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The Poets by Motohiro Kawashima (Streets Of Rage 3)

N. Gin Labs by Josh Mancell (Crash Team Racing)

The Castle Crumbles by Yuka Tsujiyoko (Paper Mario)

Arena 5 by Kenny Chou (One Must Fall 2097)

Thanks To…

speralta15 for the NOAH Doomsday Device

Ian Hamilton for the wXw clips, danke

Luchablog for the CMLL clip, no I don’t know what’s happening

The Broken Prince for the cage dive

BAHU for the History Of FMW miss

TiaMarks for the Stardom clip

lunch break kid for the Club ending

jeremy anderson for the Cody ending

ric flair blade job for If You Smelalalalalalala ending

jackson parodi for the first appearance of M*A*S*H in BM

Stephen Sonneveld for Old Man Rowannnn (what happened to him anyway?)

steve williams for The Legend Of The Horse Faced Woman

Rahmxsh for the bulldog doing a bulldog video


Had to remove the Black Jeopardy clip from the Unlisted version due to copyright issues and all that.

Cornette has been replaced in the intro with a younger, sexier angry white guy after Botchamania was notified of his comments this week regarding Final Fantasy VIII being “over-rated” which we all know is the only topic to unify wrestling fans worldwide. It’s a good job Cornette Face hasn’t been a thing for years (because fans on message boards started using FUCK THIS COMPANY and CORNETTE FACE for literally every segment on Raw and it became unbearable).

I liked AEW Full Gear and really enjoyed the death match finale and greatly enjoyed people reacting with disgust to remind me that yes, stuff like this IS quite violent sometimes. GCW had desensitised me.

People want Jim Ross gone on commentary? Are you kidding? DON’T LISTEN TO THEM AEW, KEEP HIM FOREVER AND BOOK MORE JOSHI MATCHES.

I’d recommend ICW Fear & Loathing the same way I’d recommend anything ICW in 2019: watch it for Leyton Buzzard, Kieran Kelly, Lou King Sharp, Krieger and that’s it.

GO GO KSI YOU’RE THE BEST BOXER IN THE WORLD AND YOU WATCH MY VIDEOS. The way boxing works nowadays he’s probably #3 on The Ring Magazine’s rankings so I look forward to new WBO champ KSI talking about being a table.

The Dark Crystal YOU TALK TOO MUCH was sent ages ago but the wrestlers on Smackdown kept on saying it to get through their week. I haven’t watched all of it but I like the puppets.

I look forward to the release of this video and avoiding Twitter to hear people’s views on the Black Jeopardy ending.

Nearly 400 of these? Jesus fuck. I’m looking forward to the next episode where for a special treat, there’ll be botches and video game music and Simpsons clips. SAME AS IT EVER WAS.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Go follow Danhausen, he does twitter good

WWE still has a Network, just watch NXT and save on bonjela

AEW Dynamite & Full Gear can be found here

CMLL’s YouTube can be subscribed here

Here’s NOAH’s website, I have no idea how to watch it

Stardom can be subscribed right here

ICW have an On Demand service that works

Strikeforce Africa have a website that hopefully won’t crash like their ring

wXw Germany has a fully-English video network, danke

Jon Moxley’s interview on Fite TV can be ordered right here

That’s your lot, here’s your usual Twitter & Facebook links and remember the numbers on the bottom of Buckfast bottles don’t lie and they spell disaster for you

  • Matthew Johnson

    A M*A*S*H* ending, didn’t expect that :O
    Brian Zane in the opening was a great touch too
    And dammit, now I kinda want to see a Botchamaniacs opening XD

    • Randee

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      • Matthew Johnson

        ok spambot

  • Leo Grant

    I’m looking forward to the next episode where for a special treat, there’ll be botches and video game music and Simpsons clips. SAME AS IT EVER WAS.

    Two botches in one sentence 😀

  • I hope that throughout the 400th episode, you’ll keep reminding us that it’s the longest running this or that in the history of something.

    The more, and more random, the better.

  • Francisco Muñoz

    Did you botch the Young Buck name? I am sure that was Matt, not Nick

  • ColeYote

    Those JR miscalls kinda have me wondering, you ever consider doing a best-of-commentary-botches episode?

  • That bulldog ending is awesome.

  • John Neal

    As a huge M*A*S*H* fan Im glad you included one of my fav clips from the 5 O’Clock Charlie episode