skeleton Boomerang)

    Never Return Alive by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets Of Rage 2)

    Bonus Stage 2 – Ready… Go! by Tomoko Sasaki (Ristar)

    Big Boss BGM by Koji Kondo (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)

    Rave Rush by Doug Brandon (San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing)

    Botchamania 141

    Boss (Never Return Alive) by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 2)
    Cycle II (Stage 7-2) by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 3)
    Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple
    Street Of Rage RetouchtheBoss (Short Edit) OC ReMix by FuZZneK
    Final Boss (Revenge of Mr. X) by Yuzo Koshiro by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 2)

    Maffew taking it back to 2010….not that I’m mad at him

  • Angel Camacho

    OMG! That Bugs Bunny ending had me laughing! 😆

  • Erik Chabek

    I was at Invasion and remember people running around trying to get the ramp up…only in Cleveland!

  • Epilef

    That Bugs Bunny ending was genious!

  • ColeYote

    Give that table the belt right now!

    And now I’m wondering if a table has won the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship. I know multiple ladders have won it.