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OSW Review Outro Theme Song – Neo Geo Inst. (FantomenK)

Legendary Ghost by Kristofer Maddian (Cuphead)

Loading by Diego Zaldivar (Earthworm Jim HD)

Thanks To…

Stan Gable for 1-on-1 smackdown that I missed

TheWrestlingCollector for Hogan & Mr. T on SNL

remi steele for the Mortal Kombat ending

radio sick for the history-accurate Simpsons ending

wres edits for Maude Simpson ending

ric flair blade job for the Con Air ending

michael pepsi plunge for that damn funeral meme

jagriff2 for the Step-Brothers ending

skellingtor for the Skyrim ending

sam o’hara for the lockdown ending

Paul Nicholl for the CALL AN AMBULANCE ending

Kevin Smith of UUUUUWM for the Brody Lee ending

MarkMVP01 for the Lion King ending

DCTF_Tim for the WHAT UP ending


I’m sorry this wasn’t up yesterday, I’d aimed for it to be up as soon as possible given the lack of distraction but the police decided it would be a good idea to go look for someone to arrest in my block of flats at 3 a.m. but couldn’t find the exact address so they just knocked on windows while yelling “hullo” until 5 a.m. which ruined my chances of a good night’s sleep. And me without a good night’s sleep over-compensates with caffeine which leads to me getting distracted with a forced Evangelion ending rather than focusing on finishing the actual video.

Apart from that, Wrestlemania was obviously low on botches this year due to the whole “we pre-recorded it so we’d be the dumbest company in the world if we didn’t edit out the mistakes and spot-calls” so if you have complaints please direct them to Stephanie McMahon.

Wrestlemania 36 will go down as the weirdest WM of all time so Wrestlemania 32 with it’s Ryder title win and Saiyans exiting via cereal boxes can finally rest easy. As far as the quality of the show, it all depends on if you’re able to ignore the empty crowd and if you enjoy the cinematic bits. I think the wrestlers did what they could with the ‘proper’ matches all things considered. There wasn’t much must-see but it was far from the train-wreck situation I was expecting. But the cinematic matches more than delivered with the Boneyard Match giving us WWE by way of Michael Bay and then Firefly Funhouse giving us it way of Hideaki Anno.

So WWE got all their shows out the way and pre-recorded everything they could and just about managed it (by having the wrestlers there until 5 a.m. apparently) but with the proper shut-downs taking place now, fuck knows what’s going to happen now. But rest assured this stupid video series will be there to put Mario Kart music over the top of it.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

The Rapscallion Mickey Mo can be followed here, wash your hands

WWE still has a network, go watch The Firefly Funhouse

AEW Dynamite can be clicked here but use wet wipes afterwards

Impact Wrestling can be watched I guess

Rev Pro have a Pivotshare that will work until Sean Kustom takes it down

Here’s Will’s twitter where he’ll probably continue to tweet self-inflicted injuries

Tapout Wrestling’s Champion’s Court show is free on YouTube

Mark Andrews’ MFMWM is a must-sub

That’s your lot, here’s your usual Twitter & Facebook and keep yourself safe until next video.

  • Epilef

    There is no words to describe the Evangelion finish, except for just one: “PERFECT”!

  • Wow, that Titus ending is top tier. Botchamania is staple of the pandemic survival kit.

  • The Step Brothers and Titus ending killed me as did the FOREVER!!!

  • JoPo

    I took Maffew’s advice and lasted long enough to view WM.

    Now I’ll keep going as long as Botchamania keeps going.

    Maffew=essential service for my sanity

  • botchmaster

    wheres the most botched finishes of 2019 video?

  • Miranda

    bouncy bouncy

  • Donald Lind

    Never saw the Hogan/T SNL bit till now. It nearly killed me.