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Brodyquest by Lemon Demon

Sweet World by Matt Furniss (Zool)

Lancer by Toby Fox (DELTARUNE)

Bonus Barrel Introduction by Grant Kirkhope (Donkey Kong 64)

Thanks To…

Jonathan Gresham for the fabulous intro

Superfan Enrique for filming him fabulously

Mia Yim for yelling YOU TALK TOO MUCH during an otherwise forgettable episode of NXT

I forget who sent me that random 80s clip, sorry

Drew Cordeiro for the Beyond footage (that they streamed then tweeted about ha)

I think the ceiling kick was sent anonymous so let’s keep it that way but it featured Made to Last, Mike Beardwood & Caolan McCarthy

Xenia Did That for filming herself reading Jericho’s book

Timon Tales for the Monty Python Hangman page ending

bubblyeze for the Football To The Groin ending

radiosick for wet Sammy ending

mercytbuzzard for the I Didn’t Play Kingdom Hearts So Hopefully This Makes Sense ending

namtooni for the goo goo dolls ending

thenumber9door for the broken heart Undertaker ending

DrumDevosDrum for the THPS ending

steve williams for the Iron Sheik vs. Vince mcMahon ending

bibby5000 for the amazing Silent Hill 2 ending

remingsteele for even more amazing GTA & Mortal Kombat endings


I’m sorry for not getting this done faster, it’s been one of the most miserable times to be a human being (never mind a wrestling fan) and I treated my computer like it was a live grenade last week. I’m OK now but sometimes you have to just get the fuck away from social media to clear your head. Sometimes not even Thatcher vs. Riddle can make you feel good and I hope you’re all doing well and coping.

Speaking of NXT, some of you may have seen Shotzi Blackheart attempting a backwards Coffin Drop and smashing the back of her head. I’m staying away from that even if she’s on Instagram saying she’s OK because it looked HORRIBLE. Ditto the multiple injuries on that one episode of AEW before Double Or Nothing. Even cunts have standards.

Here’s a GIF if you wanna see.

Apart from that, there’s not been much to go through due to the complete lack of wrestling (no really) right now, so expect to see more of People Cooler Than Me reading wrestler’s autobiographies and old stuff because 2020 wrestling right now is either edited, AEW or a re-run.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

WWE still has a network, go watch The Firefly Funhouse

AEW Dynamite can be clicked here but use wet wipes afterwards

Doc Ock himself Jonathan Gresham can be followed here

Beyond Wrestling should be followed here

IWRG have a YouTube and they don’t remove botches, good lads!

Paramount Wrestling can be followed here, they’ve fixed the ceiling now honest

For more of Ospreay messing up, follow Ospreay

For more Xenia, go sub to her channel

Chikara 2008 can be watched here, give Quack your money

That’s your lot, here’s your usual Twitter & FaceBook links and keep yourself safe until next video


  • Lord Beerus

    Thanks Maffew for providing an outlet for people to be happy and laugh.

    God knows we need that now more than ever….

  • Jay

    So grateful for this.Lovely episode in a shitty time. Cheers Maffew! I hope you take care pal.

  • ColeYote

    The Silent Hill 2 dog ending music will never not be funny to me.

  • teo_heel

    So, a Russian did something for Botchamania… and it’s not about botching something… it’s about reading a story about a botched promo from a book. I like it. 😀

  • I knew someone was going to do a Monty Python bit on that Adam Page moment. That shit killed me.

  • Fullname J Warrington

    I only owned an Amiga growing up, so I was finally pleased to have actually recognised one of the songs in these videos 👌

    [pats self on head]

  • Cellarius Mack

    Botchamania has become my measuring stick in this current temporal abyss

  • Lando Griff

    I don’t know why but I fucking lost it at the “Bad Idea, Bad Idea” audio edit.

  • JoPo

    When did Botchamania start branching out to the Pornhub community?

    • ColeYote

      After Vimeo demanded money from Maffew for using too much of their bandwidth.

  • Imanbek Fan MRPAPU-Juahaterhh

    Grande Botchmania 😀

  • Zanon23

    It’s so much more more entertaining to watch botchamania than actually watch AEW. What a dumpster fire.

  • Lee Dellbridge

    Wow I’m 2 months behind on BM….time to watch 4 in a row then.
    But edited, aew or a rerun? AEW should learn to edit.