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Hellter Skellter (Hell Stage) by +TEK (Skeleton Boomerang)

Needle Man Stage by Capcom (Mega Man III)

Koopa Bros Keep Cool by Yuka Tsujiyoko, Taishi Senda (Paper Mario)

Thanks To…

Heisenbuddy for the fabulous intro

Ethan Page for being entertaining

Tim Donst for being cool

goonman1, DarfTheDrunk, RighteousRag & TopRopeTony for contributing to the table montage

Tom Campbell for his lovely reading skills

Ezequiel El PlayVakero for the Jackass ending

Codster9 for suggesting the Top Secret! ending

Calum for the Velveteen Dream ending

TF_Touya & BLoody Vicious for the DBZ Orange ending

kellerb57 for the Animal Crossing ending

morningmoonmeme for the Mario kart ending

Mercy The Buzzard for the dick ending

RemingSteele for the GTA ending Part III

KnightWagner for the Greater Good ending

Eoin Hayes for the Asuka ending

Bloodestbath Bill for the SOCSER ending

Sam Fines for the SOR ending


I mentioned Fat Tapla and her twitter because she hid the fact she’d been wrestling while being a fan artist for years so I’m happy to have her finally featured in the videos. LOVE YOU FATTIE.

I’ve been lenient on including TALK TOO MUCH moments in the videos considering the empty arenas but the three loud moments to happen in the last two weeks were too good to not use (plus, y’know Bianca saying it on WWE’s YouTube meant they had to be included.)

And in fairness, they *did* fucking nail it.

Rey’s death & the backstage AEW brawl created a ton of memes/remixes so I couldn’t include all of them or it’d kill the novelty. Variety is the spice of etc.

I wouldn’t usually feature an EDITOR’S NOTE but I thought it only fair to include Tim Donst’s response after Page spent so long burying him.

Tom Campbell’s one of my favourite people and I’m glad I was able to get him on the show. Booking your mates is fun, I now understand nepotism. It’s fun.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

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Fat Tapla should be followed here

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  • We didn’t deserve that Streets of Rage ending… actually 2020 so fuck yea

  • Codster9

    Top Secret is awesome.

  • Snyde


  • That Streets of Rage ending fucking ruled.

  • Mr Armageddon

    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make a Hot Fuzz “greater good” ending with Seth Rollins.

  • belovedwarlord

    The downside to hosting on xVideo is double clicking opens the video ON xVideo complete with loud fapping advert.

  • Lee Dellbridge

    Did we need to see the Guevara spot 4 times? Sort of got old quick for me. Where are the JR mistakes he must be making a few.

  • Jibzy Luigi

    xvideos… hehehe.