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Also the NSFW XVideos link (Warning: Porn Adverts Everywhere)


Checker Dance by Toby Fox (DELTARUNE)

Thanks To…

Artemis Spence for the fabulous intro

rondarouseyszn for the Sasha Banks clip from months ago (whoops)

Christian Cavaddhu Gangeri for the David Arquette clip

Chris Brooker for the Young Guns clip

FuturamaForLife for the DDT clip

TheMizOnAir for the help with the tech director on Smackdown

Allan Blackstock for UWF

GrandPooBear for the lovely reading

thatretro for Man getting hit by football

benspammingden for the Spongebob ending

bme_87 for the OC/Misawa ending

J_Bloomfield for the Wonka ending

halfkaypodcast for the Simpsons editing ending

deviousjourney for the bumping shoulders ending

ruthlesspod for the Make Em Say ending

Remi Steele for the GTA ending


THAT AIN’T RIGHT is from Head Of State, the film with Chris Rock as President with the tag-line “the only thing white is the house!”

I wish I had something interesting to type here but I don’t. It’s a scary time right now and all I can do to help is make these silly videos, so I hope the fortnightly dose of schadenfreude and chip-tunes are helping.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Artemis Spence can be followed here, wash your hands

WWE still has a network, go watch Bryon getting kicked in the balls repeatedly

AEW Dynamite can be clicked here but use wet wipes afterwards

AAA’s YouTube for your clean, missed dives

NWA’s YouTube is still running (even though they need Dokken back)

Game Changer Wrestling for your hip, cool trendy needs

Future Shock Wrestling can be clicked here (if we have a future)

DDT have a fan-run English based twitter

Pro Wrestling Chaos for tables & pin badges

Wrestletalk’s No Fans Screw Coronavirus show can be watched right here (but only on clean computers)

GrandPooBear is a cool speedrunner who is bigger than me, check him out on YouTube and Twitch

That’s your lot, here’s your Twitter & FaceBook links and keep yourself hydrated until next video.

  • Epilef

    Glad to see you’re holding on, Maffew.
    *Just wanna say that I really apreciate your work. Thanks for the entertainment, lad

  • ColeYote

    I was hoping you’d have a clip of the terrible Canadian Destroy that Ospreay mentioned. Thank you for that.

  • El Pollo Guerrera

    During the AJ Styles/Undertaker bit in the ending with the Willy Wonka “fizzy drinks” audio, who else was expecting to see the Undertaker floating to the sky from Royal Rumble 94?

  • TaraBrett

    The camera and audio on the commentary bit were really good! I suggest drinking some hot tea before talking, because it might help the voice not to crack..

    It’s a strange time we live in, it will probably go down in history more than a wrestlemania without the crowd… Vince, couldn’t you move it to June? Hope you’re reading this… but then again, you broke the streak.

    Take care, everybody.Thank you Maffew for the laughs. You are appreciate. Bye

  • BlueWarrior

    Maffew, the WWE has no right to take your stuff down. You use their footage to criticize and that falls under fair use. You should send something to YouTube and defend your videos. Or you can take the WWE to court and get an injunction for frivolous DMCA requests.

  • Thank you Maffew for making this from the bunker! Stay safe, also, has there been a “wrestler/personality destroys vehicle compilation” yet?

  • JR saying “fuck” is hilarious. I am glad Tazz is doing commentary again and I hope he and JR come back to do commentary when things get normal again because they’re a fucking riot. That JR/Master P bit killed me. The stuff about Foley in Japan is awesome.