Alien Power by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets Of Rage 2)

Boss Challenge by Mutato Muzika (Crash Team Racing)

Phenomenal by CFO$

Steel Cortex …for “Titanic Monarch Zone: Act 2 by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Thanks To…

Ruffneck for the fabulous intro

RobViper for the fan cam

Callum Wallington for the JEEZUS

the khaos theory, Mondo_Chaos & stevenbmagic for the multiple RSP table camera angles

Jmiddleton1992 for the Big Joe vs. Arron Warnes Table

The 305 MVP for recording the MVP/Parka footage

King Canyon for his own footage

Words on twitter for the Snuka chanting

bme_87 for Little Less Bubbly

thrashpandAridh for Eric Andre

KidSwol for Edge’s Guide To You Know What

sam smith for I Did It For The Bubbly

JacksonParodi for A Little Bit Of Bubbly

eleyezedzedwhy for Bubbly Plan

SUPERZOMGBBQ for Bubbly Lesnar

Jericho Social Media images…

David Bixenspan

Bryan Alvarez




Georgia Beasley

On The Turnbuckle

Michael Comstock?




Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Wrestling Memes












There were about a million and a half LITTLE BIT OF THE BUBBLY videos made this week and I’ve only selected a few because 1) I couldn’t have the video nothing-but-bubbly videos and 2) not all of them were good. So some are here and we’ll see if this have any steam left in two weeks to use anymore.

Who would have thought that would be the second best thing Jericho would do this week? Sometimes a story comes along and you can only play audio of Patrice O’Neal laughing his fucking arse off

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  • Syed Aizat

    A L I T T L E B I T O F T H E B U B B L Y !

  • too much bubble 😉 (just kidding)


    PatriceO’Neal laughing his ass off… now THAT’S five stars to me

  • Epilef

    How do I submit an ending?

  • Snyde

    Honestly, still not tired of the bubbly meme. Praise be Jericho, he can get anything over. Possibly except Fandango.

  • Note… can we call Corey Graves WWE’s answer to Mark Madden? Honestly, he reminds me a lot of Madden in how unbearable and stupid they are. Oh Regal, you’re awesome. I hope Nash’s kid got a great look at those boobies. That Edge/Simpsons ending was great but… Jericho is right now the GOAT as he’s now created a meme that’s the hottest thing right now. He definitely broke the Internet and actually did something impossible. He takes a crap song from one of the worst bands in the world and improved it. Oh and Patrice O’Neal’s laughter. That killed me.

  • wildan domoon

    hmmmm BUBLEHH

  • le champion needs a lil’ more of the bubleeee

  • Stephen

    Honestly thought that the belt stealing story reactions would merit the “Call on Me” treatment.

  • Herbert Stevensh

    Now make an ending that shows The Yeti but replace the word “yeti” with “bublay”.

  • Henry Dill

    ok rly botchamania? I almost choked laughing at bubly meme, thought its gonna be only one thing but it kept going. Amazing!

  • T Chure

    AL Davis said “Just win, baby.” Corey, you botched.

  • Joy Renee

    7.8/10 Too Much Bubbly (j/k)

  • Bulk Logan

    Bubbly might surpass “Honk Honk” and “Not a good guy, not a bad guy” combined