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Greenhorn Ruins by Minako Himano (Wario World)

Thanks To…

Daniel Makabe for the fabulous intro

XThreeee for the help

NovicScene for the balls

Justin_SofOK for the Impact clip

KATANASQUIRREL for the Anchorman ending

ZEE_VIOLATOR for the Wild Wild West ending

DARKSIDE92ENIGMA for the Spongebob ending

PrimeKorver26 for Goldberg TV ending

YZLAX for the Katimari ending


hardminute for the Tattoo ending


Probably a bit too hard on the WASH YOUR HANDS bit but I just got back from Germany and finding out Trump has banned all travel from there to USA, along with the news that OTT Scrappermania has been cancelled and Wrestlemania will likely be too have got me ever-so-slightly over-cautious.

That being said, the extra week away has meant there’s been a load of good botches so there’s some positivity.

XThreeee is an up-and-coming YouTuber/social media guy and I reached out to him to do a bit for Botchamania to prove there’s more than WhatCulture, Cultaholic and Wrestletalk out there talking about wrestling and dumb-shit. Happy to have him and am going to continue to have Guest Stars reading out descriptions of botches where there’s not relevant shoot interview available…but next time I’ll make sure they know who the people are (“As-i-ah” ahahahahahaha).

Oh and the game featured in the YOU TALK TOO MUCH bit is Samurai Shodown 4. It’s good, but not on the same level as the 2nd one.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Daniel Makabe can be followed here, wash your hands

WWE still has a network, go watch the first hour of Elimination Chamber then wipe your arse

AEW Dynamite can be clicked here but use wet wipes afterwards

The finished er versions of Impact Wrestling can be seen here but ingest Vitamin C while doing so

Xthreeee (with 4 e’s on the end) can be followed here and subscribed to here

Onita Pro can’t be found because it died once he went full-time into politics/scandals.

DDTDigest is a fascinating site to get lost in, all the live reactions and recaps of WCW as it was happening.

That’s your lot, here’s your twitter & FaceBook links and keep yourself alive until next time, OK?

  • Greg Quiles

    Randy Newman and katamari made me almost die laughing 10 out of fackkkkk. The corona.

  • Lord Beerus

    I demand Washamania become a permanent gimmick.

  • That Randy Newman ending was fucking great. I laughed my ass off. Seriously, WrestleMania should either be postponed or cancelled.

  • Snyde

    Not gonna lie, “Nor-FACK” got me good xD

  • Tuchikofumamota

    that ending was an emotional moment….

  • Brock Freeman

    That XThree bit was stagnant.
    It’d would be a better episode if it was shorter and without it.
    Unless it’s Shatner, people reading out botches will never be as good as seeing them.

  • JoPo

    Just wanna give my opinion on this video. Some may not agree, but the thing is that we sho-


  • Astrosapien

    To be honest I never realized Braun’s entrance music actually started with “BRAAAAAAUUUUUNNNN!!!”. I just thought he shouted.

  • TaraBrett

    Yeah, sorry: but XThree has got to go, dude.

    I’m not hating, I like him too, but the outlook was very unprofessional if not annoying to the whole memes. Either step up your game with at least a more professional camera, or don’t intrude please…