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Cradle To The Grave by Thug Life

Mirror Mansion – Interior by Norio Hanzawa (Wario World)

Thanks To…

Alex Zayne for the fabulous intro

Steve Williams for the AEW Dynamite intro and the Heidenreich ending

Richard Land for the ring announcer clip

RemingSteele for the AEW vs NXT ending

Joseph Tapia & Manuel Ayala for the NXT War Games smoke. I didn’t forget to use the clips, honest.

ric flair blade job for the Metal Slug ending

sharkosaur for the Jurassic Park ending

stevexchaney for the JEEZUS ending

mark xd for the Joker ending


Alright this one isn’t the greatest collection of botches ever put together but times are tough during this Amazing Period Of Great Wrestling we find ourselves in. Hopefully it’ll clear up and the shit can filter through again but until then, times are tough and I’m resorting to Onita FMW showcases.

The endings are good this time though, honest.

Oh and my PC got stuck in the Blue Screen Restart dance after I made this so this better be good enough.

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Steve Williams’ (not not that one) YouTube can be found here and oh my god is he good.

That’s your lot, here’s your twitter & FaceBook and give sparkling water a chance.

Oh and if you’re around Tampa for Wrestlemania then come listen/see me talking shite with Brian Zane, Colt Cabana & April Hunter.

  • Digging the new intro. =)

  • ColeYote

    Matt Riddle should do a 420 Splash

  • That Simpsons/RAW ending was hilarious as was the Jurassic Park one.

  • belovedwarlord

    That Joker ending was amazing.