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Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

Smegmaman Three – He Enter Magma by Armcannon

Huffin’ and Puffin’ by Yuka Tsujiyoko, Taishi Senda (Paper Mario)


Vimeo is no longer an option for Botchamania, not because of copyright infringement but because of excessive bandwidth usage, meaning it’s getting too many hits for a site that isn’t wanting them.  So hopefully the array of Bitchute, Dailymotion, Pornhub & Xvideos will be enough for your full-screen Botchamania needs cos YouTube is cutting the hell out of their version.

Thanks To…

Dominic Garrini for the fabulous intro

TechAlum05 for finding new Mongo

Christopher Lawson for Rene Dupree corpsing in OTT

Joey Janela for the clip of Joey Janela

Cheeseburger for the Monk

Solomonster for being Solomonster

ddtshaggy for the ring explosion

hilliamhwacy for the Adam Cole BOOM ending

steve williams for the Potatoes ending

andrewtrich for the NXT Japan ending

James Corrigan for the Asuka ending

mr. pipebomb for the Rush Hour ending

Sleepy Bear Games for the FFVII ending

wrestlingmemes for the Buffy ending

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Dominic Garrini can be followed here, wash your hands

WWE still has a network, go watch The Firefly Funhouse

AEW Dynamite can be clicked here but use wet wipes afterwards

CMLL’s YouTube can be subbed here

Title Match Network keep on uploading crazy stuff onto their YouTube

ECCW are quick to point out that they put on far better matches & shows, honest

OTT Wrestling’s pivotshare is full of laughs

SPW’s whole Klash of Kings show is viewable on YT right here

Here’s Will’s twitter, tell him to keep filming himself watching botchamania and falling over

Solomonster’s huge network is accessible right here

That’s your lot, here’s your Twitter and FaceBook links and keep yourself safe until next video (which will probably be viewed by me throwing DVDs through your letterbox)

  • Mike Fitzgerald

    Oh my word, that last ending was AMAZING!!!

  • Good to see Solomonster on your show. He’s awesome. The Rush Hour 2 ending was great.

  • Snyde

    Guess I should forget about that Most Botched Match Endings thing, right?

    • Leo Grant

      Those are typically end of year material.

  • Tased’s Hunny Bunny

    Can you get LugeyPS3 from YouTube to do a reading for a future episode? She’s a Cena mark, so maybe an excerpt somewhere that mentions him.

  • ColeYote

    Crap, I stopped paying attention after the first wave of firings and now I’m finding out WWE cut Chris Hero again from a Botchamania intro gag.

    • Leo Grant

      Heroes never die they just fade away.

  • Tased’s Hunny Bunny

    Bret Hart’s face for Botchamania 410?
    Because, ya know.. 4/10