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Industrial Insanity …for “Oil Ocean Zone: Act 1” by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Would I Lie to You? by Eurythmics

Out Of Reach by Gabrielle

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

Tell Me Lies by Fleetwood Mac

Dragon Mines by Josh Mancell (Crash Team Racing)

Thanks To…

Jake Atlas for the fabulous intro

DIEAMYDIE for rousey glitch clip

BiBoyParm for Stars Of The Ring ropes

Rodney Morris for Masters vs. ceiling tile

flagrantstats for Gatoh Move, CMLL & AAA

scorchingsanity for the HAMMER ending

duel3000 for the Kofi DBZ ending

uuuuwm for the idea for the GTA ending

gifskull for the Smash bros. Ultimate ending

steve williams for the 1984 ending


Thanks Jake for doing the intro at PWG and then getting signed to WWE the next week so we look cool.

Sorry for no AEW Full Gear but these go up on Friday for Patreon people then Sunday for everyone else and as much fun as I’d have fucking those nice people over, I need to go OK HERE’S THE CUT OFF POINT due to the sheer amount of wrestling happening per week.

It’s a shame Crown Jewel didn’t have a monumental fuck-up like the previous Saudia shows, even Tyson Fury wasn’t *that* bad all things considering his competition was Undertaker vs. Goldberg and Titus vs. Ring.

I need a logo or mascot to appear whenever HE DIDN’T GET ALL OF IT is said.

I’ve noticed a few weird comments about AEW being featured in Botchamania so felt the need to clarify: them being included isn’t me “turning on them” or showing my bias to WWE or whatever the fuck strange tribal thoughts that run through your heads, they botch so I put them in these videos and that’s it. Wrestlers are just meat for the grinder at this point but I appreciate the thoughts that I have an “allegiance” with any company when I’m showing the lowlights of everyone.

I didn’t include Bea Priestley destroying Mayu Iwatani or Toshiyuki Sakuda missing his balcony dive at BJW because they both looked like death and I’m not sure either is currently alive. I’m a cunt but I’m a sensitive cunt.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Go follow Jake Atlas, all the way to WWE and beyond

WWE Network is a thing, use it for Monsoor vs. Cesaro then skip the rest of Crown Jewel

AEW Dynamite can be found here

Stars Of The Ring’s YouTube is right here

CMLL’s YouTube can subscribed here

AAA’s fun English language streams can be found here

Watch Major League Wrestling every week on YouTube

If you have the time, fit NWA Powerrr into your schedule

ICW France 2000 is on Youtube because there’s not enough wrestling on there

New Wave Pro and their bi-polar tables can be followed here

Wildheart Cole Radrick was nice enough to tag me in the table moment when it happened so here’s his twitter, go follow him

That’s your lot, here’s your usual social media links and remember Buckfast is a snack and is good for you

  • Snyde

    Lots of sensitive AEW fans out there, huh?

    • Zanon23

      Wrestling Fans as a whole are toxic as fuck.

      • Leo Grant

        You haven’t see true toxicity in the wrestling fanbase until you get downvoted on reddit for saying the Lashley-Rusev feud is stupid or making some honest and objective criticism of Alexa or Charlotte.

    • Oh, fans of everything stay salty, surely you know this. Doesn’t matter the fandom, people love to hurl their internet shit back and forth.

  • Vince McMahon: And the clerk who runs the store/Can charge a little more/For feuds
    Flair: For feuds
    McMahon: And meat
    Hogan: And meat brother
    All: From 1994

  • Leo Grant

    because they both looked like death

    So did Chris Benoit suplexing himself off his head in Botchamania 155 and that one guy from Botchamania 27 that accidentally smashed his face on the steps doing a Shooting Star Press.

    • Mike Bush

      ok but F Benoit.

    • …you realise that was over a decade over right?

      • Leo Grant

        True but you gotta remember your history Maff.

        Remember the time when you also told off anyone sending you footage of Blood’s leg and eventually put it in two different videos

        • I’m not distancing myself from my mistakes, I’m trying to learn from them.

          And I included Blood’s Leg with a heavily censored picture of Jeff Jarrett! You’re counting that?

          • Leo Grant


  • Wow… WWE just keeps getting worse. Yeah, that botch during that PAC/Trent? match was bad. What the fuck ref?

    That King Corbin/Simpsons ending was great but the Rey/Brock ending killed me.

  • DagwoodFabulosoJr
  • ColeYote

    No idea what the fuck that was with that PAC/Trent? finish, instinct would be that Trent? was supposed to kick out, but considering he sold the ROS like he was unconscious I think it’s also entirely possible PAC was supposed to deliberately stop the pin. Or maybe the ref just didn’t realize that was supposed to be the finish. Anyway, worst finish to a match since Botchamania 396.